30 Lovely Gifts for Coffee Lovers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Coffee is one of those beverages people wish they could have more of especially when they need a little something to wake them up. People buy coffee in the mornings, on their break and even after they are off the clock. However, there are those that will love to make their own coffee in the mornings just the way they like it. They are in charge of the flavor, how hot they want it, and if they want to switch it up every now and then. Here are some gifts for coffee lovers to make their mornings better than average.

30 gifts for coffee lovers

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1. Gourmet Coffee Sampler

There are so many varieties of coffee flavors to try and sometimes there may not be a clear choice. You can give someone this gourmet coffee sampler, so they can figure out which one they like the most. It can be their new go-to coffee flavor!

This sampler comes with 4 packs of roasted coffee from Seattle’s top small-batch roasters. Each bean box comes with a half pound of freshly roasted whole bean coffee and it is delicious! This is a perfect gift for a coffee lover to get out of their comfort zone.

2. Coffee Prescription Bottle Mug

Anything can become an addiction if you do it the wrong way. Coffee just so happens to be one of those things that why the term “coffee addict” exists. However, it is not the worst addiction out there.

If you know a coffee lover who drinks coffee excessively, then you can gift them with this fun mug that looks like a prescription pill bottle, but for coffee lovers. They will appreciate the humor and your effort.

3. Caffeine Molecule Necklace

This is a great gift for a coffee lover who is not afraid to wear their love for coffee out in the open. The pendant on the necklace resembles the molecule of caffeine and if you know someone who loves chemistry and coffee, then this is a great gift for them.

4. Coffee Maker

Coffee makers will save you time and money. After all, the coffee you make will be free. Treat your friend with this french press that creates 3 to 4 cups of coffee in a 12 and 51-ounce coffee maker. It has a 3-part stainless steel mesh filter that helps extract the coffee bean’s essential oils and flavor. This is a great gift for coffee lovers who love to make coffee from the comfort of their home.

5. DIY Coffee Bean Soap

Not all soaps agree with a person’s skin, so making their own soap is the only option they have. If you want to make something personal for your loved one or friend, you can take the time to DIY this coffee bean soap.

DIY coffee soap

Credit to Livingwellspendingless.com

Not only will the coffee beans be a great exfoliant, but you can also use a coffee fragrance oil to make the soap smells exactly like coffee. You can gift this homemade coffee bean soap to a coffee lover who will appreciate your hard work.

6. Coffee Pour Over Kit

With a pour over kit, there is so much time that can be saved to make coffee. This kit includes a package of 100 filters that is used for the coffee dipper, a glass pot ranger server, a heatproof glass pot which holds up to 4 cups of coffee, and a measuring spoon. You get all this in one box and it is a perfect gift for a coffee lover.

7. Coffee Stand

Using the coffee table is great to use when you have guest over, but when you are by yourself, a coffee stand may come in handy. You don’t have to bend over to put your coffee down and only stretch a little to use a coffee stand.

This stylish stand is made from 100% recycled aluminum and comes with 4 pads to protect your floor. Gift this to a coffee lover who would love to drink coffee and add a little bit of style to their home.

8. Banned Book Coffee Mug

Now you will be able to let people reminisce over the books they probably read a long time ago that’s now banned and cannot be found online. If you know someone that loves to read and coffee is their favorite beverage, then you have found the right gift. This mug has 22 famous book titles that are banned. It can hold up to 12 ounces of liquid and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

9. Travel Coffee Press

You don’t have to wait on a line to get coffee or make it while you are trying to get a dress in the morning. You can give this travel coffee press to someone who is always on the move. This stainless steel coffee press has a double micro-filter that will give them a deep rich flavor without any grit getting into their coffee. The stainless steel will keep their coffee hot, and it won’t break.

10. The World Atlas of Coffee

You may think you know a lot about coffee, but sometimes that is not always the case. There is so much to learn about everything in life an coffee is no exception. You can give this coffee book to a coffee lover that wants to learn more about coffee in different places, more techniques on brewing and so much more. This is a perfect gift for a coffee lover enthusiast.

11. Bamboo Reusable Straws

It is no secret that coffee stains your teeth. That doesn’t stop people from drinking coffee, especially coffee lovers. If you know someone who drinks coffee in the morning, afternoon, and night time, then this is for them. The straws are made from 100% bamboo material and are completely reusable. You can gift this to a coffee lover as a better alternative to plastic straws.

12. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Hot coffee isn’t the only kind of coffee you can drink. Cold coffee can sometimes be the better option on a hot summer’s day. You can give this cold brew coffee maker to someone who loves hot and cold coffee.

They will be able to make 40 ounces of coffee and come back for more rounds whenever they want. This is a perfect gift for coffee lovers who don’t really have a preference for only hot coffee.

13. Coconut Coffee Scrub

Every once in a while, it is great to change up your bath routine to create a calm atmosphere for yourself. This coconut coffee scrub targets cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, acne, scarring, and other skin issues.

There are four different aromas you can choose from and pick the best fit for your friend. This is a great gift for coffee lovers who are not only going to be treating their skin but smell great.

14. Punny Pothead Mug

A coffee lover will appreciate this punny coffee mug if they have a great sense of humor. This white ceramic coffee mug has the words “pothead” with a picture of a coffee maker printed on the front. It has a 15-ounce capacity and can be put in the microwave and dishwasher, Gift this coffee mug to a coffee who has no problem calling it like it is!

15. Carousel Holder

Finding places to store things can be quite difficult if you want to get them easily when you need it.

With coffee lovers, they want to get their coffee and make it quickly without having to find what flavor they are looking for. You can gift this carousel holder to a coffee lover, so they can have an easy way of getting their K-cups and looking through which one they are in the mood for. It holds up to 24 K-cups and rotates 360 degrees.

16. DIY Coffee Cup Candle

Candles are great to have around the house if you want a nice smell. However, you do not have to go buy candles if you don’t want to! You can DIY this coffee cup candle in your own home and gift it to a coffee lover. All you need is a coffee mug, candle wax, candle wicks, a pot, fragrance oil, and scotch tape!
DIY coffee cup candles

Credit to Sweecayenne.com

17. Coffee Grinder

Maybe you know someone that just moved into their new home. It would be more fantastic if they happen to be a coffee lover. You can gift them with this coffee grinder as a housewarming present.

Not only does this product grind coffee beans, but it can grind spices, herbs, grains and so much more. It can grind up to 3 ounces of coffee beans in seconds and make 12 cups of coffee. This is a perfect gift for coffee lovers to enjoy their cup of goodness.

18. Pouring Kettle

This stainless steel pouring kettle would be great for a coffee lover. It’s sleek design and long stout makes for a nice and clean pour when pouring their coffee into a mug. There are the options of getting a stovetop, an original or an electric pouring kettle. The stovetop and the original kettle works well on any cooking surface and the electric kettle is cordless, easy to use and clean.

19. Coffee Ice Tray

Making cold brewed coffee is great but when you have to use ice cubes to keep it cold, the coffee flavor becomes diluted. If you know a coffee lover that doesn’t like when this happens, you can gift them with this coffee ice tray.

They can use this tray to freeze their coffee and let it melt when they want to drink it. This is a great gift for coffee lovers who are particular with how their coffee tastes.

20. Mini Espresso Maker

Now it can be easy to make coffee even when you’re outside! Gift this travel espresso maker to a coffee lover who is almost always late to work in the morning trying to make their coffee.

They can benefit from this mini espresso maker by making their coffee on the go. It is lightweight and has a built-in espresso cup and scoop. There is also a semi-automatic piston that controls the amount of coffee that comes out.

21. Coffee Tin

Being able to store your coffee makes it easier to find it when you want to use it. This coffee tin is a great place to keep your coffee. Itis made of durable powder-coated galvanized steel and holds up to 40 ounces of coffee. The black lid on top has a handle on top, so it is easy to open. This is a great gift for coffee lovers who are organized and want to keep their coffee fresh.

22. Coffee Bean Necklace

You can definitely wear what you love and sometimes that happens to be coffee beans. You can gift this to someone, so they can show their love for coffee with this necklace.

Coffee bean necklace

Credit to Esty.com

The coffee bean is made from polymer clay and it is accompanied by a coffee cup and spoon charm. The length of the necklace is about 16-20 inches, but there are longer lengths to choose from. This is a great gift for coffee lovers to show how much they love coffee through jewelry.

23. Giant Mug

You can never go wrong with humor when trying to find the right gift for someone. A giant coffee mug is a great but funny gift to give to a coffee lover. They will appreciate your humor and love the idea of one giant cup of coffee. This mug is made from high-quality ceramic and holds 64 ounces of coffee. In the front of the mug reads “I’ve cut back to one cup of coffee a day.”

24. Coffee Bar Sign

Coffee sometimes is the only thing that gets people going in the morning. If you know someone that needs their fix of coffee to be ready for their day, then you can gift them with this coffee bar sign they can use to place it in their home. This sign is made from pine wood and measures to about 13×9 inches. The sign is painted in black and white with a walnut frame surrounding it. This is a great gift for coffee lovers, so they can let people know about their morning coffee routine.
Coffee Bar SignCredit to Esty.com

25. Coffee Sign

This coffee sign made from pine wood may look simple but it would be of great use to a coffee lover. This sign is 15 inches long and 5.5 inches wide with a rustic arrow and the word coffee on the front of it. This is a great gift for a coffee lover. A sealant is used on the wood and a hanger is attached to the back, so it can be hanged up wherever they want to put it.
Coffee SignCredit to esty.com

26. Coffee Print Typography

House decorations are fun to look for when you want to change up the look of your home every so often. If you happen to know someone that loves to find new decorations for their home and their love for coffee is out of this world, then you can gift them with this coffee print typography.

Coffee Print Typography

Credit to esty.com

This printed poster is printed on archival luster photo paper which keeps the color saturation of the photo and a glossy finish.

27. Drum Coffee Roaster

This could be the next gift you give to your friend. This roaster holds up to 1 pound per batch. There are five customizable roasts settings and a manual roast override. This is a great gift for coffee lovers because they won’t have to worry about burning their coffee beans.

28. Aunty Acid Large Coffee Cup

A lot of coffee lovers drink coffee to hone in their grumpy nature in the morning. You can gift someone you know who loves coffee with this large coffee cup. In the front of the mug is a vibrant illustration with the words “I drink coffee…for your protection.” It can hold up to 15 ounces of coffee.

29. Coffee Quote Vinyl Sticker Decal

This handmade vinyl sticker is a great gift for coffee lovers. They can stick it on anything they want to decorate with a sticker. There 4 different sizes and many colors to choose from if you pick this item. It is a waterproof and weatherproof vinyl, so it will be in great condition for a long time. Gift this to a coffee lover who loves stickers as much as they do coffee.
Coffee Quote Vinyl Sticker DecalCredit to esty.com

30. Coffee Joulies

You can now make life so much better for your coffee lover friend by giving them these coffee joulies. Instead of having to pour water or ice cubes to cool down their coffee to drink, they can use these joulies that will not only cool down their hot cup of coffee, but the flavor of the coffee will remain.
Coffee JouliesCredit to Joulies.com

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