25 Stocking Stuffer Gifts Ideas: Cheap Stocking Stuffer Gifts For Everyone

During Christmas time, the stocking can be overlooked in favor of the more expensive, flashy gifts, but their potential is limitless for surprises and wonder. Going through the stocking can feel like opening 20 extra small presents, and who doesn’t like the sweets that are usually packed inside? We’ve curated the best types of stocking stuffer ideas to bolster the joy each stocking can bring

1. Clarisonic Brush Head Holiday Stocking Stuffers

For anyone who takes pride in their skin care regiment, these stocking stuffer ideas are a perfect gift. They come in either a 4 or a 2 pack and in a variety of colors like red, green, spring palate, and summer palate. While they are a bit more expensive, these brush heads will likely last through the year and definitely make for an unexpected but welcome surprise

2. Happy Face Smiley Yo-Yos

This bulk deal will give you 12 Yo-Yos for almost 50 cent apiece. These classic toys are both fun and helpful for any fidgety pre-teens you may have. With a few online tutorials, they can keep their hands and minds busy with tricks like “Walking the Dog” and “The Swinging Pendulum”. The faces range from purple with a wink, to the classic yellow, easy smile, to the LOL green

3. Kangaroo’s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”

While not associated with the Disney movie “Frozen”, this stocking stuffer idea is still a lot of fun. There’s plenty of foam putty included to build your new little friend, and the container has all the parts you would need to give him some personality. It is recommended for ages 5 and older, so be careful around younger children. Purchase multiple of these kits to build even bigger friends!

4. Money Soap

The makers of this product promise that there is actual money within this real soap bar and that the values range from $1 to $50. If you’ve got a bit of gambling in your blood, or if you’re just trying to incentivize your kid to wash well, this odd stocking stuffer might be the perfect addition to the treats and toys in the stocking. There are no guarantees what you’ll get, but that’s where some of the fun comes from.

5. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes (125 ct)

For anyone that grew up with a scratch art set or around one, this nostalgic stocking stuffer idea would make a great gift. It comes with a wooden stylus with which you can sketch your designs or write your message and the desktop dispenser is reusable, meaning you can put extra sheets in the stocking for even more doodle fun

6. Christmas Holiday Rubber Ducky (12ct

These classic bath toys are given a seasonal make over and are a perfect stocking stuff idea for your little one’s first Christmas or for the furry friends in your family. The designs include a snowman, reindeer, winter, and even Santa duck to keep things festive. Made from vinyl and rubber, these toys are durable but won’t float upright in water

7. Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

This Christmas stocking stuff idea can be put in anyone’s stocking but would really be for the entire family; the rules for the game are the same for any ring toss with the exception that you are trying to ring reindeer horns tied to a family member’s head. You can make the game more interesting by having the family member walk all over the house and become a moving target

8. Hand Held Scalp Massager

If you do a stocking exchange at your office, this stocking stuffer is a must; the inexpensive hand held head massager will open up blood vessels, release tension, and help you meditate and relax. The compact design allows you to take them anywhere, and the design comes in two colors: purple and green.

9. Striker Magnetic Light Mine

For the handymen in your life, these are the perfect stocking stuffer ideas. The Striker Magnetic Light Mine has 12 Rare-Earth magnets that allow the light to be attached from most any direction on any metal surface. The LED light is strong enough to illuminate most any hard to see area such as behind the TV or beneath the hood or axle of your car. Batteries are included

10. RFID Blocking Chip Credit Sleeves

With the advent of financial technology and the ease with which a person can steal your information, these RFID blocking chip credit sleeves will be a stocking stuffer that doubles as a gift and peace of mind. The sleeve blocks RF scanners, UHF 860~960MHz, and HF 13.56MHz frequencies. The sleeves hold two cards and five bills and are small enough to replace your wallet.

11. Palmers Coal Chocolate

The threat of coal in your stocking was a fear for most kids growing up around Christmas time. Now you can bring their fears to life with a little bit of fun. These chocolates are double crisped and come individually wrapped in a mesh bag.

12. Star Wars Death Star USB Charger

The sci-fi nerd in your life will love you all the more when they find this stocking stuffer on Christmas morning. The charger is both safe and easy to use with a high satisfaction rating, two USB ports, and a green light letting you know you may text “when ready”.

13. Mini Hair Brush Cleaner Combs

Brushes can get disgusting over time from all the hair and products that get stuck in them, and the idea of the meticulous cleaning it would require to fix them is daunting. These stocking stuffers remove that worry; the small, iron and propylene teeth work in unison to separate hair strands and pull them away from the base of your brush. They come in blue, hot pink, and light pink.

14. “Character Poop” Mint Tins

This next stocking stuffer doubles as a funny gag gift. This purchase comes with three tins, each with a different character and subsequent flavor. The reindeer has chocolate mints, the elf has wintergreen mints, and the snowman good, old-fashioned peppermints. Give your loved ones a laugh and fresh breath with this stocking stuffer.

15. Vincent Van Gogh Guitar Picks

Help your musician create art with these works of art. The 12 picks feature 6 of the artist’s most famous impressionist paintings: Starry Night, Starry Night over Rhones, Sunflowers, irises, Café Terrace, and the Bedroom. At 0.71 thickness, these picks are perfect for any type of guitar, acoustic or electric. It provides a warm tone versus the bright tone of thinner picks and has a sixty-day return policy.

16. Crayola Bathtub Markers 4 Count with Bonus Extra Marker

Unleash your little one’s creativity during bath time with these stocking stuffers. These non-toxic markers easily wash off with soap and water, so their creativity won’t cost you hours of cleanup afterwards, and they’ll actually want to get a bath.

17. EOS ~ Holiday Limited Edition Decorative Lip Balm Collection

First introduced in 2015, the stocking stuffer ideas were too hot not to bring back. With fun and seasonal designs on the front of each case, these stocking stuffers will be both fashionable and useful.

18. LET’S GET LIT! Holiday Festive AF Beer Can Coolers

When you want to loosen up at the next Christmas party, you’ll be thankful someone gave you these festive beer coolers as a stocking stuffer. The six-pack comes in both red and green, adding to the overall cheer of the season.

19. Boley Racing Monster Jam Trucks and Cars

These friction-powered cars will have your little one in giggles as he sends it back and forth across the room all Christmas morning. It’s smooth plastic with no small parts, making it a great stocking stuffer idea for toddlers.

20. 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver by XOPRO

A handy man might need a portable tool for those jobs in tight places. That’s where this stocking stuffer comes in. Even though he’ll fix the TV, you’re the hero for getting him the tool he never knew he needed.

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