Choose Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

Every year, gifts for kids come with a new set of challenges. They have everything they need and want these days! It can be hard to know how to choose gifts for children who have everything on their list already. One way that many parents approach it is by being creative and thoughtful about the gifts they give. In this blog post, we will discuss creative gifts for kids as well as thoughtful gifts for kids that you might not think of yourself!

Things to mind about gifts for kids who have everything

1. Choose a gift that is personalized and unique

Kids love gifts that are personalized and unique. It does not have to be a big gift either!

  • Personalized gifts for kids can range from something as simple as hand-writing their name on the box of chocolates they will receive or making them their own custom t-shirt with artwork just for them.

Gifts don’t necessarily need to fit into one category either! Here are some creative gifts for kids:

  • An activity book where they can illustrate adventures with their favorite movie or TV show characters.
  • A custom children’s book made from the child’s own stories about themselves! Allowing them to get creative in this way is a great gift idea for kids who have everything but might not be able to buy it on their own.
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2. Consider the interests of the child 

Kids who have everything will more than likely want gifts that are different from what they get every year. A great way to do this is by considering their interests or hobbies!

  • Choose a gift that speaks to them in some way, whether it be something for the hobby they’re currently learning about (a new telescope) or an item related to the newest book series they’re reading (a hardback copy).

This often makes gifts choice easier because you can focus on one area rather than trying to find something perfect across many categories.

3. Think about what they need, not just want 

Many gifts for kids come with a twist or gimmick that they may never use. A good way to avoid this is by thinking about what the child needs and wants, not just what he wants!

Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything 2
  • They might need clothes but want toys, so giving them clothing will be more thoughtful than buying only gifts that are fun every time.
  • Think of items like backpacks (great for school or traveling), winter coats (for colder climates) or even new shoes if you know their old ones don’t fit anymore. These gifts can have added value because it’s something your kid actually needs rather than just wanting at the moment.

4. Find out their favorite color or animal 

Kids who already have everything will be excited to receive gifts that are in their favorite color or animal! This can make personal and thoughtful gifts for kids, especially for kids who don’t know where they stand on certain topics.

  • For example, if you find out your child’s favorite color is green but her second choice is orange then she would love a shirt with either of these colors in it as well as some stickers, jewelry that matches the design or other gifts related to this theme.
  • If instead he loves sharks and dolphins all year round then there might be something creative like an ocean-themed pillowcase set made just for him (complete with shark and dolphin bed sheets!)
  • Or perhaps he likes cars so much his whole room looks like a giant car show, full of gifts like a toy steering wheel and other items that are related to the theme.
Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything 3

5. Spend time with them to find out what they like doing most and get them something related to it 

If you have kids who already have everything then please spend time with them to find out what they like doing most. Then get gifts that are related to it!

  • For example, if they love playing video games and watching TV shows (perhaps someone else in the family is always telling them “no”!) then give them a gift card for their favorite game store or streaming service so he can pick something new without all of the hassle.
  • If she loves sports but isn’t allowed to play outside because her mom fears being hurt, try giving her tickets or gear from one of her favorite teams instead.

6. Get them a pet if you have room in your home for one (or know someone who does)

This can be an especially great gift for kids who don’t live near family members or close friends and don’t see animals often as pets are good company and provide unconditional love!

It’s also thoughtful because it gives them their own pet that they can take care of, which teaches responsibility and might make them more excited about gifts for kids who have everything.


In this article, we have explored how to choose a gift for children who already have everything. We hope that you will be able to use these tips and ideas when choosing the perfect present for your child’s next birthday or Christmas! Remember, it is not about what they have but more about what makes them feel special. Happy shopping!

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