The Right Gifts for The Impossible Man

The man who has everything and wants nothing is not an easy person to shop for. After all, he has already got the best of everything on earth, so what could you possibly give him?

Well don’t fret! We’re here to help with our ultimate guide on how to choose the right gifts for the impossible man. Check out these tips that will help you find some awesome last-minute gifts this year!

Things to mind about gifts for the impossible man

1. Consider his hobbies

Does he have a favorite sport or hobby that you could support with tickets, gear, or lessons?

  • If he loves playing golf, get him a subscription to the sport’s most prestigious magazine.
  • Does he love photography? Get him some gear from his favorite brands like Nikon or Canon and give them with an old film camera for great shots that are vintage-looking!
  • Do you know your impossible man has an obsession with sneaker designs? You could always buy him something related to this interest – it doesn’t have to be Nike Air Force One shoes either. Just make sure you keep in mind what brand of sneakers they prefer before going ahead and buying anything without much thought!

Make sure you don’t go for bland gifts like a set of playing cards, and instead choose something that is related to their interests. Remember: they might already have one!

Gifts for The Impossible Man

2. Know what he likes to eat

  • Is there a restaurant in the area that has his favorite dish on the menu? If so, send him a gift card! Or if you are close enough, why not invite him a dinner there?
  • It’s even better if you can cook the dish and invite him to a home lunch!
  • If the person you’re shopping for is a fan of Asian cuisine, send him some soy sauce or wasabi.

No matter what kind of food your impossible man likes, it’s always good to have these on hand when catering to their tastes. Not only will they be prepared with no fussing around at lunchtime but it’ll also show them that you care about what they like and want to do special things for them – which is really all anyone wants this time of year.

3. Get him an experience instead of just another thing

As the man already owns everything, it’s best to give him an experience that he doesnt have time to try.

  • For example, if he loves food, you could buy him a cooking course and make it an experience that is about more than just the meal.
  • If he has everything related to one of his hobbies or interests, consider making up some gifts based on something from this interest – for example, if he loves photography but already owns all the latest gear (lenses, tripods etc.), then give him tickets to go see a live concert with someone who’s performing their favorite song as well as backstage access so they can take photos!
  • Thinking of getting him tickets to the Olympics for this year’s events in Tokyo? Make sure they’re not just any old ticket, but one that lets them sit near their favorite athlete. These are worth more than your average seat and will make an awesome experience when it comes time to attend games with friends or family!

The important thing is knowing what kind of gifts would be best for the person who has everything and wants nothing – so consider all interests before heading out on your next shopping spree.

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4. If all else fails give him a gift card

Cash can seem blunt but it always wins for its liquidity. To avoid the inappropriateness, you can give the recipient a gift card to spend on anything they want. It’s not as personal or thoughtful but it does spare you from feeling like you don’t know what kind of gifts he wants and that is just fine sometimes too!

  • Remember to choose gift card from their favourite store and brand, for example Nike or Sony
  • Make it personal and pick something from his interests: you could do this by giving him a Starbucks gift card that was personalized with their name on it or the latest edition of Sports Illustrated Magazine.

5. Make sure your gift isn’t too personal

You don’t want to give a gift that is too personal and intimate, unless you are really close to them.

  • If you want to show how much you care for someone who has everything, consider making some homemade cookies or chocolate instead – these will never go amiss at any party!
  • Don’t get too specific with what he likes because it can end up being inappropriate: for instance, don’t buy him anything related to his favorite movie or book
  • Don’t spend hours making your own painting when they’re not an artist themselves because then it’ll be like giving someone a picture of yourself (unless this person happens to love art!)
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Some final words

Conclusion paragraph: I hope this article has helped you find the perfect gift for your impossible man. Once again, if you have any more questions about what to buy him or how to make it a day he’ll never forget, feel free to contact me at anytime. Happy shopping!

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