Top 50 Gifts For Train Lovers

This gift guide is for the serious train lover in your life. From gadgets to books, T-shirts, and train-themed artwork, we’ve got you covered.

Top 50 gifts for train lovers is a list of 50 unique and unusual gifts for the rail enthusiast in your life. From model trains and collectibles to books, videos, and real railroad items – this is a gift list that will really surprise and delight!

Railroad Train Patent Prints

The Railroad Train reproduction patent print is unique. There are six photos, 8×10 – 8 inches by 10 inches, that you can add to your home. Premium grade photo paper with a 100-year archival rating and a matte finish is designed to last a lifetime.


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Lionel Model Train Set

There is nothing better than a Lionel Model Train Set for the train lover. These sets are synonymous with quality craftsmanship because they are one of the oldest and most premium brands to make model trains. A lot of these sets are based on historical railways and train lines. From the caboose to the boxcars, each piece is built to scale and function on the track like a real-life train. At any age, the outcome is an exciting hobby for any type of train lover. This unique model train is a great gift for kids and train enthusiasts. The set includes a battery-powered steam locomotive and tender, a Gondola with crate load, a Center cupola caboose, 24 curved and 8 straight plastic track pieces, and a User-friendly remote control.


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iHAPPYWALL Canvas Prints Wall Art

These canvas art pieces are based on vintage advertisements from the late 1800s and early 1900s. It’s important for train lovers to know that trains are the best way to travel because each poster depicts a different railway from the past. The Canadian-Pacific Railway is a classic image of the country’s first transcontinental railway, while the Netherlands Railway features an eye-catching art Deco style advertisement. The Southern Railway poster depicts the train line’s stops throughout France, which will appeal to Francophiles. A perfect wall decorations gift for living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel, bathroom, etc. The canvas has a built-in coating that protects it from harmful UV rays and scratches.


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Wood Trick Wooden Toy Train Set

The moving locomotive kit is a challenging 3D puzzle that will keep train lovers busy for hours. Users can build a working model of a 19th-century locomotive with the do-it-yourself kit. The baltic birch plywood pieces are pre-cut so that the builder can connect each piece to create the train, which operates via a rubber band as opposed to steam. The mobile model can be proudly displayed once the masterpiece is finished. The safe materials and pieces are not harmful to the environment. Glue was not available. This model train kit is the safest and most entertaining among all 3d wooden puzzles for kids and adults to build. If your child builds a model train, they will be able to plan and build their own structure or vehicle like a true architect or engineer. There are more than 400 wooden puzzle pieces in this wooden locomotive model.  These instructions will show how to build the puzzles quickly and correctly.


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Train: The Definitive Visual History

The ultimate reference book for train enthusiasts is Train: The definitive visual history. The history of the railroad, the world’s most famous routes, and the railway’s role in developing society are just some of the topics covered in this book. The informative and engaging text is accompanied by gorgeous photos and high-quality illustrations that better inform the reader.


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Metro Subway Map

It started with a piece of art that is mounted on wood and finish with a texturized brush stroke finish. They added depth and dimensions by fitting it within a 1.5-inch thick frame. The Dimensions are 12 x 1.5 x 12 Inch Frame. Ready to Hang – No Installation or Hardware Needed was designed by artist Bill Cannon. It is made in the United States.


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Steam Train Wax Seal Necklace

Nothing is better for a train lover to have a little piece of railway history around their neck. The choo choo train charm pendant necklace is intricately handcrafted with solid sterling silver which is a perfect polished finish. This gift comes with free special gift packaging made in the USA yet offered at factory direct jewelry price ships from the manufacturer directly to the customers.


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12×12 Inches Circular Metal Sign

Rounded Corners are used to prevent scratching, and holes are provided in advance to Facilitate Hanging. It is suitable for hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, and other places. The sign is waterproof, Rust-proof, Environmentally Friendly, and can be used indoors. The metal tin sign is 12 inches in diameter.


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Track Crossing Sign with Flashing Lights and Sounds

 This 11″ Tall X 6.25″ Wide X 2.75″ Deep Track crossing sign is a nice gift for anyone who loves the train. It has realistic sounds and flashing which make this present awesome. The battery is not included. It comes with a box that protects the gift.


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Railroad T-Shirt

It features the GE locomotives that roam the vast UP system and were printed on dark gray charcoal. Absolutely authentic railroad apparel! It can be washed in the washing machine 100%.


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North American Railroads: The Illustrated Encyclopedia

There are concise histories of 101 U.S. railroads in this encyclopedia of American railroads and Canadian railroads have past and present dates. More than 400 stunning images include period and modern photography in both color and black and white, evocative print ads, and system maps, each profile is also accompanied by one or more fact boxes offering details on the railroads’ geographic scope, hardware, and freight and passenger operations.


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Train Parking Only Sign

A great item to hang on the wall of your room or office. This train parking only sign is 8 by 12 inches in size made of aluminum. The text says: All others will be side-tracked so it is a nice gift for any train lover. 


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Train Conductor Pocketwatch

For an old-timey train gift, this old-fashioned train conductor pocket watch is just the thing. It’s affordable, fun, useful, and super-cool. The “Steam Train” series has a pocket watch with chain. This timepiece is the best gift to record wedding day for your love, Christmas gift for son or grandson, anniversary gift on father’s day, graduation gift for the beloved, a great souvenir for anyone, and cool birthday gift for a bosom friend. The cool small pocket watch is a perfect gift for someone on their shopping list or wish list. This steampunk pocket watch with chain is made of classic bronze instead of gold and it shows its uncommon class and style.


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Personalized Railroad Spike Knife

There is a hand-forged and engraved railroad spike knife. This beast of a blade is handcrafted out of a real railway spike and can include your custom text hand-stamped onto one or both sides. This original signature knife is a railroad spike knife that is hand-forged in the fire. It’s easy to create a personalized gift for groomsmen, a unique birthday gift for men, or just a gift he’ll/she’ll never forget. 


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Train Conductor Hat

What gift is better for a train lover than a train conductor hat? If they don’t really have one, buy he/her this hat. It is suitable for display, for costume, or actual on the job. This hat is 100% cotton navy and one size fits all. 


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Wizarding World Harry Potter (Hogwarts Express) Maxi Poster

A train and Harry Potter-themed gift idea for someone who is into both trains and the Harry Potter universe is double-dipping. The paper for the Officially licensed printed-on is 125gsm.


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Nothing Like It In the World: The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad 1863-1869

Stephen E. is a best-selling author. The building of the transcontinental railroad was an unprecedented feat of engineering, vision, and courage according to Ambrose. It is the story of the men who built the railroad, the investors who risked everything in hopes of making it rich, the politicians who grasped its significance, and the engineers and surveyors who risked their lives.


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ALAZA 7 Train Queens New York City NYC Large Backpack Personalized

It includes one main volume bag, 4 pockets inside, 1 front zip pocket, and 2 side pockets are included in the multiple pockets. There is an empty bag that can stand up. There are features with a personalized custom pattern. A large capacity of 24l can be used to put in a laptop. It is light and strong with comfortable shoulder straps. It’s appropriate for adults, businessmen, tourists, and children. As a gift, this is a good choice.

Locomotive Clock

This train locomotive clock is hand-cast using real crushed stone and then hand-painted by in-house artisans, it is a wonderful railroad gift idea. The Locomotive Train Wall Clock helps you and your passengers get to their destinations in a timely manner. It’s necessary for adults to go “choo-choo” every once in a while. The STEAM ENGINE WALL CLOCK was patterned after the handsome trains that once ruled the rails. Decor design elements that few other collectibles can match can be found on these clocks, which hang in your own station or that of other lovers of trains.


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Locomotive Train Coming from The Front Wall Clock

A high gloss mirror-like finish, UV coated, scratch-resistant aluminum, is suitable for moist environments. The Locomotive train coming from the front Wall Clock has numbers printed on it and is a great addition to your home or office. The aluminum is made of high-grade aluminum. This clock is suitable for a moist environment and has a UV-coated scratch-resistant finish. The battery box does not have a covering.


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Diecast Model Locomotive Classic Locomotive Collectible Model Train Classic Home Decor

Manual stamping, sanding, welding, coloring, attrit, just to show the traces of “old years”. The rough welding process craft reflects the flamboyant personality, this is the style that the production line cannot produce. It is a good choice if you want to use it as a room decoration or a gift.


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LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train

Someone who loves trains, what should I get them? The LEGO Creator Emerald Night Train is one of the most popular stocking train-themed gifts. This classically styled train Lego set features a steam locomotive with a furnace and lots of amazing details with authentic touches. This classically-styled train features a steam locomotive with a furnace, lots of authentic touches including elements in rare colors and all-new large train wheels with piston motion, and 3 Minifigures.


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CHH Woo Train Keychain

CHH Inc. is a manufacturer, importer, and distributor of quality products that include Traditional Games, Time Pieces, Geographical Globe, Lead Crystals, as well as other Fine Gifts. This Train Keychain from CHH is a great gift for any train lover in your life. 


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Hogwarts Express Diecast Train Model

The Hogwarts Express is waiting for you. This is a must-have for a Harry Potter fan or a train enthusiast. It’s a great gift for train lovers and it’s also a great conversation piece. It is licensed by Warner Brothers. The Noble Collection manufactured it. A die-cast model is 1:50 scale.


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NameTrain (7 letters) – Made in USA

Are you looking for personalized gifts for trains? This name train is what you need to buy. You can make it your own with the name of the person you are gifting it to. It all connects with magnets that are simple and safe. All of the colors, ink, and finishes are non-toxic. All NameTrains are connected with simple magnets. There are different colors of letters in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The caboose is red while the engine is black. All of the finishes, colors, and ink are non-toxic.


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Bachmann Trains Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set

Are you confused about what to get the train lovers on your gift list? You can’t go wrong if you give them this Bachmann Trains Thoroughbred Ready-to-Run HO scale train set. It is a sure bet because the wheels rumble like the hooves of the iron horse as it rounds the bend. The complete ready-to-run freight train set is powered by an F7 Diesel Locomotive and includes an open quad Hopper car, gondola car, and wide-vision cupola.


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Gifts For Train Enthusiasts – Trains & Signs Travel Mug

Are you looking for a train gift for your train lover? Train-themed accessories maybe even more rewarding if you give them to your train lover. The 16 Oz mugzie trains and signs are going to be a great gift. The hand-sewn fabric cover is made from 1/2 inch closed-cell neoprene that is covered with soft, water-proof polyester fabric. Full-wrap coverage is provided by the cover, which is printed in hi-resolution. The lid is spill-resistant and there is a non-skid bottom. There is a truly unique thing. It was made in the United States.


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Black and Red Steam Train Cardboard Standup

The Black and Red Train Cardboard Standup has dimensions of 68′′W x 49′′H, and it really wows your loved train enthusiast. It will be a special gift that they will remember for a long time, with its life-size graphics and cool graphics.


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Pewter Train Money Bank

This Pewter Train Money Bank is a great way to save for your favorite train set. It is made of non-tarnishing material and features an antique-style pewter finish. It is adorable and affordable.


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Gifts For Train Enthusiasts – Ticket To Ride Board Game

Take a game and see who can travel by rail to most cities. One of the most popular specialty games is called Ticket To Ride Board Game, which is based on Phileas Fogg’s novel ” Around the World in 80 days”. The train game will be great for anyone who loves the train. Ticket to Ride can be learned in less than fifteen minutes. Players collect cards of various types of train cars and then use them to claim railway routes in North America. The longer the routes are, the more points they accumulate. The player who builds the longest continuous route gets additional points, as well as those who fulfill Destination Tickets, which connect distant cities.

Train Gifts for Adult: Steam Train Crossing Sign

You can change the look of your walls with a steam train crossing aluminum sign. Any train-themed room can be made to come alive with one of the best steam train gifts merchandise. There was a hole drilled for the screen-printed 12′′ X 12′′ Caution yellow aluminum. There is one drilled hole for hanging for the decorated 12 X 12 Caution Yellow aluminum. There is an original train-themed art screen printed on a.032 aluminum sign.


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Gifts For Train Enthusiasts – Train Mug

If you don’t know what to buy for your friends that love model trains, then this is the mug for you. It guarantees that they never run out of steam during a busy day, and they can use it to drink their favorite coffee. The packaging of the was inspired by the gentle nature of the Victorian era and it dishwasher and microwave safe.


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Gifts For Train Enthusiasts – Trains Magzine

If you are looking for the newest gift for the train lover in your life, here you found it. The most up-to-date news happening in the railroading industry is highlighted in Trains magazine. A one-year subscription is what the price is.


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Travel Pillow

Something can be used on a train if you give it a gift. When trying to sleep on trains, a bad neck will not be a problem with this travel pillow. If they are frequent travelers, this gift is perfect. It is scientifically engineered with ergonomics, height adjustability, and in-built breathability. Take a look at your pillow and find the perfect position to sleep in. It has soft support for your head that will allow you to rest. Make sure the pillow is protected by storing it with the free waterproof carry bag. Don’t forget to use your bag to store your belongings while using your pillow. Keep your pillow fresh and clean for your next trip with an easy-to-wash scarf, and use your bag to store your belongings while using your pillow.


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Foot Traffic Men’s Professional Novelty Socks

Railroad tracks, signals, and signs can be found all over these traveling socks. Train enthusiasts, engineers, and brakemen are fond of them. There are times when RxR is for rest and relaxation while wearing socks. It’s a great gift idea for the collector or the sock lover in your life. It’s perfect for birthdays, get-wells, stocking stuffers, and a lot more. These socks are made from a blend of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex and they are incredibly comfortable. These socks have a great fit for all-day comfort, thanks to the high-quality construction.


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Train Night Light

An optical acrylic flat board with laser engraving can give you an amazing 3D visual effect, and this is an illusion lamp that can show up the train model when it lights up. The train gifts for kids and families are made with this 3D night light. There are 16 color changing, remote control functions, Dimmable, four modes of color flashing, and two ways of power supply. The large size of the lamp base, top quality of the circuit board, and soft and uniform light are some of the advantages of this product. The ideal home decor includes bedroom decor, kids’ room decor, baby room decor, and so on.


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Train Pencil Holders

Made of steel, not hurting hands, is exquisite workmanship. The wheels can be turned, the back door of the locomotive can be opened, pencils can be placed, and the carriage can be used to store school supplies. It’s a perfect gift choice because of its cool handmade artwork and funny design. Birthday gifts and Christmas gifts can be given to your kids. The product can be given to students as a graduation gift or prize.


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Metal Silver Train Keychain

A good gift for your friends, lover, family, and children, can be used as the key chain or a pendants ornament for your handbag. It looks great from all directions and definitely will draw a lot of attention, not only because it can hold your keys, but also because it’s great decoration.


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dojune-2 Pack Vintage Railroad Crossing Sign

The dimensions are 12 inches, 3mm thick with drilled holes available for mounting. Sharp, fade-resistant printing for indoor or outdoor use. The wall paintings are protected by a clear plastic film layer on the surface. There are metal signs that can be used for stores, offices, reception areas, and even building exteriors. They can be used to mark things like properties, directions, parking spots, and more. State-of-the-art presses give you lasting print durability, while materials that are rust-free stand up against the elements.


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Bellaa 20928 Decorative Bookends Train

Vintage train decorative bookends made of fine polyresin 6-inch good hold favorite books steam engine locomotive train bookends. Gift steam locomotive union pacific transcontinental railroad replica Ca-based seller fast shipping directly from our USA warehouse. 


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Amor Vintage Metal Train Coin Bank

There is a train shape and vintage style for your kids to learn how to save money. Birthday gifts, ring bearer gifts, and Christmas presents are perfect for your kids or friends. Coal or wood can be found on the train carriage, random style.


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Solid Wood Train Whistle 4 Tone

A toy train whistle has a gentle 4 tone sound. This makes a long toot noise like a train whistling in the distance with a recognizable sound and can make a lot of interest for children’s party. It’s suitable for children between 3 and 15 years old and also for those noisemakers at an adult party. The wood is completely dehydrated and easy for children to take up. 


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ADVPRO wpa0417 Railroad Name Personalized Train Station

3D lettering and images made using a two-tone stain finish provide a sawtooth hanger on the back for quick and easy hanging. Great for decoration for living rooms, home bars, bedrooms, man caves, garage, game rooms, patio, etc.


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Train Mouth Cover

There is a high-quality material that is easy to wear and comfortable. It is very soft, very absorbent and very easy to clean. One size fits all and Unique Design. A personalized full-format printing design is what it is. It’s a good idea to highlight your unique identity in the crowd. Product Performance: Buckle adjusts tightness to protect your mouth and face from dust, cold, dust, haze, exhaust emissions, passive smoking, etc. At any time, you can meet the dust-free life you want, such as cycling, camping, hiking, gardening, travel, outdoor, shopping, etc. This mask can also protect you from the Coronavirus.


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Aminiture Christmas Wooden Music Box

The wooden music box is made from the base of physical dynamics and magnets and comes with a small train or a small car. Musical Gift Boxes using sustainable forest resources have a smooth surface and a white and tender feeling. With the song playing, relive your precious memories, or imagine the wonderful times you might spend, you can choose different style patterns and music. Musical gift boxes are made from sustainable forest resources and have a white and tender feeling. It can be a creative gift for your friends, spouse, sweetheart, relatives, and it also can be an art, a craft, and an elegant decoration.


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Holiday Time Battery Operated Train Set Only

The Holiday Time Train Set includes a locomotive, 3 rail cars, 2 straight tracks, 6 curved tracks, and three trees. There are batteries that aren’t included. This gift is just for decoration and not a toy. 


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Open Road Brands Railroad Crossing Prismatic Embossed Metal Sign

You can listen to the rumble of the tracks with this instant classic wall decor. This sign is easy to recognize and will make a statement in your favorite room. This wall art is an ideal complement to other road signs or vintage decor because it has a classic design and a highly rustic finish. This fun sign is made of lightweight tin and features drilled holes for quick and easy display on the wall. This sign is unique and can be used to add personality to your man cave, garage, or workshop.


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Vintage Retro Drawing Train Locomotive Throw Pillow Case

The throw pillow cover is made of cotton linen and features a unique pattern. The throw pillow cover can be used as a decoration for your sofa, bed, and chair. There is a pillow that is 18x 18 inches. It is the best gift for women, men, friends, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, wife, husband, and all because it is perfect for you to decorate your room in a simple and natural way. 


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Dondor Wooden Train Whistles

All individually wrapped and sealed, the 12 piece pack measures 6 by 1 inch and features a vintage wooden design. Great for any train-themed parties.


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Furuida Mini Steam Train Jewelry Trinket Box Hinged Enameled Crystal Ornaments Gift

The unique place of the product is we added high-quality rhinestones to the product and we believe that this design can better express the luxury of the product. The zinc alloy body of the product will be firm and pro-environment, smooth enamel can make the product feel more comfortable when you touch it, the high-quality rhinestones will make the product very attractive. The product is a very good souvenir in your collection. We created a new gift box to protect the product better during transport. The way of open-close allows you to display the gift to your friends and family better because the box can protect the product better.


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What to consider when choosing gifts for a train lover?

Well, you have a train enthusiast at home, and you have no idea what kind of gift to give? You have a lot of things to consider.

You have to consider the age of the train enthusiast. If your train enthusiast is a kid, you have to think of things that are appropriate for the age of the kid. If he or she is an adult, you have to think of things that are appropriate for their age.

Then you have to consider the interests of the train enthusiast. You should ask the train enthusiast for some ideas on what they would like to get. You want to make sure that you get them something that they will enjoy, and something that they will get a lot of use out of.


What are the best gifts for train lovers?

We have the top 50 gifts above that you can consider all the options in order to choose the best gift. 

What do you call someone who loves trains?

You can call he/her a railfan, rail buff or train buff (American English), railway enthusiast or railway buff (Australian/British English), trainspotter, or ferroequinologist. 


When you give a train lover a gift, they will remember it forever. The list above is great idea for a unique gift for a train lover. What you do is write a personal message on a piece of paper and wrap it. Then put the whole thing in a nice, decorative box and give it to your loved one as a gift. If you have any questions, don’t be hesitate to leave a comment below.

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