Find the Perfect Gift Ideas for 50-Year-Old Woman

The 50th birthday gift ideas for a woman can be tricky. She is in the middle of her life and has been through so many different experiences. As she gets older, it becomes harder to find gifts that will suit her personality. In this blog post, we will discuss the steps to find perfect gifts for her!

Things to mind about Gift Ideas for 50-year-old woman

1. Know her style

You can never go wrong with a gift matching with the woman’s personality. If you know her style, gift ideas for 50 year old woman will be easier to find.

  • If she is a jeans and t-shirt type of person or into edgy fashion, get her something from Bloomingdale’s, Banana Republic or Nike Women; If she prefers edgy clothing- buy clothes from Forever 21, H&M or Zara
  • If she is into accessories- gift her a gift card to Tiffany & Co., Coach or Kate Spade; If she prefers clothes and shoes – gift her from Saks Fifth Ave, Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York.
  • If she is a person who loves to entertain, give her some pamper gifts, like a spa voucher, relaxing candles,…
  • If she is more of traditional and classic woman, you can go with traditional clothes, or a classic watch, or sophisticated jewelry.

You have the best chance of finding gift ideas for 50-year-old woman if you know what kind of style she likes!

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2. Find out what she’s into now

The gift recipient will have changed interests as she gets older. The best thing to do is find out what her current interests are now and gift ideas for 50 year old woman should be easier!

For example:

  • Music- If the person likes listening to music, a CD or tickets to their favorite concert might be a good idea.
  • Movies- Have they been talking about any new movies? A DVD of their favorite movie would make an excellent gift. This can also work with television shows if you know what TV series that particular person has been watching lately. For instance, Game of Thrones DVDs would be great for someone who follows this show religiously.
  • If the gift recipient expressed an interest in wine tasting classes, take note that this gift idea might not suit everyone’s taste so do your research first before purchasing it as a gift.

3. Consider the occasion and timing of the gift giving event

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The gift receiver might not want a gift that they will never use or have any idea what to do with. This can be solved by considering the occasion and timing of gift giving event!

  • For example, if you are going to give her a gift on Christmas Day, don’t buy something that may look like an unwanted present in hindsight such as skincare products which she would’ve already received from all her relatives who came over for dinner during this time. You could also get them something related to their hobbies so it doesn’t seem too random (example: someone into reading getting books).
  • If there is no special occasion coming up anytime soon, try asking what they’re interested in currently or looking at their social media, or even ask their family members.

4. Think about how you can personalize your gift to make it more special 

It’s always better to personalize gift ideas for 50 year old woman with a gift card.

  • For example, if she likes coffee but doesn’t have time to go out and buy it herself because of her demanding schedule, gift a Starbucks gift card instead! This will make the morning routine much more enjoyable without having to think about what they want or where they should go.
  • If you’re buying something that needs assembly such as furniture or an art piece-handmade would be best so she can enjoy putting it together when their free time permits them from other things on their agenda.

5. Avoid buying gifts that are too generic or impersonal 

Jewelry seems to be the perfect choice for this! It’s a gift that can be worn when she needs to dress up, but also looks great on her during other occasions like parties and casual gatherings.

  • Jewelry such as necklaces and earrings are more personal than rings because they don’t require size information- you just have to know how long their fingers are!
  • If you’re not sure what type of necklace would suit them best, look at trends in fashion magazines for ideas: maybe they want something with stones or animal prints.

6. Be creative and thoughtful when choosing a present for someone who is important in your life

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If you are looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for girlfriend, you may want your gift to be thoughtful and creative, but is also practical.

  • Let’s say she has a love of cooking so maybe give her a foodie gift card or cookbook that would make the perfect gift?
  • To find out what they like, ask them about their favorite dish(es) or read up on recipes online to see if there are any new ones which might interest them!
  • If it’s hard for you to think of anything else- how about getting some gift vouchers from places such as Amazon? They’ll have plenty of options available at different price points and can choose whatever suits their lifestyle best without having to worry too much about.


Finding the perfect gift for a 50 year old woman can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. All you need is some guidance from this post and your gift will be well on its way! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

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