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There are no labels regarding music. The one thing that can be certain is music brings everyone of all types together no matter their circumstance. Everyone’s taste in music may be different but the love for it will always be there. If you have a loved one or someone you care about who loves music, then the gifts that you can present to them are limitless. Here are the top 30 of the most wonderful gifts for music lovers who would appreciate your efforts.

30 wonderful gifts for musicaholic

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1. Guitar Fleece Throw Blanket

[su_image_and_price productid=”B001VGVWCW” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”51hpYAdD-fL” imagetitle=”Guitar Fleece Throw Blanket 50’x60′”]

Music can either make you go to sleep peacefully or stay up all night because your favorite song is playing. This blanket is designed with different styled electric guitars and it is very warm. This is perfect for someone who loves guitars and likes to stay warm.

2. Music Plant Pot

[su_image_and_price productid=”B0749HMQZW” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”6104QpOcsXL” imagetitle=”Music Plant Pot, Smart Flowerpot- Colorful Light wireless Bluetooth Speaker, 360 sound, Long-Time Play Touch Music Plant Lamp for Bedroom Home Office (White)”]

When things are quiet, and you want to listen to a little music to liven the place up, you can use a music plant pot. Each petal has a music piano note that plays when your press it. Bluetooth is also a feature that’s available. This is perfect for someone that loves chic products, plants, and easy access to their own music.

3. Music Bracelet

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01M02FM1U” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”61VL%2By6SkUL” imagetitle=”Music Bracelet – Music Jewelry – Music Gift – Treble Clef Jewelry – Music Note- Music Lover Jewelry Gift”]

All jewelry makes a statement, but none makes a better one than a music bracelet. With silver metal music charms attached, it gives the bracelet a nice look. This is a great gift someone who loves to make a statement with their accessories about their love for music.

4. Guitar Pic

There is never too many guitar pics for someone who plays the guitar. If you know someone who loses their pic all the time and can never seem to find another one, add this “I’d pick you every time” guitar pic to their collection. They would never forget to pick it up!

5. Silver Treble G Clef Earring

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01KOL6W74″ tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”51FDuCL3eLL” imagetitle=”925 Sterling Silver Treble G Clef Musical Note Music Lover Curvy Design Dangle Hook Earrings 2.2′”]

Instead of covering your ears with your hair, you will have a reason to put your hair up or behind your ears. This sterling earring does not contain nickel or lead, so it is safe for those who are allergic. This is a great gif for women who don’t want to change all the time and wear it to be casual or fancy.

6. Musicale Premium Beer Bottle Opener

[su_image_and_price productid=”B013COUWZ8″ tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”71DYjhcmCFL” imagetitle=”MusicAle Premium Beer Bottle Opener—Creative Eighth Note Bar Accessory Opens Beer Bottles in Seconds and Makes a Great Gift for Musicians and Music Lovers”]

Do you have friends or loved ones that like to drink on occasion? This bottle opener will be a great gift for music lovers that are jamming to their favorite artist and want an easy and simple way to open their beer while dancing. It will be a great decoration to their countertop.

7. Music Sheet File Folder Holder

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01J04Y4A8″ tag=”30-gifts-for-music-lovers” imageid=”61D2d7eT3hL” imagetitle=”WOGOD Music Sheet File Paper Documents Storage Folder Holder Plastic.A4 Size,40 Pockets (Black)”]

Keeping all your papers and documents in a safe place is essential if you don’t want to lose anything. If the person that you are thinking of likes to be organized but also want to do it in style, then this folder is for them. It can be used for storing papers, music sheets, or anything that’s important.

8. Vinyl Drink Coaster

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01M8O059U” tag=”30-gifts-for-music-lovers” imageid=”71vIEG5fkdL” imagetitle=”Coasters 6pcs/set, KOOTIPS Drink Coasters with Gift Box – Vinyl Record Retro Mats, Good Grip, Tabletop Protection Prevents Furniture Damage (6pcs set)”]

Having your table drenched with condensation from your glass can be a bit problematic at times. For all the vinyl lovers, they will be able to have something to put their glass on while gushing about their new coaster.

9. Music Note Infinity Loop Scarf

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01I74K06O” tag=”30-gifts-for-music-lovers” imageid=”416%2BsERz85L” imagetitle=”KnitPopShop Music Note Infinity Loop Scarf for Women in the Summer”]

This musical scarf is soft and sheer so, it can be worn year-round. It double loops to fit around your neck perfectly. If you have someone that loves scarves there are different vibrant colors to choose from.

10. Ticket Holder

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01DOF8DZG” tag=”30-gifts-for-music-lovers” imageid=”712K7nF35VL” imagetitle=”TicketShadowBox – Memento Frame – Large Slot on Top of Frame – Memory Box Storage for Any Size Tickets. Best Top Loading Shadowbox for the Concert Movie Theater & Sporting Event Ticket Stubs”]

Saving tickets is a way to keep the memory of all the fun you’ve had. If there is someone you know that loves to keep track of all the concerts and festivals they go to, this is a great gift for them, so they can frame and look at them whenever they pass by.

11. Guitar Neck Shaped Kitchen Utensil Set

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01HUC9DUS” tag=”30-gifts-for-music-lovers” imageid=”61-7Bx–fRL” imagetitle=” Bamboo Guitar Neck Shaped Kitchen Utensil Set – Musician Gifts Stocking Stuffer- Set of 4: Spoon, Spatulas and Salad Fork”]

Keep it fun while you are eating or if you want to show off when you have guests over. Get this utensil set for someone who loves food as much as they love music, so their eating experience will be out of this world.

12. Funky Crew Socks

[su_image_and_price productid=”B0185YHJPG” tag=”30-gifts-for-music-lovers” imageid=”71kL6KsyZJL” imagetitle=”RSG Hosiery Women’s & Teens Fun & Funky Crew Socks”]

Socks keep your feet warm, but who’s to say that they can’t be stylish a well. If you know someone with a large sock collection what’s one more sock? Gift them with these six pairs of socks to keep their love for music alive.

13. Turntable Record Player

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07CKN6D46″ tag=”30-gifts-for-music-lovers” imageid=”71iwsBTPGTL” imagetitle=”Turntable record player classic suitcase record vinyl turntable player LP,Bluetooth,USB/SD play,built-in speakers,unique design portable turntable player”]

A record player is amazingly great for the music lovers who have a lot of vinyl records they like to play. There is wireless Bluetooth where music can be played through any device and no cord is needed. Gift this turntable to someone who has a large vinyl collection.

14. Coffee Mug with Lid Staves Music Notes

[su_image_and_price productid=”B017U9RQLO” tag=”30-gifts-for-music-lovers” imageid=”61neh9-7xTL” imagetitle=”Giftgarden Unique Coffee Mugs with Lid Staves Music Notes”]

Music comes first, but there is nothing wrong wanting to drink in style. This ceramic handmade coffee mug has musical notes surrounding the outside. It keeps beverages hot with help from a lip that is placed on top. This cup is reusable getting rid of the use of disposable cups.

15. DAC (Digital Analog Converter)

[su_image_and_price productid=”B00KNNSKV0″ tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”61jP7ftThjL” imagetitle=”PROZOR Digital to Analog Converter DAC Digital SPDIF Toslink to Analog Stereo Audio L/R Converter Adapter with Optical Cable for PS3 Xbox HD DVD PS4 Home Cinema Systems AV Amps Apple TV”]

Do you know someone who loves the sound of good sounding music? A DAC would be the perfect gift for the because they would be able to keep the original sound of their music when it’s played through their headphones.

16.Music Book (Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk)

[su_image_and_price productid=”0802142648″ tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”51G3XZDQ5AL” imagetitle=”Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk “]

The history of the music which tells where the music came from and how it started is covered in this book. If someone that you care about loves to rock out to hardcore music, they will love this music book about the history of punk and different bands that came to exist. You will help them find bands that are old, but new to them.

17. Vinyl Records

[su_image_and_price productid=”B00P2HSETA” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”91Da6C9HuUL” imagetitle=”1989″] [su_image_and_price productid=”B0000088DC” tag=”30-gifts-for-music-lovers” imageid=”71VZjASx2kL” imagetitle=”Nevermind”] [su_image_and_price productid=”B01LTHN0DG” tag=”30-gifts-for-music-lovers” imageid=”61hw9WloObL” imagetitle=”The Dark Side of the Moon”]

Vinyl Records are the classic way of listening to music. There are many artists that put out vinyl records of their albums. There are music stores that only sell these records. If you know the favorite artist of your loved one and you know they do not have it in their collection, it would be a great gift. Here are a few to choose from!

18. Record Frame

[su_image_and_price productid=”B00UNSPUDQ” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”812zOfoztFL” imagetitle=”Americanflat Album Frame – Made to Display Album Covers and LP Covers 12.5’x12.5′ – Hanging Hardware Installed and No Assembly Required – Easy to Use Album Frame, Album Cover Frame”]

Your favorite record can’t get the same treatment as all the rest of your records do. What you keep close to your heart needs to be treated that way. A record frame is a great gift for music lovers who just can’t seem to take their eyes off their valuable record.

19. Studio Monitor Headphone

[su_image_and_price productid=”B00HVLUR86″ tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”81%2BPaJnjIWL” imagetitle=”Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black”]

All music sounds great, but it depends on where you are listening to your music. A nice pair of headphones like this one would make you hear all what the music has to offer. The bass comes out clear with great frequency all the while isolating all the background noise from around you. Treat a music lover with this as a gift.

20. Spotify Gift Card

[su_image_and_price productid=”B00G3LBDDS” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”61XNax2qE6L” imagetitle=”Spotify Gift Card”]

Where all the music in the world is stored with unlimited access is great for a music lover. If you know someone who only uses Spotify as their music source, then gift them with a Spotify gift card to let them know you care about their music and their love for it.

21. Betron YSM1000 Headphones

[su_image_and_price productid=”B00XBZY0EI” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”81w2wNHfhTL” imagetitle=”Betron YSM1000 Headphones, Earbuds, High Definition, in-Ear, Noise Isolating, Heavy Deep Bass for Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung Cell Phones and Smartphones (Gold with Microphone)”]

If you have a friend that loses their earbuds all the time and can’t seem to find another pair, you can gift them with this gold stylish pair. There is great stereo and bass sound. These headphones are metal that gives off a pleasant design with isolating sound, so your music won’t get interrupted.

22. Stackable CD Holder

[su_image_and_price productid=”B0000E1VRT” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”71b8LEc9ZWL” imagetitle=”Stackable Clear Plastic CD Holder – holds 30 standard CD jewel cases”]

Keeping your cd’s in a box because there is too much to count, you can gift someone you know who has a large cd collection. This stackable cd holder holds 30 cd’s. They will be able to keep the cd’s that they like listening to all the time on display without having to go to go find it.

23. Guitar Amp Key Holder

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01B8OCLUS” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”81KrrnM0pCL” imagetitle=”Pluginz Jack Rack Vintage Guitar Amp Key Holder”]

Music is all around, so why not have your home remind you of that with stylish home décor. Gift this to your husband, boyfriend, or male friend who would appreciate this guitar amp key holder. It comes with four guitar plug keychains that will hold four keys.

24. Bluetooth Speaker Mug

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01H5LPJ5M” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”71EknKlLSPL” imagetitle=”CTA Digital SP-BMSW Bluetooth Speaker Mug with Mug Stand & Porcelain Mugs”]

If aesthetically pleasing home décor is what you’re going for then this Bluetooth speaker mug is great for a countertop. It is rechargeable and has a headphone jack, hands-free call button, and high-quality sound. There are two additional coffee mugs that you can use.

25. Guitar Pop-up Card

[su_image_and_price productid=”B0716Z6LFD” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”71sUxq4FNEL” imagetitle=”PopLife Guitar Pop Up Card for All Occasions – Happy Birthday, Graduation, Congratulations, Anniversary, Retirement, Fathers Day – Musicians, Teacher, Student, Music Lovers – Folds Flat for Mailing”]

If you want to be a little fancy while thanking someone, then this is a guitar pop-up card is a great gift. Gift this card to a music lover who loves guitars so, they can be unique, and everyone will know who their “thank you” cards came from. This product includes on blank 6” x 6” 3D pop-up card and one custom envelope for sending in the mail.

26. Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01CXFOM0S” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”81bQpM%2B-3FL” imagetitle=”The Original MASHTAPE–Retro Mixtape Design, Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive 8GB”]

Gift this cassette tape USB flash drive to a music lover that always reminisce about the past. This USB flash drive is designed to hold your data in a unique way This gift is great for nostalgia and can hold up to 8 GB of music photos, videos and documents.

27. Gifted Box Stoneware Mug

[su_image_and_price productid=”B0142UHYYS” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”61mjEaH0jxL” imagetitle=”Paperproducts Design Gift Boxed Stoneware Mug, 13.5 oz, I Love Music, Multicolor”]

With piano notes all around the mug, this stoneware mug is a great gift for music lovers that love the piano. The design on the mug is high-quality and the mug is chip resistant with a 13.5-ounce capacity.

28. Stemless Wine Glass

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01LXR13S1″ tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”41hVjkjTHML” imagetitle=”Heart, Music 15 oz. stemless wine glass”]

The great gift for music lovers who also love wine. There are musical notes that are designed in a heart that decorates the front of the wine glass. This glass is transparent and dishwasher safe.

29. Canvas Music Tote Bag

[su_image_and_price productid=”B00TE3DV82″ tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”41wfkHtzSBL” imagetitle=”Large Gusseted Canvas Music Piano Tote Bag”]

You can daily use this tote bag everywhere. It is a heavy-duty tote bag that is musically themed. This is a great gift for music lovers because its size is 14” W x 15” H and has a lot of space.

30. Ceramic Music Wall Plaque

[su_image_and_price productid=”B004VRZKEO” tag=”giftideascorner-20″ imageid=”71eOcxhy3PL” imagetitle=”Without Music Life Would B Flat. Ceramic wall plaques handmade in the USA for over 30 years.”]

This handmade ceramic wall plaque is a great gift to give a music lover. It is small with a size of 4” x 6” and can fit anywhere. This wall plaque is made of natural colored stoneware clay and has a beautiful quote about music and musical notes on the front.

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