Tricky Choices: Bronze Anniversary Gifts

The bronze anniversary gifts celebrate a milestone for any couple. It’s the perfect time to celebrate your love and reaffirm the vows you made on your wedding day. The question that many couples might be asking themselves is “What should I get my spouse?” We’ve compiled this list of bronze anniversary gift ideas to help make those tricky decisions just a little bit easier!

Things to keep in mind about choosing Bronze Anniversary Gifts

1. Consider your partner’s interests

What is your spouse’s favorite hobby, and are they one of those people that gets really excited when you give them something related to it? That might be an excellent place to start!

  • If your spouse loves to hike, then a hiking backpack would be an excellent bronze anniversary present.
  • If your partner is more of a homebody and enjoys reading, they might love getting a new book about their favorite author or genre!
  • It might be hard to find the perfect anniversary gifts for your cooking enthusiast spouse, but don’t worry–we have suggestions! Maybe their favorite chef has created some great recipes that you can give them as a special present. You could get something they’ll use all the time in their kitchen and then one of those cute aprons to match it (or maybe even cookbookmarks!). And if he or she loves learning about food science and nutrition…well there’s lots of material out there on both subjects so go ahead and make someone really happy with this bronze wedding anniversaries gift suggestion!

Picking out something that you know will make them happy is what it’s all about!

Surprise your boyfriend with one of the many anniversary gifts he'll love. From an interactive gift to a personalized wine, there's something for every guy in this list! Whether you're celebrating 1 year or 50 years together, these are all great ideas for anniversaries that will be worth remembering and talking about.
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2. Look for a gift that will last

A bronze wedding anniversary gift needs to be something that will last a lifetime, because it symbolizes the life of your love.

Therefore, a gift of bronze is the perfect suggestion here.

  • If you want to get them something bronze that they can use now, how about a bronze watch?
  • If you know that your partner loves art, let’s pick up bronze sculptures or decorative objects made from bronze!
  • For the man in your life who loves to grill out? Bronze can be found on all types of outdoor grills as well!
  • If you know that they love plants, there are some bronze garden decor such as pots and statues made from bronze!

3. Choose something the couple can both enjoy together

After 8 years being together, the couple will need something to freshen their love. At that case, things-for-couples and events-for-couples are perfect choice!

  • One of the best bronze items for a couple to enjoy together is bronze jewelry. You could buy them matching bronze rings, as well as bronze necklaces and bracelets they can both wear! For couples with kids, you could get bronze pendants or earrings in their child’s name so that it will always be close to their heart.
  • Specifically, we recommend a pair of bronze wine glasses. This can be used for drinking wine together and also as decoration in their home after they put them away.
  • Maybe there’s even a neat outdoor activity that both of you haven’t tried yet–whatever it is, if he or she likes doing it then chances are they would love getting a bronze-themed gift, like a new camping or hiking backpack.
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4. Find a gift with meaning

If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for your partner but can’t seem to figure out what they want, consider giving them something that has meaning – like a photo album of your life together or tickets to an event they’ve always wanted to go in the bronze anniversary year.

If there are any old memories or dreams from before, what about using those as inspiration? Maybe a big family vacation like crossing off one country from their bucket list. Or perhaps it’s time for them to finally see where you grew up and explore all the places that mean so much to you. Whatever it is, if he/she likes doing it then chances are they would love getting bronze-themed gifts!

5. Give them what they want – if you know what it is, get it! 

If you know what it is exactly that he or she wants now is the time get it! For those who have been with their partners for many years and are really on top of things already, think about unusual bronze gifts such as bronze travel pillows or bronze wine glasses. These items will not only be useful but also symbolic so make sure you give him/her these before their big day arrives!

It may seem like a lot of time, but it is worth celebrating your wife's bronze anniversary. Here are some ideas to make her day special and memorable. Showing just how much you care about her will go a long way in making the day even more special! Make sure to get something she'll love and cherish forever too!
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6. Don’t give them anything too expensive

Bronze anniversaries are traditionally more about quality than quantity and money should not be the focus of this milestone anniversary celebration.

  • You can think of DIY bronze anniversary gift. For example, bronze photo frames or bronze picture albums. If you are confident about drawing, why not present your spouse with bronze sketches of your favorite moments together?
  • There are also many bronze anniversary gift cards available, from restaurants to spa treatments. This is a great option for couples with different interests as it will mean that they both get what they really want!
  • Did you know that one of the themes for traditional wedding anniversary gifts for year eight is pottery? Here are some bronze pottery anniversary gifts ideas: bronze pottery vases, Bronze Pottery Beer Glass, bronze urns or bronze flower pots...


The possibilities to choose from when choosing bronze anniversary gift ideas are practically endless! I hope you finally got your perfect bronze wedding anniversary present ideas with this blog post. Don’t forget to share what your perfect bronze wedding anniversary presents would be with us by commenting below!

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