Steps to Wedding Gifts for Coworkers

Choosing the perfect Wedding gifts for coworkers can be difficult. You want to get them something they will love, but you don’t know their tastes well enough to make a good choice. This guide will help! We’ll cover three different Wedding gift ideas that are sure to please any other: group Wedding gifts for co-workers, picking out an individual Wedding present and getting a Wedding couple matching presents.

Considerations when choosing Wedding gifts for coworkers

1. Find out the couple’s favorite colors and hobbies

Wedding gifts for coworkers can be more personal if you know the couple’s favorite colors and hobbies. They may have mentioned this in a conversation or on their Facebook profile.

  • If the couple enjoy sports, you could get them a gift card to their favorite sports team store, or tickets to an upcoming game.
  • If the pair love cooking, you can find some Wedding gifts for coworkers that are foodie-related – like wine glasses with a personalized message on them or cookbooks.
  • When buying group wedding gift for co-worker, it’s usually easier because you’re getting something they will use together and it saves time going through multiple stores. Some good choices should be sheets, towels or a Wedding gift certificate to their favorite store.
  • Once you decide the item, get it in the couple’s favourite color!

You will want to make sure you choose something they love, so ask any other married people at work who might also give Wedding gifts (or even just tell them what color scheme was used by asking around) .

Wedding gifts for coworkers

2. Think about their personality

This Wedding gift idea is to get Wedding couples matching presents.

Just like a couple should have a shared style, you’ll want Wedding gifts for coworkers that match their personality.

  • If someone has been difficult to work with at times (maybe because they are sensitive), choose something thoughtful instead of dramatic- this might be framed photos from your last vacation together or some nice candles .
  • But if you have a co-worker who is always the life of the party, Wedding gifts might be something like wine glasses with their names on them or personalized champagne flutes.
  • If someone has been really hardworking and deserves some extra recognition, you should give him/her nice rewards – like an Apple Watch .

As long as you know what kind of person they are, it’s easy to find Wedding presents that will make any coworker happy!

3. Figure out how much money they make and what their budget is for a gift

You might want to choose a gift that is suitable with the new bride or groom’s financial status, which assure its relevance for their new life.

If the couple enjoy simple life, It feels like an obligation if you do something too extravagant – so just buy them something simple!

  • One good option could be getting Wedding group presents where everyone puts in $20 or $30 each then gets a card with their name and the amount they contributed.
  • Another suggestion is to get Wedding couple matching presents that are under $100 – like some nice sheets or a personalized coffee mug.

If you are choosing wedding gifts for couples who have everything, it might be something with more of an extravagant price tag- such as:

How do you choose a gift when your friends have everything from expensive kitchen appliances to designer clothing and jewelry? You don't. Here are some ideas that will make them laugh, give them something they need or show how much you appreciate their friendship. And it doesn't matter if they're married or not! They'll love these gifts just as much. #wedding gifts for couples who have everything
  • Couple jewelry or couple watches: get them coupled necklace or bracelet or a nice pair of watches – even better if you can have their names engraved on them
  • A weekend away: A romantic getaway would make any Wedding present amazing! As long as money is not an issue (or if you are on your company’s expense account!), go all out and plan something luxurious – like staying at some remote island resort.

But before you make any choices, talk to other coworkers for ideas so that you can avoid giving them something they already have (or buy it in their Wedding colors!).

4. Choose something practical for their new wedding life

Make sure your gift is going to be used and help your coworker to save up for new-house stuff by giving them practical presents. For example:

  • A Wedding gift certificate to their favorite store or a group Wedding present that is practical (like sheets) will make them happy and help them save up!
  • Couch covers with the new bride and groom’s names on them in case of any accidents from all the celebrating – this way it doesn’t get ruined when guests come over after the wedding!
  • A new furniture set or kitchen supplies for the new home they are moving into.
  • You could also buy them something practical like car insurance or renovating supplies (or even just using some helpful tips).

Whatever your reason (to thank them for helping out with work events or as thanks for being such an amazing co-worker) , Wedding presents are always appreciated by anyone on your team!

5. Send them a card with your well wishes and congratulations 

No Wedding gift can ever be complete without a heartfelt card to accompany it.

  • Send them Wedding wishes and congratulations in your own words – no need for anything fancy as long as you mean what you say!
  • Remember that Wedding presents should be personal, so find out their favorite color or the things they enjoy doing most (like playing sports) then include this information in your message!

The perfect wedding present is something tailored to fit the recipient’s personality- now go pick up some Wedding gifts for coworkers before too much time passes!

Is it your turn to be the best man or maid of honor? You're in charge of picking out a gift. But if they've got everything, what are you going to do? Look no further! Here's some wedding gifts that will make them laugh and say "Thank you!" with gratitude. #wedding gift for friend

6. Ask to be in their wedding party if you’re close friends with them or have known each other for years

  • If you are a precious friend of the newly-wed couple, nothing more valuable than your participation in their most meaningful moments of life. Wedding couples are so grateful for your Wedding presence that it is always a great Wedding present.
  • If you were one of the first people to know about their engagement, think about how long they have been preparing and looking forward to this day – ask them if there’s anything else you can do!
  • For example, take care of last minute Wedding plans by making sure all final details are in order or get an intimate group together (and give them a break) with some DIY projects on Wedding weekend like: cooking breakfast for guests who stay over Saturday morning or setting up decorations just before the ceremony starts.


Thank you for reading our blog post about how to choose a wedding gift for your coworker. We hope that this has been helpful in determining what type of present will be the perfect way to say congratulations and wish them luck on their future endeavors together. If you have any more questions, please feel free to comment below!

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