Rour Guide to Choosing Gifts for Quilters

Quilters are hard to buy gifts for. It’s a craft that requires some pretty specific supplies, so the Gifts for Quilters will need to be tailored specifically to their hobby. But don’t worry! I am here with some ideas on gifts quilters would love!

Considerations when choosing Gifts for Quilters

1. Consider the person’s interests and hobbies.

  • If they love quilting, gifts should be tailored to this hobby. Gag gifts (such as a “quilt” gag gift) are not appropriate for someone who has dedicated their life’s work to the art.
  • Quilters will appreciate gifts that cater specifically to the supplies they use in their craft, such as a seam ripper and needle threader set or fabric shears.
  • There is also some debate about whether or not it’s okay to give them something that would help them understand what type of quilts other people have made like an atlas of world quilts since many types of makers do different things with processes and materials. It really depends on how closely you know your friend.
What to get your quilting friends and family members this holiday season? Here are some ideas. Quilts make great gifts, but what if you're looking for something different than that? These gag gifts will fit anyone on your list, no matter their level of commitment to the craft! #gag gifts for quilters

2. Ask about their favorite colors, patterns, or fabrics.

  • Some quilters have favorite colors or patterns they use throughout their work, so gifts that match these preferences will make them very happy. Often a fabric sampler is appropriate for this gift–it’s like getting an entire new set of fabrics to experiment with!
  • If you’re looking for something more personalized or sentimental, consider buying fabric in the recipient’s favorite color and print it out on paper and frame it as a collage (as shown below). The personal touch makes the art all the more special.

3. Look for gifts that are practical

It’s worth considering gifts that will get used often because these gifts feel even more special than something which may just sit on a shelf somewhere waiting to be admired only occasionally by its owner (although those can still make good gifts!). With practical gifts, people know how much thought was put into them.

  • A rotary cutter, sewing machine cover, or quilting book  are perfect gifts.
  • A quilting book is a great idea of a gift for someone who loves to quilt and likes reading about it too. Moreover, it helps provide knowledge for the quilters to get creative.

Quilts are hard to buy gifts for. It’s a craft that requires some pretty specific supplies, so the gifts you give them will need to be tailored specifically to their hobby.

4. Find out if they have any projects in mind and get them started with some fabric and thread 

This could be anything from a cushion cover to an entire quilt.

  • There are plenty of gifts for people who love quilting that don’t have to cost a lot at all! You can find gifts in the form of fabric, thread and books which would make excellent gifts because they’re things that most quilters need anyway but often forget about buying themselves.
  • If someone you know is working on a project then there might be some other items they’ll appreciate as well – like batting or maybe even more fabric so their current stash doesn’t run out just yet.

Buying something practical also means you won’t need to keep adding it onto your own wishlist every year when Christmas rolls around again!

"A Quilting Gift Basket for the Person Who's Crazy About Fabric and Thread
How to assemble
-Get a fabric basket or wicker hamper. 
-Put in some quilt books, pattern holders, scissors, pins and needles, all of your favorite notions (like spoolie brushes), thread conditioner and such. Add any small projects you've been working on that are finished - either as gifts or just to show off! Put them so they look like a present with pretty bows draped over it. 
Add some hand towels embroidered with ""Quilts"" or ""Sewing,"" dish cloths made from old tshirts, washcloths cut into squares then sewn up #quilting gift basket"

5. Get creative! Quilters love to be surprised so think outside the box when it comes to gift-giving

Your creativity will be appreciated no matter what occassion it is for. So why dont you think outside the box and choose something unusual for your quilter, like:

  • A ceramic tea cup with funny words like “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy fabric. That’s pretty close” or “You are a fantastic quilter!”
  • Sewer Coloring Book: Funny Sewing Themed Colouring Book + Fun Quotes for Sewist & Quilting Lover
  • Life Is Short Buy The Fabric-Makeup Bag

Anything that makes their life easier will make them happy and they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

6. Give them something they can use now but might not buy themselves

You can find gifts in the form of gadgets for quilters that will make life easier for them – like cutting mats, ironing boards and sewing machine covers so they don’t have to worry about what’s on top of their work surface!

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Gift cards are really popular gifts this year – not just at Christmas time either! Quilters know how expensive supplies can be so anything you get in the form of money towards these things means they have more options when buying what’s needed.

  • For example: if someone wants an embroidery hoop but doesn’t want to spend too much on it then maybe there was something else on sale which would make better sense as a present instead? It all depends on your budget
  • Or get them a new cutting mat. They’ll be able to quilt without having to worry about their fabric getting cut up or poked by a needle.

A few last words

Conclusion paragraph: I hope this guide has been helpful. The best way to find the perfect gift for a quilter is to know what they already have in their stash and then purchase something that compliments it or takes them out of their comfort zone. Happy shopping!

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