Perfect Guide to Gifts for 30 Year Old Man

It’s hard to know what gifts to buy for your 30 year old man. And you don’t want to end up buying him something he already has or doesn’t like! With our gift guide, we can help make the shopping process easier and stress-free. We’ve got some great ideas for personalized 30th birthday gifts for him, as well as more general gift ideas that will be sure to please any 30 year old man.

Considerations when choosing Gifts for 30 year old man

1. Know the person’s interests

Is this man a gamer, music lover or sports fan? Does he prefer to spend his evenings relaxing at the pub with friends or cuddled up on sofa watching Netflix? Knowing some of these things about him will help you choose appropriate gifts.

If your man is a music lover, it’s better to consider His Favorite Music Genre.

  • If your 30 year old is into rock and roll, then a cool guitar pick would be perfect for him (or her).
  • If they’re more country-loving types there might be something that screams their name in the gift boutique section of Walmart! No matter what genre of music they like it’ll be easy to find an accessory for them.

If he is into sports, then you’ll want to figure out His Favorite Sports Team.

  • If he is an Atlanta Falcons fan then a great gift idea would be his favorite team’s jersey
  • Or maybe even tickets for him and some friends if that’s in your budget!
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But don’t worry–if this 30 year old man has more of a liking for the arts there are plenty of gifts as well. A paint set with all sorts of colors will bring their inner artist out (especially when they’ve never really tried painting before).

A knitting kit might also provide them hours upon end worth fun-filled entertainment. They can create scarves, hats, mittens or whatever else they desire from wool yarns; it doesn’t matter how crafty one is because there are step-by-step instructions just waiting to be read.

2. Consider their budget and find gifts that are affordable

It’s important that you find gifts in their budget.

If your 30 year old has been saving for a while, then they might be excited to open up something extravagant and pricey, such as:

  • A new state-of-the art smart TV
  • A gaming laptop.

If they’re not as well off, then we have some more affordable gifts that just might be right up their alley!

  • A coffee mug with their favorite band’s logo on it is sure to put a smile on his face and make him happy every time he drinks his morning brew.
  • Maybe even bake them cookies from scratch–they’ll never forget this gift for the rest of their life (and you could sneak in one of your own recipes).
  • A Top Hat with Gold Banjo String Bow Tie ($22). If he likes country music or even just wearing hats (and who doesn’t?) this accessory will work well for him at his next party or event.
  • And don’t forget about accessorizing those glasses of whiskey with one of these neat bow ties from Amazon!
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3. Give them something they can use on a regular basis

A gym membership, a new workout routine or a set of weights can all be great gifts.

We know that many 30 year olds don’t do as much physical activity these days – but it’s still important to keep up with your health and fitness! Your young adult will love opening this gift on Christmas morning knowing they’ll get healthier together.

4. Find out if they have any allergies or other medical conditions 

When making a 30th birthday gift list, be sure to consider any allergies or other medical conditions.

Allergies make a crucial consideration once you decide to buy food-related gift for him.

  • If they have gluten intolerance, for example, you will want to stay away from gifts that are made with wheat and flour products like cookies and doughnuts
  • If they’re allergic to peanuts then avoid giving them peanut butter in their favorite flavor!

Also, if the gift is sports-related, better ask if he has any medical conditions that need to be treated.

  • If he has weak ankles, he might want to avoid a set of weights or the bench press.
  • If he has a bad back, then don’t give him anything with wheels like skateboards
  • But if all else fails and you’re not sure what gift will work best for him–don’t worry! There’s always the option to just get something they’ve been wanting (but never got themselves). A new bike, TV game console or even tickets are great gifts that your 30 year old man can enjoy on their own time.

5. If you’re not sure what to get, give them gift cards so they can choose for themselves!

Gift cards are a great way to give the 30 year old man in your life something he wants but doesn’t know what it is.

Maybe even get some gift cards for their favorite restaurants so they have more time on their hand to enjoy themselves! And if you’re really unsure, don’t worry–you can always go with an Amazon or iTunes card and let them decide which item they want most (as long as that’s within reason).

And there are also other options such as: Starbucks gift card, movie theater ticket voucher, book of tickets to see his favorite team play…the list goes on and on! There will definitely be something that catches his eye when browsing through these different ideas.

6. Make it personal by giving a meaningful token of your affection in addition to the gift itself (i.e., a letter)

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  • It’s great if you can prepare Personalized 30th Birthday gifts for him. You can do that by hand. You can also design a personalized card and write some encouraging words of the recipient or just give it to him as is without any written message at all.
  • In case you’re too busy, look for Personalized Gifts Online–it’s easier than ever to find things with his name on them! The possibilities are endless when shopping online these days.
  • More creatively, consider a heartfelt letter or poem to make the experience more personal.
  • Or if you’re not sure what to do–find his favorite song and sing it for him! It doesn’t matter how bad of a singer you are–singing is always better than silence. And with all these tips, he’ll be able to have an unforgettable birthday this year!

Your 30-year-old man probably has one thing on his mind: getting older. Be aware that age brings change both physically and mentally in some ways they may not like (such as baldness) while also bringing about other changes such as increased responsibility at work and home.

A few last words

When you’ve made your gift decisions, check out our other blog posts to find the perfect present for someone else. Remember that sometimes it can be hard to know what a 30-year old man wants or needs so hopefully we can help! Happy holiday shopping everyone!

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