20 Best Gift Ideas for Teachers

Teachers are truly amazing! They are pillars of patience and knowledge and it’s never too late to show your admiration and love towards them. So, whether you are a student who wants to say a simple ‘thank you’ for the months and years of wisdom your teacher has imparted you or a gracious parent who wants to show gratitude towards your kid’s teachers, you are in the right place. Here is a list of 20 best gifts for teachers. DIY, Christmas special, Valentine’s Day, or just any occasion, we have got you covered for every one of them!

gift ideas for teachers


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1. Cookies in a Jar

1.Cookies in a Jar

Who does not love cookies? We are sure your strict teachers adore them too! This is an affordable, quick and easy DIY option for a Christmas gift for your teacher. All you need is a delicious cookie recipe, a glass jar, baker’s twine, and gift tag. You can also alternate the cookies with some school supplies

2. Personal Air Cooler


This is the perfect gift for your teachers for this summer.  The Personal Air Cooler is an evaporative air cooler that allows you to create your own personal climate. The whisper-quiet fan and soothing night light make it perfect to use throughout the night for a comfortable sleep. The built-in LED mood light can be set to any of its 7 color option, set to color-cycle mode or turned off with the touch of a button.

product image

3. Button Bookmarks

2.Button Bookmarks

Quick, easy and adorable are the words that completely describe this DIY valentine day gift for your teacher. We all have paperclips laying around inconspicuously at our homes, so why not stick up some beautiful, cute little buttons onto them! Ask you mother if you can raid her sewing stash for this one!

4. Help Grow Your Classroom Library

3.Help Grow Your Classroom Library

Well, this one isn’t personal upfront, but can help you get into all the good books at school. Your teacher does want to grow that classroom library and you can help her achieve her target by taking along a few books. Take along books which kids your age actually want to spend time reading. Find a list of the best books here

5. School Supply Bouquet

4.School Supply Bouquet

School supply is always running low; your teacher would know that! This is a cute gift you can gift your teacher which is greatly practical. Pick up a vase and decorate it just how you think your teacher would like and place some pencils, glue bottles, tape, etc. in it.

6. “Pop” some Dew

This is the best valentine and graduation day gift for your teacher – make them smile with this adorable pop note with their favorite beverage. Design a little note which says “I love everything you Dew” and hang it down a can or bottle of Mountain Dew! They will laugh and chug down some of that needed caffeine

6. Personalized drink cups

6.Personalized drink cups

Homemade gifts are so much more pleasant than readymade ones, and personalized homemade gifts are even more perfect! All you need is an acrylic tumbler or two, adhesive vinyl sheets, vinyl tape and scissors. Check out the tutorial on how to come up with the most pretty looking personalized cups and mugs here.

7. Crafty Cozy Mugs

7.Crafty Cozy Mugs

A personalized drink or mug sleeve is the perfect gift for teachers! Every teacher loves their morning cuppa and a homemade cozy sleeve for their coffee or tea cups or mugs is just so thoughtful and easy to make. The most inexpensive idea is here. Get those sewing skills to the best use.

8. Homemade Treats

8.Homemade Treats

Graduation gifts for teachers and even valentine day gifts for them are hard to decide upon. Your teacher’s smile when he/she is presented with these delicious homemade treats will be priceless. Show your love with these Tiger Butter Fudge treats and help your mom bake them too!

9. Poster perfect

9.Poster perfect

This poster reads “Keep Calm and Show Your Work” and sounds so much similar to your Math teacher, doesn’t it? They will surely hang this poster up in the classroom and will definitely subtly refer to it during those long tests, quizzes and assignments. It is very conveniently priced as well at just $12.75.

10. Picture Frames


Picture frames with beautiful, inspiring quotes and notes on them are the most loved gifts. Showcase your love in one such picture frame which may or may not be personalized. A picture of your class trip will speak a hundred sweet words and brighten up your teacher’s day too!Check out this frame or buy any similar one off the net

11. Personalized Notepad

11.Personalized Notepad

Get some frequent positive and praising notes in your favor by gifting your teacher a personalized notepad like this one. You can get one personalized according to your teacher’s personality and style and she will undoubtedly appreciate your gesture

12. Bath Salts

12.Bath Salts

The fragrance of these Epsom bath salts will be enough to drag away any stress from your hard working teacher’s mind and body. Gift her the joy and pleasure of unwinding after school hours post a long day at work. Keeping up with kids like you is obviously not an easy task! A glass bottle, lavender oil and Epsom bath salt is all you need for this one

13. Magnet Marvel

13. manget

Want to keep your teacher reminded of how special and adored they are? Then gift them these personalized magnets which have their favorite quote, poem or simply a beautiful message engraved on them. Add an image for an even better feel. Check out this idea to come up with some even better ones!

14. Dainty Jewelry

14.Dainty Jewelry

All ladies love their jewelry and a beautiful, quaint little elegant necklace with their initial or name etched upon it will be even more special, especially when it is coming from you! Get a similar pendant and chain set in either gold or silver and sparkle up your teacher’s day. It makes for an awesome Valentine’s Day gift for your teacher

15. Lather and Lotion Gift Set

15.Lather and Lotion Gift Set

Pamper your teacher with the best of both worlds – a set of 2 aromatherapy beauty products. Get your kid to appreciate their teacher’s work and patience and order this or similar beauty and bath products for gifting their teacher. You can get a great deal in under $20 here.

16. Monogrammed Mugs

16.Monogrammed Mugs

Nothing says personal and pretty like these cute mugs which can have your teacher’s initials monogrammed and etched. Combine this idea with coffee beans, tea leaves or a simple beautiful card and show your appreciation and love towards your favorite teacher. The personal touch will be much admired

17. Painted Glass Vases

17. Painted Glass Vases

Let your teacher add a drop of beauty to her private space at school, her table top or even her home with these pretty and adorably candy colored glass vases. Dandy poufs will simply add another notch of elegance to this gift. Ask your mom for some help painting glass vases at home, and voila! You have the perfect gift for your teacher

18. Apple Bell

18.Apple Bell

For those frequent times when your teacher has to get your classmates’ attention, get her this dainty little apple bell which she can ring and save herself from raising her voice. Add a touch of personal to this bell and get the name of your class or your teacher engraved upon it, all under $20.

19. Reusable Lunch Bags

19. reuseable launch bag

If your teacher often times brings her lunch along to school, then gifting her a reusable lunch bag which looks good and is fun and easy to use is a great idea. You can check out designs and ideas out here. Take help from someone at home to design your own!

20. Grass Pot Pen Stand

20. Grass Pot Pen Stand

This unique, vibrant pot looks like a simple plant on a table top, but is actually a pen stand with faux grass. Add a little bright green color to your kid’s teacher’s table with this gift which is perfect for showcasing pens, pencils, notes and requires no watering. This grass will always stay green.

Hope you liked our list and picked up some great ideas for your children’s teachers! Happy gifting!

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