15 Useful Gifts Any College Student Will Totally Love

College, so many memories, so many mistakes, but always totally worth it! No one and nothing can ever replace college. So, if you know someone in college and are planning to gift them something memorable, great, highly useful, and affordable, you are in the right place. Here’s a list of the 15 best gift for college students so that this gifting season you don’t sit scratching your head over what to gift your sibling, kid or cousin.

Best gift for college student

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Best gift for college student reviews

1. Twenty Two: Letters to a Young Woman Searching for Meaning

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This exceptional book from Allison Trowbridge turns a series of letters into a great story and lesson on the issues of adulthood. This book makes a very beautiful and thoughtful gift for someone you want to impart friendly and honest advice to. If there was ever a way to speak to one’s younger self, this is it

2. College Student Gift:Canvas Laundry Bag

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If you have a brother, sister, friend, or any other person you know who is leaving for college in the near future, this canvas laundry bag is an incredibly useful gift. Not only will it help store up the laundry clothes, it also comes with a step-by-step list of instructions on how to go about your first laundry experience. Easy to carry and keep, this bag is an awesome and well-thought gift

3. Rapid Ramen Cooker – Microwave Ramen in 3 Minutes

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Quick meals are synonymous with college life and this rapid ramen cooker will microwave any ramen noodles in just under 3 minutes. The cooker is an amazing and essential addition to any dorm and college room and is completely dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Your college friends will surely thank you for this!

4. Vere Gloria Men Women Small Canvas Messenger Bag

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The one thing every college-goer needs is a sturdy, reliable, and durable cross-body shoulder bag that can house everything from stationery to belongings to laptops and hiking gear. The strap is adjustable and the design is neutral to all genders making it the perfect gifting option

5. Folding Black Lap Desk, laptop stand, Workstation, Laptop lap desk, kids desk, college student desk

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There are many lap desks and tables out there, but none like this folding table with extra storage option that makes it extremely multi-purpose and a great space saver. Your college friends will hugely benefit from this as it will keep all their needs in a single place while they work hard on their grades

6. Stuff Every College Student Should Know

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If you are looking for a fun and informative gift for the college student you know, then this guide that covers everything from the first day of college to the day of graduation is probably the best gift. The pocket-sized handbook is not any self-help book, but a perfect guide to help one survive college

7. Graduation Bangle Bracelet-Graduation Gift

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The most important day of any college student’s life is graduation day and you can make it even more memorable for them by gifting them this intricate and charming charms bracelet that celebrates the true spirit of graduating. This elegant piece of jewelry is from the Infinity collection and is best suited for a special girl you know who is going to graduate soon

8. Zen Life Burrito Blanket

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College is not always the warmest place and for those extra cold nights when one needs some tender love, care, and warmth, there is no better place to curl up in than this burrito blanket. Let your college friends experience how it feels to be a life-sized human burrito. The plush and soft blanket can also be used as a beach towel for those sunny days!

9. Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School

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We all have had this question at many moments in our life, and if you want to save your loved ones from asking the same, here’s a cool way. A money management guide for girls and boys, this is an awesome and easy way to learn about the principles of management 101

10. College Shirts Funny – Birthday Gifts For College Students

A vibrant color, pure cotton, high quality, and funny quotes are the definition of college wear universally. This cool and novel gift for your college-going friend reads “Dangerously Overeducated” and is lightweight, and easy to wear and wash too

11. DormDoc 2.0 125 Piece First Aid/OTC Med Kit for Students

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Gifts seldom are this useful, caring, and thoughtful. The dorm doc brings first aid and safety to your college kid’s dorm. It will ascertain the safety of your kid or sibling even when you are away from them. The kit comes with 60% medications and 40% first aid and has all FDA approved medications which will help save their time and money too in case of an emergency

12. Fml Guy Talking Stress Ball

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The FML guy knows exactly how many times and how deeply stressed college students’ lives are and therefore comes with 3 extremely funny and witty FML phrases. It is a stress buster, a toy to strengthen the hands, and a great way to let off a little steam and unwind for a few moments with fun and jokes

13. Vintage Bound Felt Diary, Mindfulness & Gratitude Journal

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Away from home and loved ones, everyone needs a little dose of thoughtfulness and mindfulness. All this is possible with this vintage diary that can bring one inspiration from every word they register into it. This journal is a great way to let someone reconnect with themselves while carrying it with them anywhere and everywhere

14. CollegeBox – Classic Snacks Care Package

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Snacks, biscuits, wafers, chips, cookies, candies, and more is packed and bundled into a hamper with love and thought by CollegeBox. You can get the 30 snack items gift wrapped too and also choose to send along a personalized message with this hearty dose of food and love

15. Savvy Infusion – 24 Ounce Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

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The best infuser water bottle for infusing the best fruit flavors and minerals from your most favorite fruits and herbs is here. It is completely leakproof, break-proof, and designed with the thought to keep you and your loved ones fit and fabulous. Take the savvy route to fitness and hydration and gift someone this awesome bottle to help them stay nourished

Now that you have an entire list of Best gift for college students, wait no more and order a great present for them today!

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