Cool Guide to Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

We all know someone who loves whiskey. Maybe it’s your dad, or a friend at the office, but no matter who they are, you want to get them gifts that will make their day. But what do you buy for someone who already has everything? That’s where this guide comes in! We’ll cover gifts of all price ranges and tastes so you can find something perfect for any whiskey lover on your list.

Considerations when choosing gifts for whiskey lovers

1. Find out what kind of whiskey they enjoy

The first step to choosing gifts for whiskey lovers is asking them what kind of whiskey they enjoy. It’s important that you get the right type or else their gifts might go to waste.

Ways You Can Find Out What Kind Of Whiskey They Enjoy:

  • Ask – This seems like a no brainer, but sometimes people are shy about sharing this sort of thing with others so make it clear they don’t have to answer if they’re not comfortable doing so!
  • Look on social media and see if there are any photos posted from recent trips out drinking in public If so, take note as most likely these individuals will drink the same types of whiskeys around friends when at home too.
  • Get creative! Sometimes gifts can come in the form of a whiskey tasting kit. They might appreciate this more than you think!
  • Look at their current gifts – If they have bottles lying around that no longer fit with their tastes, it’s safe to say they haven’t been happy with them for some time and are looking for something new.

2. Consider the occasion and if it’s a holiday, find out when that is 

If you’re buying gifts for a whiskey lover during the holidays:

* Holiday Gift Ideas *

There's no denying that dad loves his whisky, but he may have a bit too many bottles to choose from and not enough space on his shelves. Here are some gift ideas for your favorite scotch or bourbon lover!  #whiskey gifts for dad
  • If your father enjoys bourbon, whiskey gifts for dad maybe a gift set that includes accessories such as a hat or a leather journal. If they enjoy scotch, gifts for whiskey lovers might come in the form of highlighters or reams of paper to write down notes during their next tasting.
  • A bottle opener will be very useful if he/she often drinks on the go as well. As mentioned above this one has built in barware storage so all of his necessary tools can be stored together and not create clutter around your home or office space. It also comes engraved which is perfect if you want to give something personalized but don’t know what else would suit them best.
  • If the gift is for Christmas, a whiskey tasting set is a great idea because it gives them something new for Christmas and they can then enjoy drinks with friends or family on New Year’s Eve!

* Non-holiday Gift Ideas *

  • A personalized decanter would make an excellent gift, especially if this person enjoys drinking whiskey at home by themselves often. It comes in so many different materials too which means there should be one available that suits their taste and style preferences well enough.
  • There are some fantastic accessories like these coasters (so nice!) that any whiskey lover would appreciate as well

3. Get them something they can use to drink their favorite whiskey

If you buy gifts for a whiskey lover that they enjoy sipping their favorite drink out of, like either bourbon or scotch:

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  • If he/she prefers bourbon and likes taking it on the go, consider buying them a flask. This one is great because it has an easy to use push top so there’s no need to unscrew anything and get your hands all messy – just open up and pour! It also comes engraved which is perfect if you want to give something personalized but don’t know what else would suit him best.
  • If the whiskey lover likes scotch instead, gifts you might consider are these glasses. They’re beautifully designed with an acrylic base to keep them from getting too hot when they have their hands on it for long periods of time. These also come in a matching set which would be perfect if this person has others who enjoy drinking scotch as well- just take note of how many people will be using each one before ordering more than what’s necessary or else there won’t be enough for everyone!
  • A cocktail shaker with some mixers will always come in handy if he enjoys making cocktails at home too. Consider getting a set that includes a variety of spirits and mixers so he can make something new every time!

4. If you’re not sure what to get them, go for an experience gift

Some gifts for whiskey lovers might be more difficult to figure out what they like or want- so if you’re not sure, the best idea is an experience gift. This way he/she can enjoy it in a personalized setting and get something new that will make him happy!

  • One example of this would be tickets to attend one of these whiskey festival events – there are many all over America with different focuses too so chances are he’ll find one near by
  • If your budget allows, consider gifting them something on their bucket list as well which could include trips abroad where the country focus is around American whiskeys
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5. Consider your budget

Of course gifts for whiskey lovers come in all price ranges- so you might need to set your budget before getting too carried away with what gifts to buy.

Some of the gifts mentioned above are more expensive than others, but most items can be found at a variety of prices depending on where they’re bought from and how much they cost individually.

  • For inexpensive gift idea : consider gifts like whiskey stones, a cork coaster or even one of these bourbon glasses from IKEA.
  • If your budget allows, consider gifts that are more expensive like a personalized decanter, whiskey tasting set or one of these beautiful glasses.


The best way to find the perfect gift for a whiskey lover is by asking them what they like about their favorite spirit. Maybe they love it because of its complex flavors or maybe it’s the story behind how the distillery became famous. Whatever your loved one’s personal preference, we have something that will be sure to make them smile this holiday season!

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