50 + Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards | Homemade Valentines 2019

Get creatively intimate this Valentine’s day and make an adorable card for your Valentine. We’ve collected the most adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Card ideas for your perfect Valentine.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for most couples. You do get to show love to your partners every single day, but on Valentine’s Day, you prefer to make it extra special. You buy the perfect gifts for your loved one, and a card to compliment it all. Here are 50+ DIY Valentine’s Day Card ideas for you, to add a little sparkle. It’s easy to go fetch a ready-made card from the nearest store. But guess what is more intimate and lovely a DIY Valentine’s Day card. It not only shows how much you love them but also displays the physical effort you put into a card to express yourself to your loved one.

DIY Valentine Day Cards For Kids

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Since you’re the DIY master of your Valentine’s Day card when you make this card, make sure it is personal, simple but intense and impacts your lover emotionally. It could also be clever to add some puns to the card and make it all adorable. You could model the card based on your partner’s interest such as Food, Cooking, gaming, football, basketball, makeup, pets, cars, their profession and so on.

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 1. Cut Out Simple Card

Cut Out Simple Card

Credit: splitcoaststampers

 This DIY Valentine’s Day card is simple yet innovative. You can use different types of papers, prints, ribbons, glitter, confetti, beads, and other items to beautify this type of card. Cut out different shapes, or simple heart shapes with different pattern papers and adds a little ribbon, some shimmer, and a cute little romantic text. This could also be helpful in case you forgot to get a card before, for a last minute quickie. Just grab some cute papers, scissors, and glue, ta-da!

2. GoldFish Crackers Card

GoldFish Crackers Card

Credit: frugalcouponliving

This DIY Valentine’s Day card is the most adorable card and snack you’d ever give to a foodie who loves crackers. All you gotta do is take a plastic bag, maybe a Ziploc and fill it in with some Goldfish crackers. Take a pretty piece of paper labeled “I’M HOOKED ON YOU’’ on the front and write your heart out to your lovely valentine.

3. Pencil Arrow Card

Pencil Arrow Card

Credit: thehomesihavemade

Perfect for your crush or girlfriend/boyfriend at school. All you need is an adorable pencil, some chart papers, a rubber band, scissors and glue. Cut out the chart paper in the shape of an arrow. Line the sides with a contrast color and write your love note. Poke holes into the chart paper two at the top and two at the bottom so you could put the rubber band through it. The rubber bands will hold the pencil in place.

Give it to your lover at school and make their day!

4. Optometrist/ Eye Doctor Card

Optometrist/ Eye Doctor Card

Credit: nobiggie

This card is so innovative and adorable at the same time. If your lover is in the eye business this will perk them up! All you need to do is get a plain, white paper and write as if it’s an eye chart. “I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU”. It is such a sweet card and will overwhelm your lover.

5. Car Lover Card

Car Lover Card

Credit: redbookmag

We have something here for all the car lover boyfriends or even girlfriends who love to collect toy cars. This Valentines, make it special by making this mind-blowing DIY Valentine’s Day card for your auto lover. Buy a toy car that your lover doesn’t already have, or would love to add to their collection. Take a hard cardboard paper and poke holes into it. Place the car on top of this cardboard paper so that you can hold it in place using a rope or a ribbon inserted through the holes. Write a little love note saying, “You Make My Heart Race!” There is not a single chance of not loving this card! Here are a card and a gift, two in one.

6. Simple Yet Adorable Card

Simple Yet Adorable Card

Credit: nobiggie

If you wanna keep your DIY Valentines Day card simple and elegant yet adorable, this is the best option for you. Grab some white paper, a plastic bag, glue, scissors, and some cute heart-shaped confetti. Pour the confetti into the plastic bag, now place the plastic bag over the chart paper so that it covers some rectangular or square area. Now glue the sealed bag of confetti down on the paper. Next, take a different white paper and cut out the outline to hide the corners of the plastic bag. Glue it over and ta-da, your card is ready! Fill it in with some lovely words for your lover to make their day.

7. Sprinkled Donuts Card

Sprinkled Donuts Card

Credit: sugarandcharm

Who doesn’t like Donuts? If your lover is a donut freak! This one’s for you. Place a sprinkled donut in a plastic wrap and seal using a ribbon. Attach a little card to the ribbon that says, “Sprinkled with love”, or “I’m donuts over you”. This will surely make their day!

8. Creative Tag Cards

Creative Tag Cards

Credit: confettiofficial

Here’s the best DIY Valentines Day Ideas, unique and cute. You would require some things for this, such as matchsticks a toy car, a toy maze, a few candles a key or a playing card. You could do all the ideas at once, or just one perfect idea of your choice.

9. Snack Lover

Snack Lover

Credit: meetpenny

For snack lovers, this will be the perfect treat attached to a lovely note on a card. Grab your lovers favorite snack from the store and get ready to present this delicious DIY Valentines Day Card to your partner and win their heart!

10. You’re my Caffeine

You’re my Caffeine

Credit: giftcards

For all the coffee lovers out there, here’s a cute, coffee-delicious DIY Valentines Day Card idea. Make a coffee cup shaped card and add some coffee related labels on them, such as, “You MOCHA me very happy”, “I like you a LATTE”. It’s guaranteed your caffeine addict sweetie will love it.

11. You’re Out Of This World

You’re Out Of This World

Credit: freetimefrolics

This is so adorable, you’d have to try this. All you need is a chart paper, marker, some glue, and a tennis ball so that you could turn it into a planet. Glue it over the paper and leave a little, “You’re out of this World” note on it.

12. Army Man Card

Army Man Card

Credit: loveandmarriageblog

Is your lover into some army obsession? Grab an army man from the toys, tape it down on a chart paper card and scribble down your love notes. The front could have a label saying, “LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD”, or “I’LL ALWAYS BE YOUR SOLDIER”. Ain’t that cute?

13. Pokemon Pikachoose You Valentine Card

Pokemon Pikachoose You Valentine Card

Credit: happyamesfamily

We all love Pikachu, of course. And here’s a little something for our Pokemon fans. Draw or paste a print photo of Pikachu on your card. Use a marker to write, “I PIKACHOOSE YOU, VALENTINE” on the front. The easiest adorable card for your bae.



Credit: pinterest

This is such an easy, last minute craft for him and her. Just draw a donut, color in and voila, your Valentines Day DIY card is ready!

15. Watercolor Ombre Hearts Card

Watercolor Ombre Hearts Card

Credit: kwernerdesign

This looks so gorgeous, all you need is a little bit of painting skills to create ombre hearts all over a paper. Write out love notes on a single heart, or on all hearts individually.

16. A Watch

A Watch

Credit: sosohappy

This has to be the cutest thing you could think of when you’re looking for a DIY Valentines Day Card and Gift for him/her. But gift them a watch put a hearty note beside it and enjoy watching their reaction.

17. Pop Up Hot Air Balloon Card

Pop Up Hot Air Balloon Card

Credit: nobiggie

Pop up cards are always adorable. For this one, all you have to do is cut out four hearts. Paste them on to the paper in pairs in such a way that they pop out and look like hot air balloons. Lastly, use a pen to make a basket below the balloon and jot down some love poems onto the card.

18. 12 in 1, DIY Valentines Day Card

12 in 1, DIY Valentines Day Card

Credit: jane

Some samples for your card front that are absolutely updated and cute. You could make it up into a single card, or pick your favorite design to be your front page. Express your heart out to the love of your life.

19. Envelopes and Confetti

Envelopes and Confetti

Credit: etsy

This card requires a bit of hard work but is the best card for writers. Writers can never have enough space to express their feelings and this card is perfect for them. They can add short notes in these tiny envelopes and then fill them up with confetti.

20. Harry Potter DIY Valentines Day Card

Harry Potter DIY Valentines Day Card

credit: loveandlion 

We’re all a bunch of Potterheads, the obsession never goes away! This card is for your Potterhead Valentine! You could also change the decor based on the Houses.

21. Harry Potter Sorting Hat DIY Valentines Day Card

Harry Potter Sorting Hat DIY Valentines Day Card

Credit: Etsy

Another amazing choice for the Potterheads to express their love in the cutest way possible. Draw the sorting hat on a plain white card and write, “The Sorting Hat Said I Belong With You”. Your boo would love it, make sure you serve them some butterbeer later.

22. Explosion Box – Creative Album and DIY Cards

Life is too busy, and work routine is too hectic to make out time for shopping. Here are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift box and DIY card set to make this day special for you and your partner. You can place a watch for your boyfriend/husband or a ring for your girlfriend/wife.P lace all of your favorite photos of yourselves in the photo album. Use the DIY it and make the Valentines Day surprise magical for your loved one. This piece isn’t just easy and affordable but is also simple yet touching. It’s a full gift and card set that will bring your Valentine to tears!

23. Matching Rings Hidden in a Card

The matching rings that read, “Two Shall Be As One, Always Protect, Always Trust, Always Love.” Rings are one of the greatest gifts one could ever give and receive. They show how proud you are to belong to someone. It shows your pure intentions of commitment and trust, and how you’re not afraid to show the world how much you love your partner by wearing the ring. How exciting would it be to watch your partners reaction as soon as they open the card and find the rings attached to it?

24. DIY Paper Airplane Card

DIY Paper Airplane Card

Credit: blogspot

This is such a creative and fun way of expressing your love to someone on Valentines Day. It’s perfect for your high school sweetheart! In fact, it’s perfect for a fun play at home, in general. Make a paper airplane and draw or paste a cutout heart on to the plane wings. Write your love scribbles on the wings of the airplane. It might remind your love of their happy teenhood memories.

25. Reasons I Love You, Checklist Card,

Reasons I Love You Checklist Card

Credit: Pinterest

This is the cutest card you could give to your significant other this Valentines Day. Remind them of all the reasons that make you love them so much. Make a checklist on the front, and fill the inside with hearty long paragraphs to make their day!

26. Bear Valentines Card

Bear Valentines CardCredit: Pinterest

Bears are so precious and lovable! Here’s a card for your sweetheart partner bear that you can make in a quickie. All you need is a marker, carefully draw two bears with their noses touching, like Eskimo kisses. Draw a heart above their noses and write something cute below and inside.

27. Flirty Octopus Card

Flirty Octopus Card

Credit: Etsy

This is cute, flirty and easy to make. Just draw an octopus on a plain card, color it in. Now add text, “I Wish I Was An Octopus, So I Would Have 8 Arms To Touch Your Butt With.” This is the cutest pickupp line ever.

28. Appreciation Quote Frame Card

Appreciation Quote Frame Card

Credit: Pinterest

Hanging wall frames are the best gift ever, they’re always on the wall as a beautiful memory of love. They not only brighten up your mood when you read them but also add up to the overall beauty of your home decor. This Valentine’s Day write a poem for your lover and frame it up so they can cherish it forever

29. Match Box Card Ideas

Match Box Card Ideas

Credit: Pinterest

Found some empty matchboxes lying around, here’s how you can use them this Summer. Isn’t it beautiful, the idea in the photo? It’s a must try, it’s so small and adorable.

30. A Card And A Pair Of Their Favorite Shoes

A Card And A Pair Of Their Favorite Shoes

Credit: Pinterest

‘’Good shoes take you good places”, and in fact, you walked into your lover’s life wearing a pair of good shoes. So why not gift them a pair of their favorite shoes or shoes on their wish list. Make sure the shoes are placed in a pretty box so that you can write your love notes or paragraphs on that box. What a shoe-tastic idea!

31. Periodic Table Chemistry Valentines Day Card

Periodic Table Chemistry Valentines Day Card

You can make some great, flirty puns out of the periodic table symbols. Such as the Happy Valentine’s Day Card here. Some explosive chemicals could make up a “U Ar Cu Te” Valentine’s Day Card. Or maybe an adorable “ I Lu V Y O U”, “He Y Ba B Y” or “ Be M I Ne” card. For any Chemistry geek, this card would be a good laugh and will certainly make them genuinely happy. They’d feel good to know that you are highly appreciative of their love for Chemistry.

32. Chocolate Bar DIY Valentines Day Card

Chocolate Bar DIY Valentines Day Card

Credit: theshoppingduck

This has to be my most favorite DIY so far. The way you can use candies, chocolates or snacks and their NAMES into writing a love note for your lover has to be the cutest and most appealing thing ever. There’s no way your Valentine wouldn’t melt in your arms just like chocolate in your arms after reading this and being shocked at your extra effort. If your relationship is that extra special makes sure you put in that extra effort this Valentine’s Day and give this card to your sweetheart!

33. Cheeky To Do List Valentine’s Day Card

Cheeky To Do List Valentine’s Day Card

Credit: Etsy

You can get this card at Etsy or just take inspiration from it and DIY it. It’s pretty simple all you gotta do is jot some words down on a plain paper with a marker. This is cute, flirty and cheeky, a good way to slightly turn on your husband/boyfriend, wife/girlfriend this Valentines Day.

34. Nerdy Statistics Valentine’s Day Card

Nerdy Statistics Valentine’s Day Card

Credit: tradicnikloub

Tell your stat nerd how adorable they are and how you can never reject or ignore them.

35. Naughty Coffee Lover Valentine’s Day Card

Naughty Coffee Lover Valentine’s Day Card

Credit: Etsy

Be a little more naughty tonight, and tell your lover how they’re your caffeine and you constantly want them just like you constantly feel the dire need to consume coffee. This will have your lover go crazy in the hormones. Make sure you add up a little more naughty talk inside the card to have them drooling for you.

36. Weed DIY Valentines Day Card

Weed DIY Valentines Day Card

Credit: tradicnikloub

Are you both freaks in the relationship? Get high this Valentine’s Day with your blunt partner and get ready for some memorable lovemaking. What’s better than a kinky couple on the 14th of February.

37. Lego Lover DIY Valentines Day Card + Printables

Lego Lover DIY Valentines Day Card + Printables

Credit: teacherspayteachers

We all love Lego, and here’s a little something creative for Lego fans. Draw or print out the printables. Make sure your Valentine knows that you love them too much, it’s so much that you’d step on a Lego for them. Ouch!

38. Jar Of Hearts DIY Valentine’s Day Card

Jar Of Hearts DIY Valentine’s Day Card

Credit: countryliving

This is so simple yet pretty. All you need to do is get a plain paper, draw a jar on it, cut out some tiny, colored hearts and glue them into the jar. The simpler it is, the more adorable it looks.

39. Polka Hearts Simple DIY Valentines Day Card

Polka Hearts Simple DIY Valentines Day Card

Credit: cottonandflax

Simple and beautiful, make sure you spill your heart out in the love notes you write inside this card.

40. Valentines Day Love Coupon Cards

Valentines Day Love Coupon Cards

Credit: Etsy

This idea is such a turn on, you could simply place the coupons around the room or the house in noticeable areas so that your lover would wake up on the Valentines Day and get overwhelmed to find the coupons lying around. This sure is a heart-winning idea!

41. 52 Thing I Love About You

52 Thing I Love About You

Credit: visualheart

This is the most thoughtful, energy and time-consuming card/gift ever. But this is so pure and so beautiful, it’s an absolute dream Valentines Day Card/Gift. If you’re madly in love with your Valentine go ahead and try this out, trust me, you’d have their heart forever.

42. Proposal Valentines Day Card

Proposal Valentines Day Card

Credit: bridalmusings

Tell them how bad you want to be with them and finally want to make them your lawful spouse. This is simple, but it speaks to the heart.

43. My World DIY Valentines Day Card

My World DIY Valentines Day Card

Credit: hobbycraft

Grab a World map and cut it into a heart, paste it over a plain paper and let the love of your life know what they mean to you, “You’re My World”.

44. Lollipop Lover Card

Lollipop Lover Card

Credit: beneathmyheart

Easy last minute DIY card idea that is adorable.

45. Foodie Card & Necklace

Foodie Card & Necklace

Credit: studiodiy

Give your foodie partner a matching necklace and a flirtatious, foodie pun card.

46. Valentines Day Card

Orgasms Valentines Day Card

Credit: cosmopolitan

Let’s be dirty this Valentines Day 😉

47. Reasons To Love Sticky Notes

Reasons To Love Sticky Notes

Credit: prudentpennypincher

Surprise your boo with a bundle of amazing, heart melting sticky notes.

48. Game Lover Valentines Day Card

Game Lover Valentines Day Card

Credit: pinterest

You can do many variations of this card for your gamer Valentine and let them know how they turn you on.

49. Rubik’s Cube Valentines Day Card

Rubik’s Cube Valentines Day Card

Credit: darlingdarleen

50. Haribo Bear Card

Haribo Bear Card

Credit: creatingreallyawesomefreethings

Haribos are to die for, guess how amused and happy your Valentine would be to receive something this tasty! Also, make sure you remind them how you love the taste of Haribos but it’s nothing compared to the taste of their lips. 😉

51. Tobacco Lover

Tobacco Lover

Credit: eslamoda

Is your Valentine a smoker? Here’s how you can tell them you love them. Trust me, they’ll be fascinated.

52. You Make My Heart Pop, Card with Pop Tarts

You Make My Heart Pop, Card with Pop Tarts

Credit: bloomdesignsonline

This is so adorable and yummy. Would met someone’s heart in 0.002 seconds.

53. Kinky Couple Valentines Day Card

Kinky Couple Valentines Day Card

Tell them how thankful you are for their existence and that you love them and are thankful for the fact that they let you have the pleasure to make love to them.


Gifts and cards are a way to show how we love and appreciate our loved ones. Making handmade cards are rare these days, most people prefer to buy a card from the store because it’s that simple. But guess what’s more intimate, romantic and expressive? Yes, a card you made all on your own. It expresses your enthusiasm towards the relationship and how you’re willing to put in effort into the little things. Because a little goes a long way!

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