20 Best Gag Gifts For Christmas: Gag Gift Ideas for Women and Men 2017

Not every Christmas has to include a stressful shopping trip for the perfect gift; instead, give the gift of laughter with the ideal gag. We’ve curated a series of gag gifts for men, women, and kids. Whether you’re a golfer or a homemaker, whether you prefer a homemade gag gift or purchasing one, we’ve 20 ideas that will sure to please any shopper in 2018

1. Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

When a few grey hairs start popping up on your sibling’s head, this funny gag gift is sure to get a laugh around the house. The emergency underpants are 100% polyester, sanitary, and secure for a fit that works with most adult sizes. What’s more, you can actually use them! If there’s an unfortunate spill or other accident on a long car trip, the funny gag gift will become a life-saver.

2. I PEE IN POOLS Adult Trucker Cap Hat

For anyone that loves to cause a reaction, this hat would make an ideal. Its back is adjustable which means that it will fit almost anyone. It also comes in a variety of colors including green, blue, orange, pink, yellow, black, and more. It’s also 100% polyester with a foam front and soft, mesh sides, making for a soft, easy fit.

3. Senior’s Texting Code Coffee Mug

This large mug is perfect for any grandparent or aging parent. Its self-deprecating humor reminds the family of the differences in generations but that we can all still share a laugh. The mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe and the design is lead-free and is placed on both sides of the cup. The volume limit is 11 ounces, making it versatile with tea or coffee.

4. The Most Boring Book Ever Written: An Advertureless Choose-Your-Parth Novella

For the lover of role-playing games but with an unexpected twist; instead of distant worlds on the edge of space and defending the galaxy from an evil mastermind or overcoming the underworld in a fantasy realm full of elves and dwarves.

This book gives you a choose your own adventure of everyday proportions. Do you take a shower or not? Do you brush your teeth or not? Whatever you choose will surely lead to a new non-adventure!

5. Westminster Butt Face Soap

Toiletries aren’t necessarily the highest on anyone’s wish list, but this next gag gift is both funny and, while most might not admit it, useful. Westminster provides two color-coded bars of soap (brown for butt, white for face) to keep an unfortunate switch from occurring during your morning scrub. The words “Butt” and “Face” are inscribed into the front for added security.

6. The Talking TP

You’re house guests will be in for a surprise if you happen to get your hands on this gag gift. The Talking TP is a spring loaded toilet paper roller that fits most dispenser handles and allows you to record and re-record messages to play every time someone uses toilet paper.

Whether your goal is to scare or embarrass, the Talking TP is a funny gag gift that will keep on giving.

7. Prank Box Earwax Candle Kit

This box is the perfect prank for grossing out a family member, friend, or coworker during the giving season. When you want to give an actual gift and a laugh, this box can solve your dilemma; simply place your real gift in the box and watch in gleeful anticipation as the confused looks on their faces grow.

This gag gift makes for a fantastic white elephant game; most will be eager to trade this away, unaware of the surprise gift that awaits them inside.

8. Realistic Fake Spider Remote Control Toy

Pranksters can give this gag gift already opened in the box for their unsuspecting victims. The remote control allows the realistic spider to move however you want, so the moment the box is opened, give your friend or family member a good scare.

They might not appreciate it at the time, but pass on the remote so they can pull their own prank, and they’re sure to forgive you.

9. Funny No Trespassing Sign

Maintaining your privacy doesn’t have to be a serious matter. This vintage aluminum sign can be posted outdoors or in your room to remind people “No Trespassing --- We’re Tired of Hiding the Bodies”.

10. Pooping Pooches Calendar

Many folks love the calm, idyllic scenes that come with yearly calendars; this particular gag gift adds something a little extra to the background: pooping pooches. Juxtaposing the beauty of nature with these squatting canines will lead to a few chuckles around the home or office

11. Drinker Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

Nothing can quite compare to a classic gag gift, especially this one. Who has time to hold a drink in their hands anyway? You’ll never have to worry about that problem again with this gag gift for him

12. Favorite Child Award - Blue Ribbon - Funny Gag Gift - Christmas or Birthday Idea

Moms, make sure your kids can take a joke before you give this gift. Siblings will fight all the time over who Mom or Dad likes more. End the fights with this gag gift for him or her. (Not a great idea for kids under 15).

13. The Freebird Mullet Wig Skull Cap

Southern style Is back with this gag gift for him.12” of luscious, sandy brown locks will prove the only things he cares about are America and the open road. Your bald friends, family, or coworkers can be the butt of this friendly gag gift that’s a one-size fits all.

14. Funny, Sarcastic Wife Gag Shirt

Men are lucky that their wives will put up with them. This gag gift for her shows a woman that has finally had enough of her man’s shenanigans. It reads “I got this shirt for my husband --- Best trade I ever made” and is machine-washable.

15. Subtle Butt: Disposable Gas Neutralizers

For the socially anxious person in all of us, this gas blocking gag gift for him or her can actually prove quite useful. These strips have activated carbon that will absorb any unwanted smells in its area and is self-adhesive to clothing, so they remain discreet and easy-to-use.

16. Hot Flash Extra Cooling Mint Tins

This gag gift for her might earn you a slap if you give it to the wrong woman in your life, so chooses carefully. Otherwise, this small tin of extra cooling candy is sure to get a laugh out of anyone with a healthy sense of humor.

17. Pee a Little Wet Wipes

Many people have that one friend that always keeps them in stitches. Show that friend in your life just how funny they are with this gag gift for her. With its light citrus scent and small size, these 10 wipes make for a funny, everyday reminder that you’re thinking of your best friend.

18.“ Maybe Swearing Will Help” Adult Coloring Book

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you are immune to temper tantrums. Instead of embarrassing yourself, family, or friends, get this funny and useful gag gift “Maybe Swearing Will Help: An Adult Coloring Book of Motivation, Puns, & Cursing” that comes with a set of 30 fine tip markers.

19. Boyfriend Body Pillow

The tag line “Loose the Loneliness” is dead on with this gag gift for her. The body-sized pillow comes with a semi-realistic arm for extra laughs when the woman in your life opens it.

20. 3 Carrot Ring

This gag gift is perfect for your girlfriend or wife who has been bugging you for jewelry. Just make sure your joke doesn’t land you in the doghouse!

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