75+ Valentine’s Gifts for Him 2021

When it comes to shopping, most guys have neither the desire nor the patience to browse. This observation is true even when shopping for themselves. You’ll be lucky to get an “I don’t know” if you ask your special guy what he wants for the occasion.

Finding the right Valentine’s Day gift for men can be difficult. Should I get something romantic? Something that makes them laugh? Or just get them something that they’ve been wanting for a while? All of this can make the search a bit daunting, however, it doesn’t have to be. Below you’ll find some of the best Valentines Day gifts for him you can surprise your guy with. You’ll also discover some helpful tips you can use to help guide your shopping experience so you find good Valentines Day gifts for your brother, dad, boyfriend, or husband.

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Valentine’s Gifts for the Special Man

How to Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Are you hurry for choosing the Valentine’s Day Gift?

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Start Small

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. However, it’s best to start small. Look at little trinkets to get inspired or do some research online.

Create a List

It’s best to brainstorm before going full-on into the gift shopping. Create a list of some things you think your man will like as well as some hobbies he has, the food he likes, and other things he has interests in. This can then help you narrow your search down for the right gift.

Create a Budget

A budget will help to keep you in check so you don’t feel overwhelmed or spend too much during this holiday. You can stick to this budget or go a bit under or over it – but try as best as you can to stick to it. A budget will also help you with narrowing down your search.

What to Get a Guy for Valentine’s Day?

It’s a tough question, what should you get a guy for Valentine’s Day? Sometimes the answer can be found quickly while other times it can be a little more daunting. What you should get a guy for Valentine’s Day revolves around your relationship with him. Is he your boyfriend? Is he just a friend? Is he someone you want to be with? You can use things like this to help narrow down your search.

Our Top Picks

Five Senses Gift

This romantic Valentines Day gift for him will play on these five senses with five unique gifts. If you’re looking for creative DIY Valentines Day gifts for him, definitely consider this one.

Kiss Jar

This gift is perfect if your man has a sweet tooth. Better yet, it’s easy to make and is quite affordable making it a great gift to give on a budget.

Remember When Jar

If you’re looking for something sentimental to give your husband or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, this option is ideal. Not only will it store all your memories together, but it will make him smile.

Why I Love You Jar

This touching gift will show your believed all the reasons why you love him. It will take some time and effort to fully fill the large jar, but it’s definitely worth it.

Knock Knock Love Journal

This journal will let you fill in various blanks in phrases about why you love your husband or boyfriend or your favorite things about them. It’s a fun gift to make and will definitely be fun for him to read.

50+ Valentines Day Gifts for Him Ideas

Five Senses Gift

This gift will require you to get small gifts that play on your guy’s senses. You can use your imagination to find things that will make his five sense react. For instance, for “smell” you can get a candle and for “taste” you can add some chocolate. This is a fun and romantic gift to give making it one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts to give him. five-senses-gift

Credit to Pinterest.com

Five senses gift-valentines gift for him

Credit: vk.com/ideasdecor

Brown Paper Package

You can get a durable brown bag and fill it up with all his favorite things! This gift plays on the popular song and you can write some of the lyrics across the front. After filling the bag up, fold the top down and tie it up with string. You can then give it to him so he can enjoy all his favorite things. brown-paper-package

Credit to thenewlywedscookbook.com

The Happy Jar

To help cheer up your boyfriend or husband during a rough spot in their life, you can make them this happy jar. You can get a clean Mason jar and then fill it up with notes that include quotes, things you love about him, and memories you have together. When he needs to be cheered up, he can pull a note out of the jar. the happy jar

Credit to armylifefromthewife.blogspot.com

Heart Post-It-Note Design

This DIY Valentine’s Day gift for him might take some time, but it’s well worth it. You can get some pink or red Post-It-Notes and arrange them on a surface (like a mirror or wall) in the shape of a heart. You can then write messages on each note about things you love about him or some funny things he’ll laugh about. heart-post-it-note-design

Credit to lifeliveshere.tumblr.com

You Float My Boat

To make this fun and tasty gift, you’ll need all the ingredients necessary for a root beer float, like root beer, ice cream, and straws. You can arrange all these items in a basket and then attach a note to it saying how he “floats your boat.” You both can later enjoy an ice cream date together with the ingredients. you float my boat

Credit to thirtyhandmadedays.com

Sight Taste Smell Touch Sound Valentine Gift Ideas

sight taste smell touch sound valentine gift ideas

You Make My Heart Race

If you’re on the search for some cute Valentines Day gifts for him, this is sure to make him smile. You can get a Hot Wheels car or something similar to it, and then write a small note to attach to the front – “You Make My Heart Race.” It’s a cute and creative way to show your guy that you love him. It’s also a pretty affordable gift making it perfect for those on a budget. you still make my heart race

Credit to thehofreiters.com

Mason Jar Photo

This might take some time, but it’s a great and thoughtful gift to give your man. You’ll need a Mason jar, a black and white photo of you two, and some small fairy lights. Put the photo inside the jar so that it wraps around the circumference. You can then put the fairy lights inside so the jar lights up and your picture is illuminated. mason jar photo

Credit to alifyalifestyle.com

Adventure Fund

You can get this shadowbox with Adventure Fund written across the front. You can give it to your guy but you both can contribute to it. Over time, you can add loose change or some money to it. Once you have saved enough for your dream trip, you can take it out of the fund and go explore the destination you two have always wanted to see. Read more recommend gifts for travelers like you here… adventure fund

Credit to etsy.com

You’re a Catch

If you’re looking for funny Valentines Day gifts for him or if he just loves sports, this is great to consider. You can get a baseball and then write across the top “Why You’re a Catch.” You can then write all the reasons why he is and the things you love about him. It’s a simple yet thoughtful gift to give. you're a catch

Credit to giftideasforboyfriend.site

Will You Be My Valentine Box?

This fun gift is sure to please your man’s sweet tooth. You can get a box and then fill it with candy that plays on romantic quotes or flirtatious remarks. For instance, you can get a box of Goldfish and then write on it “Out of All the Fish in the Sea, You’re the Best” or get some Reese’s Pieces and write “I Love You to Pieces.” will you be my Valentine box

Credit to pinterest.com

You’re the Bomb

If you’re looking for a DIY gift to try, you’ll want to check out this one. You’ll need some red construction paper and small pieces of candy. After collecting your supplies, take the paper and wrap it into a tube so it looks like a stick of dynamite and then tapes it together so it stays. You can then fill the tube with your guy’s favorite candy. you are a bomb

Credit to lifestylesspace.com

Kiss Jar

You can get a Mason jar and then fill it up with some delicious Hershey Kisses! After sealing the kisses inside, you can write a short note to attach to it, like “A Kiss for Every Day” or “When You’re Feeling Lonely, Here’s a Kiss.” It’s a simple yet fun gift to give your man for Valentine’s Day and is pretty easy to make. kiss jar

Credit to lifestylesspace.com

Date Activity Jar

You’ll need a jar, some Popsicle sticks, and your imagination to make this gift. One each Popsicle stick, write a fun date idea for you both to do. This could be something simple as “Fly a Kite” or something a bit more challenging like “Visit the Beach.” Come up with something for each stick and then put it in the jar so he can pull one out. date activity jar

Credit to pinterest.com

Treat Box

If you want to make something simple yet creative, you’ll definitely want to try this treat box. You can get a small cardboard box or basket and fill it with treats. You can find some candy names that you can make a short message with like Pop Rocks – “You Rock” or get some Crush soda and say “You are my Crush Forever.” treat box

Credit to pinterest.com

“I Love You Because…” Letters

This thoughtful gift is a great gift to give your man. You can get some envelopes and then fill them with short notes about why you love him. You can write one for each day of the year, for each week, or whatever you desire to do. You can also put some tokens inside to make his letters even more interesting. i love you because letters

Credit to todaywedate.com

Lottery Heart Box

If your guy enjoys playing the lottery, you’ll want to check this gift out. You can get an empty heart chocolate box and then fill the spaces where the candy once was with rolled up money bills. You can then tape some lottery tickets to the top. He’ll surely be surprised when he opens the box to find the goodies inside! lottery heart box

Credit to pinterest.com

Hershey Kiss Game

You can get a large jar and then fill it up with Hershey Kisses. However, before doing so, take some paper and cut it into small circles so it fits on the bottom of each kiss. You can then write notes on the bottom, some fun trips you can take, or some risqué things you both can do. Use your imagination to come up with some fun things you both will love. hershey kiss game

Credit to pinterest.com

Spiderman Shirts

These two shirts are perfect for couples to wear. On your man’s shirt will be Spiderman spinning a web which goes off the side of the shirt. On your shirt will be Spiderman’s web attach to a heart in the middle of it. It’s a great way to show you’re a couple and if he loves superheroes, this is an even better gift to give him to show you love him! spiderman shirts

Credit to boldloft.com

I Love You to Pieces Jar

You can get a large jar and fill it with Reese Pieces until it’s completely filled. You can then attach a small note to the side saying how you love him to pieces. If you’re unable to find Reese Pieces, you can alternatively find some other small chocolate or candy pieces instead you can use to fill up the jar. i love you to pieces jar

Credit to pinterest.com

Stud Muffin

To make this gift you’ll just need some muffins. You can buy some at the store or make your man’s favorite muffins yourself. If you buy muffins at the store you can write a note for the front saying “Stud Muffin.” If you make your own, you can arrange the muffins on a plate and place a note to the side with “Stud Muffin” written on it. stud muffin

Credit to nobiggie.net

You’re So Hot

You can get a jar and fill it up with the spicy Red Hot candies. You can then label the jar “You’re So Hot.” It’s a funny, romantic, and clever gift to give to your beloved. Better yet, it gives them some tasty treats they can snack on later. If you can’t find these specific candies, you can find similar types of candy that have a kick to them, like spicy gumdrops. you're so hot

Credit to pinterest.com

Framed Map

This sentimental gift frames two important locations that are close to both of your hearts. To make it, you’ll need a frame and a map. You can use Google maps to find the location of an important spot to you both, like where you met or first kissed. You can print it off and then cut that destination in the shape of a heart. You can then create a college in the frame and label what each destination is. If you want more gifts to celebrate your very first anniversary together, check it out here… framed map

Credit to pinterest.com

Scary Movie Night

This special gift will give you both a reasons to snuggle up close to each other. You can treat your guy to a scary movie night and create a cute setup to welcome him to it. You can create a movie ticket that says the name of the movie you’ll be watching, a box of popcorn nearby, and blanket you two can hide under. scary movie night

Credit to hairsoutofplace.com

Picture Balloons

To make this gift, you’ll need quite a few balloons and pictures that contain important memories to you both. You can use as many balloons and pictures as you desire! Ideally, you should use red or white balloons to signify Valentine’s Day and then tape the pictures to the bottom of the balloons. You can put them in a room and surprise him when he walks into it. picture balloons

Credit to hairsoutofplace.com

Fruit Printables

These cute fruit printables are a cheap Valentines Day gift for him you can surprise your man with. You’ll find cute fruit puns and sayings like “I’m Bananas About You” or “Like Peas and Carrots.” Each of these printables also contains a hand-drawn illustration on them which adds even more to their uniqueness and is sure to make him smile. fruit printables

Credit to todaywedate.com

You and Me Mug

This mug has a special message written across the front – “You and Me = Heart.” It’s a simple gift to invest in and can be used often by your husband or boyfriend so he always knows you love and are thinking of him. You can also attach some of his favorite coffee or drink mixes to it which he can use in the mug. you and me mug

Credit to etsy.com

Remember When

This meaningful gift is similar to a message in a bottle, but a little different. You’ll need some paper, red ribbon, sand, and a tilted glass jar (like a succulent holder). Take the paper and cut it into small pieces leaving enough room for you to write memories on each piece. Once you do, roll the paper up, and tie it together with a piece of the red ribbon. After filling the jar with a little bit of sand, you can place each note inside. remember when

Credit to pinterest.com

Only Have Eyes for You

If you’re looking to try out your creative side for Valentine’s Day, you can try making this gift. You can get a piece of cardstock and then write in a fancy script (or print it off the computer) “I Only Have Eyes for You.” You can then glue some googly eyes to the front and write a note inside for the recipient. only have eyes for you

Credit to pinterest.com

A New Watch

While this might be a little pricey, it’s a great gift to give your guy if he enjoys watches. You can get him a new watch and then attach a note to the inside of the box the watch comes in – “After All This Time I Still Love You.” It’s a surprise gift with a touching (and clever) note inside. a new watch

Credit to pinterest.com

New Shoes

If your Mr. Right is on the search for some new shoes or you want to add to his collection, you can consider this gift. You can get him shoes he’s been looking for and then write in the shoebox – “Ever Since You Walked Into My Life…” and complete the phrase with something that your guy has changed in your life for the better. New Shoes

Credit to pinterest.com

Life Without You is Unbearable

It is quite simple for you to get a pack of gummy bears and then write or attach a note to the top – “Life Without You is UnBEARable.” It’s a simple gift that’s sure to delight his sweet tooth. Instead of using gummi bears, you can find a different form of something with “bear” in it. You can also buy a stuffed bear to give him. life without you is unbearable

Credit buzzfeed.com

Donut Know

Almost everyone loves donuts making this a great Valentine’s Day gift to give your man. You can buy a box of his favorite donuts and then write in colorful letters across the top “I Donut Know What I’d Do Without You.” When he opens the box to get one of these delicious treats, he’ll be surprised by the thoughtful message. Donut Know

Credit to pinterest.com

Why I Love You Rocks

You’ll need some clean rocks and a glass jar for this gift. You can write on each rock a reason why you love your guy. To do this, you can use a Sharpie or a similar crafting pen which usually come in different colors. After writing the reasons, place each rock in the jar. You can then give the collection to him and he can take a rock out to read different reasons why you love him. why i love you rocks

Credit to decor10blog.com

Is This Too Cheesy?

Sometimes making dinner on Valentine’s Day can be a hassle and if you don’t feel like going out, it can be even more daunting. To fix this, you can order a pizza or make one yourself. You can then write a note in the pizza box or to the side – “Will You Be or Valentine or is This Too Cheesy?” is this too cheesy

Credit to pinterest.com


This might a little bit of time and effort, but it’s certainly worth it. You can buy a scrapbook and create a collage filled with your memories and tokens of things that mean a lot to you and your boyfriend or husband. You can use your imagination as to what the themes should be or how the entire book is designed. scrapbook

Credit society19.com

I Carry Your Heart with Me

It is meaningful to get this thoughtful necklace to give your guy. It comes in two pieces – a heart and a piece with a heart shape taken out of it. Engraved into it “I Carry Your Heart with Me.” He can carry around this piece with him to remind him that you love him and you can keep another piece to remind yourself how much he means to you. i carry your heart with you

Credit to etsy.com

His and Hers Mugs

These two mugs can be used by both you and him. One mug says “His” which you can give to your husband or boyfriend and the other says “Hers” which you can use. These matching mugs will be a fun addition to have to your living space and are sure to make him smile when you gift him with them. his and hers mugs

Credit to etsy.com

Personalized Wallet

You can buy this personalized wallet made out of smooth leather for your man. It contains quite a few different slots in it so he can keep his money and credit cards safe inside. You can also have is customized so his name or a special date is written across the front to make this gift even more personalized. personalized wallet

Credit to etsy.com

Picture Wood Canvas

This wood canvas will display a special photo of you and your love on a smooth wood pallet. This gift has a slight rustic look and is a creative gift to give your man that’s sure to surprise him. You can hang it up in your room and in an area that you both can look at it often and think about each other. picture wood canvas

Credit to etsy.com

Sound Wave Picture

If you’re looking for a unique and touching gift to give your husband or boyfriend, you’ll want to check this one out. You can say a special phrase (like his name, “I Love You,” or something else that means a lot to you both) and have a sound wave of it printed and framed. You can also have the colors customized so it fits perfectly to your needs. sound wave picture

Credit to etsy.com

Personalized Socks

This pack of socks is great for him to wear to the office or just around the house. Created out of comfortable cotton, these socks come in a choice of either black or gray. You can then have five different phrases printed on each pair of socks. You can choose to have his name on them or something that he’ll laugh at. It’s a great personal gift to give him that he can use often. personalized socks

Credit to uncommongoods.com

Beard Comb

This compact beard comb is made out of smooth and durable sandalwood. It comes with two sides of different teeth: coarse and fine. If the recipient wants to take it with him while on the go, it also comes with a travel pouch. While a small gift, it’s definitely one that he’ll enjoy, especially if he has an impressive beard.

Knock Knock Love Journal

This journal contains different phrases with blanks you can fill in depending on your husband or boyfriend. For instance, you’ll find things like “You deserve the ____ award” or “You have the greatest _____.” You can fill in these blanks with the appropriate word or phrase that best describes your love. After filling them all in, you can hand it to him and watch him laugh or get a bit teary-eyed over what you have written.

Barnett’s Chocolate Cookie Box

If he has a sweet tooth, you should check out this scrumptious box. Filled with over 12 different chocolate cookie flavors and topped with various fruits and other unique toppings, these cookie sandwiches are sure to please him. They are made out of artisan chocolate and come at a pretty affordable price so you can easily surprise him with it.

Little Moments of Love Book

This funny yet thoughtful book is filled with various comics that depict common situations in relationships. You’ll find everyday scenarios you can relate to, like arguments or humorous situations. You can give your husband or boyfriend this book and read it with him while laughing or relating to the different scenes drawn. It’s a great gift to give that will also help you to spend a little extra time with the one you love. If he is absolutely a bookworm, find more interesting gifts for him here…

Pixel Heart Mug

If you’re looking for cute Valentines gifts for him to consider, this is one you should check out. This Pixel Heart Mug depicts a black pixel heart on the front of it. However, when warm liquid is poured inside the mug, the heart slowly turns from black to red! It’s sure to surprise and be a hit with the recipient when he gets it.

Massive Hershey Kiss

For the chocolate lover in your life, this massive Hershey Kiss is sure to please them. Weighing over 7 oz., this dense chocolate kiss depicts these popular candies but in a much larger size. It’s wrapped up in foil and contains the iconic Hershey Kiss tag on the side so the recipient can have fun while unwrapping it before eating some.

Victorinox Cologne

If your man enjoys cologne, this is one type you should consider gifting him with. The Victorinox Cologne comes in a 3.4 oz. bottle and has a very faint woodsy scent. This means while you’re able to smell the scent, it won’t be extremely strong like some similar colognes can get. It’s mixed with a special formula to help achieve this.

GPS Bracelet

This customizable bracelet is a great gift to give your husband or boyfriend. Made out of leather and brass, you can have a special set of coordinates engraved on the leather. This could be the place where you first met, kissed, or any other special occasion in your lives. It’s a very sleek bracelet so it won’t be too large for him to wear and comes with a stunning brass clasp on the back. GPS bracelet

Credit to etsy.com

Wood Stand

If your boyfriend has trouble keeping important items together, like his phone or keys, this wood stand is a great gift to consider. Constructed out of a durable wood, it contains special slots where he can place his keys, credit cards, or watch on. There’s even a phone stand which he can plug his charger into so his phone can charge in one spot. Better yet, you can have this customized so his initials are engraved into the wood. wood stand

Credit to personalcreations.com

Plush Robe

For those who want to help their boyfriend or husband relax, this plush robe is a great gift to give. Made out of a plush microfiber material, the robe comes in various colors and sizes so you can find one that will fit his needs perfectly. You can also have his name or initials sewn into the front of the robe so this gift is even more personalized. plush robe

Credit to personalcreations.com

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him can be a challenge. However, with the gift ideas and tips listed above, you can be sure you’ll find the right one to give the special man in your life. If you are done with choosing a perfect gift from above, just jump into how-to-wrap-a-gift guide here. Be sure to also consider our top picks. While all of the ideas listed on here are terrific, the top picks are what we consider to be the best of the best.

TOP 20 Valentine’s Gifts for Him On Amazon

Landmass Scratch Off World Map Poster

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B06XPPQQB9&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideascorner 20ir?t=giftideascorner 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B06XPPQQB9

If your guy has a chronic case of wanderlust, this map will be a perfect way to document all his travels. Each time he visits a new country, he can scratch off its place on the map to reveal a colorful background and a fun fact about the area. It’s a fantastic way to remind him of all of his vacation spots.

BUBM Electronics Accessories Organizer

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01I9I201Q&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideascorner 20ir?t=giftideascorner 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01I9I201Q

Many guys can be pack rats when it comes to electronics; pretty soon the tangle of wires leads to a frustrating afternoon of unknotting with plenty of destroyed chargers and headphones. Save him a headache with the travel cord roll. Whether it’s to store his cords or have them travel safely, this stylish travel roll will have every type of cord in an individual slot and right at his fingertips.

SmartElite Bluetooth 4.0 Tracking Device

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B075QF7WYZ&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideascorner 20ir?t=giftideascorner 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B075QF7WYZ

Everyone can understand the dread that comes when misplacing keys. Take a little stress off his mind by buying him this Bluetooth Tracking Tag. With its rosewood finish and companion app, it looks stylish and ensures you never lose sight of it-at least for too long.

Safe/Clean Grill Brush

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01MYC1C2D&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideascorner 20ir?t=giftideascorner 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01MYC1C2D

This is a gift that will keep on giving. On those warm summer evenings, nothing can be better for a guy than to man the grill with his favorite seasoning and a slab of meat. But he also knows how important a clean grill is to both fire safety and taste, so he’ll reach for his cleaning tool.

Recently, the dangers of bristle brushes have been receiving sustained attention (bristle wires can fall off, get caught in the meat, and end up in your mouth without you knowing it, leading to serious stomach problems later). Give your man peace of mind with this bristle free grill brush. The springs contour to any grill shape, making clean up a breeze and keeping the grill ready to go as soon as you are.

RAK Magnetic Wristband (1 Pack) with Strong Magnets for Holding Screws, Nails, Drill Bits

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01HRCU3SW&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideascorner 20ir?t=giftideascorner 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01HRCU3SW

Anyone that has ever put together furniture or tried to hang a picture can tell you of the pain it is to hold on to and keep track of all your materials. The magnetic wristbands solve this problem with the incredibly strong magnets inserted into the band. This product is a “one size fits most” and can hold more than one item at a time, making it an ideal auxiliary tool for any project.

VAPSINT Original 2 Set Kitchen Paw BBQ Handler Pulled Pork Meat Shredder Bear Claws

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01EL4YORU&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideascorner 20ir?t=giftideascorner 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01EL4YORU

If your man’s gone through the trouble of making some delicious BBQ, why not make his job a little easier with these Pulled Pork Shredder Claws? The grips fit most hands, and the tongs are a heat-resistant, superior quality polymer that ensures nothing will break or burn. Your pulled pork sandwich is that much closer when you get your special guy these.

Secondlifeforvinyl Eco-Friendly Batman Vinyl Wall Clock

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B018OEQU52&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideascorner 20ir?t=giftideascorner 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B018OEQU52

For the superhero in your life, why not give him a little wall décor for his man cave? This clock adds a flare of the fantastic to any room without being too distracting.

10 in 1 Professional Survival Kit Outdoor Travel Hike Field Camp Emergency Kits by Brand: EDC GEARS

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01MYPS8Z9&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideascorner 20ir?t=giftideascorner 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01MYPS8Z9

If your guy is an outdoor enthusiast, this next gift is a must. Its small size and light weight seems unreal when you consider it contains a folding knife, paracord bracelet, emergency blanket, fire starter, flashlight, whistle, tactical pen, and much more. It fits easily into a backpack, and its case is waterproof, making it an ideal addition to any outdoor excursion.

Evelots Potty Golf Game Novelty (6 Piece)

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00OS8JE2K&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=giftideascorner 20ir?t=giftideascorner 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B00OS8JE2K

The bathroom can be a scared, quiet place for a guy so why not give him something to entertaining to play with while he’s in there? This novelty gift wraps around the toilet base to simulate a golf green and comes with its putter, ball, and cup.

1Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife #1 Best Wallet Knife 100%

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Even regular pocket knives can be a bit bulky and cumbersome. The folding credit card knife allows for discrete storage in most wallets and unfolds into a durable blade. This is a must if your man fancies himself a minimalist.

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

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For the thinker in your life, this fun read will get his gears grinding as he puzzles out scientifically sound answers to ridiculous scenarios. At least it will give you a few hours break from all his crazy hypotheticals!

BABAN Deluxe Steampunk Watch Mens Vintage Watch Movement Shape Cufflinks With Elegant Storage Display Box

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For all your Dapper Dans, these accessories will really tie their outfits together. Whether it’s for a formal party or celebratory dinner, your guy will look fantastic with these.

Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multi-Tool

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Not many things make a man’s heart as happy as an all-in-one tool. This little gadget, as its name suggests, can write, tighten, level, and measure with zero hassle. Its aluminum structure will also ensure durability, and its compact size allows it to fit nicely in his pocket.

Silicone Wedding Ring by HonorGear

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If your guy’s the type to constantly work with his hands, this might be just what he needs; when working with any type of machinery, jewelry is dangerous. A simple wedding band can result in a lost finger. But with these silicone rings, you can claim your man without putting him at risk.

Vbiger Beard Hat Beanie Hat Knit Hat Winter Warm Octopus Hat Windproof Funny for Men & Women

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Things might still be chilly, but your goofy guy will keep you warm from laughing with this novelty beanie. The head fits over the face with eye holes cult, and the fabric has been drooped over the front to give the illusion of a beard. Besides its fun goofiness, it will actually keep your man’s face warm.

Socksmith Mens’ King Size Novelty Crew Socks “Bigfoot”

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For the true believers out there, let them carry this stitching of Bigfoot with them where ever they go. Soon, sightings of Bigfoot will abound whenever they go out and about. These socks will fit sizes 10-13)

Hamilton Beach 25478 Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer

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Make clean up a breeze with this all in one breakfast sandwich maker. Toast a bagel, scramble an egg, and fry a slice a ham all at once. A nice hot meal in the early morning doesn’t have to be a novelty with this gift.

Skonzig Single, Double Camping Hammock

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Let your guy take a load off anywhere he pleases with this portable hammock. Now naptime is anytime and anywhere with this nylon hammocks parachute nylon ropes and solid carabiners.

Man’s Search For Meaning, Gift Edition

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For the philosopher in your life, this book will help him delve into the purpose of life and the psychological need for fulfillment. You may even end up with a better man after he reads this book.

Guardman Key Knife

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This discrete knife folds up into a key that will fit onto any key ring. It comes with a straight blade, a saw blade, and a can opener for whatever need may arise. Many have cited this gift as a reliable source of self-defense and swear by its efficacy. If you have a guy that is in an unwelcoming environment often, this might be just the gift for him.

Creative DIY Valentines Day Gifts For Him


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