Space Gifts: A Guide to the Perfect Present

Do you have space-loving friends? If so, I think it’s time to get some space gifts. It may be a tough decision for those of us who are not space aficionados, but luckily this article has your back. We’ll go over what space gifts are available and how they can make great presents for the space lovers in your life.

Things to consider when picking up space gifts

1. What do they like to do for fun?

Should space gifts be something they can use, like a space toy or some space clothes? Or should it be more of an experience-oriented present such as tickets to see the new space movie in theaters? It’s up to you what kind of space gift is right for them. Just make sure that if it’s something they’re going to have at home all the time (like a space blanket), then consider how much room they actually have left on their shelves before buying!

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You could make sure your present will be used if it’s related to the recipient’s favourite activites.

  • For example, the giftee is quite a couch potato who loves lying on the couch all day. If so, consider to buy them a space blanket or space pillows (make sure its size fits their shelves!)
  • Do they spend most of free time playing space games or space toys? One game set will be perfect for them, such as Shemira Shooting Game Toy, LEGO Ideas International Space Station,…
  • Do they love travelling? In that case, a space luggage bag is the right choice for them.
  • If your giftee loves to read as much as I do, then consider buying space books for their reading pleasure!
  • For space-related activites, you can buy the giftee a space pen (it writes in space!) or space lanyard (so they don’t lose their keys when on earth!).

2. Buy something that will last them for years to come

Better buy them something they can use in a long time than just space-themed items that are only for a short time.

In the end, what you need to do is find something they will really love and appreciate.

  • This can be done by getting them an experience – such as tickets to see the new space movie in theaters, or tickets to space telescope
  • For space-related activites, you can buy the giftee a space pen (it writes in space!) or space lanyard (so they don’t lose their keys when on earth!).
  • Home decoratives are an excellent choice when it comes to time using. Galaxy Crystal Ball will light up their working desks, while Galaxy/Planets Mug for sure will keep them relaxed.
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3. Consider their hobbies and interests

You can never go wrong with a gift supporting your recipient’s interest. You might, for example, give space-related books to a space enthusiast.

Chances are that if your recipient loves one thing (say space), then they’ll love other things too (like astronomy). If it’s difficult finding something perfect about space specifically, don’t feel limited by this present choice; there are plenty of options when looking at gifts more generally.

  • For instance: do they like camping? You can get them some hiking gear as a gift instead!
  • Do they have an interest in cooking? Consider giving them a cookbook.
  • Do they like space-related movies? Consider gifting them tickets to a space film, or get their favourite space movie on DVD.

If you’re not sure of their interests and hobbies, consider asking them! This will also help you figure out what the best gift is’

4. Think about what they might need or want in the future 

You may want to look at their professions to get suggestion on this.

  • If the giftee is an officer, you might want to get them space-themed office supplies, such as space pen, notebooks in Galaxy theme, Galaxy Themed Lanyard Keychain, TongYue Desk Planets….
  • If your present is for an astronaut friend of yours who loves exploring other planets, then you might want to consider buying him/her some space leggings and a new pair of space shoes!
  • If they tend to go out a lot, a space themed t-shirt, or NASA backpack would be a thoughtful gift. Also, you may help them to prepare travelling gifts with NASA Stickers for Hydroflask or Galaxy Postcards.
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5. Look at your budget – don’t spend money you don’t have! 

Don’t get yourself pressured by unaffordable gifts, because there are always plenty of choices for you.

  • If you go with inexpensive gifts, space-themed space pens, space calendars with pictures of the Universe and space photos – all these would be excellent choices.
  • If you’re trying to find a budget gift that’s out of this world, why not consider some space themed stickers for their laptop?
  • What about an astronaut ice tray or space keychain alongside a space t-shirt with “I’m going to Mars” written on it? Or maybe even grab a NASA hat!
  • An expensive but worthy choice: Star Light Galaxy Projector. Believe me, it can satisfy any space enthusiast!

This is just one more guide in which we could help you choose the perfect present for your loved ones who are astronauts at heart.

6. Don’t buy anything too personal

To play it safe, don’t give things that are too personal (like clothes, hat, shoes), because it may seem odd or rude if it doesn’t work out as expected.

  • Take spacebuds for example – they are headphones which you can plug into your laptop and listen to music while in space, much like it’s done on Earth! This is an excellent gift if your loved one is a space geek who loves listening to tunes whilst gazing at stars through their telescope.
  • You can go with more “general” items such as space-related mugs, space pens or a telescope.


This blog post is about how to choose space gifts as well as other gift ideas when it comes to space specifically. There’s plenty of options when looking at space related present in general so don’t feel limited by just this one idea!

Hope this guide helps you find the perfect gift for your friends with all sorts of interests! And remember: it’s always better too give than receive 🙂 Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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