Top 50+ Going Away Gifts For Friends & Coworkers 2021

Discovering someone you love or admire is moving or traveling far away can be hard. You might not be able to see or talk with them for a while which can put a strain on your relationship. One way to help ensure this relationship stays strong is to get them a going-away gift. You’ll find plenty of unique options you can gift the person with so they remember that you care for them. If you’re on the search for some great going away gifts to give, keep reading. You’ll find some of the top ones for various categories below.

Why Buy or Make a Going Away Gift?

So, why should you buy or make a going away gift? What’s the point? To put it simply, going away gifts are just a way to help show your appreciation for someone or thank them for their service. You can make a gift or buy one and personalize it. No matter what you get, you can be sure that the recipient will be touched by it.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Going Away Gift

To make sure you buy the perfect going away gift, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Below are some things to consider before you buy one.

Their Needs

One of the best ways to help ensure you buy the perfect going away gift is to consider the recipient’s needs. Do they need something to make them smile? Do they need something practical to use? Keeping these things in mind can help to make sure you get the right gift for them.

Their Likes

Another thing to consider before buying a going away gift is the person’s likes. Do they enjoy sports? Coffee? A day at the spa? These are just a few things to keep in mind to help you narrow down your search.

A Price Range

It can be easy to go overboard when it comes to buying gifts. Because of this, it’s a good idea to set a price range. This way, you can limit your search while staying in your desired budget. A set price range can also help to keep things less stressful because you’ll have a clear plan in what to look for.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Gift for Going Away

Our top pick for the best overall going away gift is the Friendship Lamp. While a little pricey, these devices will keep you close to the recipient even when you’re miles away. You’ll find them in many different styles so you can pick the perfect one that matches both of your needs.

Best Gift for Boyfriend

Our pick for the best gift for boyfriend is the Open When Letters. It might take some time to make, but it’s a touching gift that’s sure to make him happy.

Best Coworker Gift

Learning a coworker you enjoy working with is leaving can be difficult. To show you enjoyed working with them, you can give them our top pick for the best coworker gift – the Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers mug. It’s a nice way to bring a smile to their face.

Best Gift for Girlfriend

Our pick for the best gift for girlfriend is the Reasons Why I Love You collection. This is not only heartwarming, but can help her to remember you love her when she’s feeling lonely.

Best Gift for College Students

Moving away to college can be tough, but with the College Survival Kit it doesn’t have to be. As our top pick, the College Survival Kit will ensure that the recipient has everything they need to get through college.

Best Gift for Teachers

Seeing a favorite teacher leave can be hard, which is why you want to give them the best gift to show your appreciation. Our top pick for this is the Forget-Me-Not card. You can buy a card, write a quick note inside, and then stick a packet of forget-me-not seeds in it.

Best Gifts for Military

If you’re looking for the best gift for someone who is deployed in the military, you’ll want to look at the Twist Tie Blanket. This gift is not only easy to personalize, but can help to keep them warm.

Best Gift for DIYers

Our top pick for those who prefer to go the DIY route is the Picture Collage. This is not only simple to make, but is a thoughtful gift to give a close friend or relative who might be moving away.

Best Going Away Gifts

1. I’ll Miss You Candle

I Miss Your Face Candle

image credit:

This fun candle will help the recipient remember you’re thinking of them every time they light it up. On the front of the candle you’ll find a beautiful label with “I Miss You and Your Face” written across it. You’ll find that these candles come in numerous scents so you can find one that fits their preferences perfectly. It’s a great gift to give for those who have just moved into a new home or apartment.

2. Friendship Necklace

Friendship Necklace

image credit:

If you’re looking to find a sentimental gift to give to your friend, this is one you’ll want to check out. This necklace contains the state or area you both live in so you can stay close together even though you’re far apart. These customizable necklaces come in different styles so you and your friend can find the right one for your needs.

3. Quote Box

Quote Box

image credit:

You can get a small box and fill it up with quotes showing how you’ll miss the recipient. You can write them down on colorful paper and roll them up so they can pick one and be surprised with what each note says. It’s a nice handmade gift to make that will show the recipient you’ll miss them and are always thinking of them.

4. Friendship Lamp

Friendship Lamp

A friendship lamp is a great gift to give if you don’t mind investing a bit in a gift. A friendship lamp tends to come in a pack of two and you can connect them together so that they turn on or off at the same time. This can keep you and your friend connected without having to actually be near each other.

5. Coordinate Rings

Coordinate Rings

image credit:

These pieces of jewelry are a nice way to help keep you and your friend close together. You can have a ring engraved with the coordinates of where you both live. You can then gift each other with your coordinates so they remember that you’re always with them. It’s a nice and simple gift to give that means a lot.

Going Away Gifts for Boyfriend

1. Heart Chocolates

Heart Chocolates

image credit:

Most boyfriends enjoy eating chocolate, and if you know yours does, this is a great gift to give. Inside the chocolate box is a large chocolate piece in the middle with icing spelling out “I miss you.” Surrounding this piece are small chocolate hearts to add a nice look. It’s a delicious way to show your boyfriend that you miss and love him.

2. Miss You to Pieces

Miss You to Pieces

If your significant other has a sweet tooth, this just might be the perfect going away gift to give him. You can get a mason jar and fill it up with small chocolate candy pieces. You can then create a label on the front saying that you’ll “miss him to pieces.” It’s sure to make him smile while also satisfying his sweet tooth.

3. Night Sky Map

Night Sky Map

image credit:

It can be difficult to be away from your boyfriend, especially at night. This gift though will bring you closer together. This map shows the night sky where you live which you can give to your boyfriend. He can then gaze up at the constellations and stars when he misses you. It’s a sentimental gift to give that’s also quite unique.

4. Open When Letters

Open When Letters

Life can get tough sometimes, and when you’re away from your boyfriend, it can be even harder. To help with this, you can make him some Open When Letters. You can write small notes and stick them inside envelopes and then write on the front when he should open them. For instance, “Open When You Need a Smile” or “Open When You Want to Laugh.”

5. Long Distance Keychain

Long Distance Keychain

image credit:

You can give your boyfriend this thoughtful gift which he can carry around with him no matter where he goes. This keychain’s special message, “I love you more than the miles between us,” is engraved across the front so he remembers that you’re always thinking about him. It’s also pretty compact, so he can keep it around on him without problems.

Going Away Gifts for Coworker

1. Quitting Job Mug

Quitting Job Mug

image credit:

This mug is the perfect gift to give a coworker who is leaving if you’re looking for some laughs. Written across the front is a funny message – “Congrats on Leaving Your Job Without Being Escorted Out of the Building.” It will be a funny way to highlight them retiring or moving to a different job but showing that you’ll miss working with them.

2. Signed Frame

Signed Frame

If you’re looking for something simple yet touching to give, this signed frame might be just the thing. You can get a large frame and a nice piece of paper (or some type of photo) and then have all your coworkers sign it. They can write a nice message for the coworker who is leaving and what they have enjoyed the most about working with them.

3. Won’t Cry, Just Wine

Won’t Cry, Just Wine

To make this gift, you’ll need a bottle of wine. Better yet, check to see what your coworker’s favorite type is to make it even more personalized. After finding the perfect bottle of wine, you can then attach a small tag to it saying how you “Won’t Cry, Just Wine” due to their departure. It’s a great gift to make them smile.

4. Selfie Bouquet

Selfie Bouquet

image credit:

If your coworkers are close, this bouquet might be a good gift to try. You can have your coworkers take a selfie of themselves which you can then attach to wooden sticks and arrange in a vase. You can then add some personal touches to it, like notes about what you’ll miss the most about your coworker or even fill the vase up with your coworkers’ favorite treats.

5. Good Luck Mug

Good Luck Mug

image credit:

If you’re looking for a funny gift to give your coworker, this a great one to try. It’s a simple and hilarious gift to give to your leaving coworker that will surely make them smile. Written across the front is the comedic line “Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers.” It’s a fun gift to give them while also showing that you’ll miss working alongside them.

Going Away Gifts for Girlfriend

1. Survival Kit

Survival Kit

If you’re planning to leave your girlfriend for a bit, you can make her a survival kit so she can manage her time without you. Inside the kit, you can put little gifts you know she’ll love, like candy, cookies, coffee, or socks. You can personalize this kit so she can go to it whenever she needs to think about you.

2. Hug Pillow

Hug Pillow

image credit:

This pillow is the perfect gift to give your girlfriend. You can buy a pre-made pillow with notes written across the front of it like “Hug Me” or create your own. You can also write your own personal note on a pillow you buy. This way, she can hug the pillow whenever she misses you and will make it feel as if you’re close by.

3. Miss You Face Candle

Miss You Face Candle

image credit:

If your significant other loves candles or spa-inspired gifts, this is a great option to give them. This candle has “Miss You and Your Face” written across the front which will help your girlfriend to remember that you’re always thinking of her. In addition to this, the candle comes in numerous scents so you can find one that she’ll enjoy burning.

4. Rose Lamp

Rose Lamp

image credit:

If you’re looking for a romantic and elegant gift for your girlfriend, this is one you’ll want to check out. This lamp features a stunning rose under a glass dome. The rose looks at if it’s floating between sparkling lights and will give any room it’s in a beautiful look. It’s a great gift to show your girlfriend you love and miss her.

5. Reasons Why I Love You

Reasons Why I Love You

image credit:

Being away from your girlfriend can be tough, but with this gift, she can remember all the things you love about her. Created out of a card deck, small notes are written on each card saying why you love her. You can customize each card so it fits perfectly accordingly to your relationship. For instance, “I love it when you cook” or “I love it when you smile.”

Going Away to College Gifts

1. College Survival Kit

College Survival Kit

image credit:

Moving away to college can be difficult for many reasons which is why this college survival kit is ideal. You can get a basket and fill it up with all the essentials the college-goer will need. Some popular options include candy, pens, Band-Aids, and paper. You can fill the basket with things you know the recipient will need and enjoy so it’s customized perfectly to their needs.

2. Pet Pillow

Pet Pillow

image credit:

Many college students enjoy moving to campus, but one of the biggest difficulties is having to leave their beloved pet behind. With this pillow though, their pet can be with them all the time! You can have a customized pillow made in the shape of their pet and with the pet’s picture on it. It’s also made with a soft filling so it will be comfortable to relax on.

3. Coffee Press Mug

Coffee Press Mug

image credit:

Most college students run on coffee, but it can be difficult to find some on short notice sometimes or to find a product to carry enough of it in. This mug is great for coffee lovers because it’s easy to use and perfect for those on the go. You can just fill it up with grounds, pour water into it, and then strain it. It’s that simple.

4. Fold-Up Hamper

Fold-Up Hamper

Doing laundry at college can be a hassle, but thanks to this fold-up hamper, it doesn’t have to be anymore. This compact device can be folded up and put away in a dorm when not in use. When it does come time to use it, it can be pulled out, opened up, and filled with dirty clothing. It’s also easy to move thanks to the handles on the side.

5. Miss You A Latte

Miss You A Latte

image credit:

It can be hard to see someone go off to college, but with this gift, you can show them that you’ll miss them while also being happy for them. You can get a coffee mug or thermos and fill it with coffee-related items, like gift cards to coffee shops, cookies, coffee grounds, and chocolate to enjoy with their coffee. It’s a thoughtful gift to give to any college student.

Going Away Gifts for Teachers

1. Donut Forget Us

Donut Forget Us

Learning a teacher is leaving can be difficult, especially if they’ve left an impact on your life. You can show them your appreciation for their service by giving them this delicious gift. You can get a nice platter and fill with various types of donuts. You can then attach a label to the platter saying “Donut Forget Us” and thanking them for their time.

2. Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile

Many teachers spend countless amounts of time, energy, and money to help ensure their students succeed. You can thank them for this dedication by giving them this gift. You can buy some Extra gum, put it in a nice basket or bag. You can then write a note to put on the top thanking them for “Going the Extra Mile.”

3. We’ll Miss You Art

We’ll Miss You Art

image credit:

If you’re looking for a sentimental and thoughtful gift to give a teacher who is leaving this is a good one to consider. You can get all the students together and have them write a nice note about what they love or will miss the most about their teacher. Alternatively, for lower school grades, you can have them draw pictures on a card to show how much they appreciate them.

4. Forget-Me-Not Card

Forget-Me-Not Card

image credit:

This is a thoughtful gift to give a teacher and one that will have them think of their students forever. You can create a card (or buy one) and write a note inside thanking them for their efforts. You can then attach a pack of forget-me-not flower seeds inside. Your teacher can grow these and think of you when they bloom.

5. Thanks for Helping Me Grow

Thanks for Helping Me Grow

Teachers help countless students grow in many ways. With this gift, you can thank them for their time and service. You can buy a flower pot and fill it with a flower you know the teacher likes. You can then write a short note to attach to it by saying “Thanks for Helping Me Grow.” It’s a simple yet thoughtful gift to give them.

Military Going Away Gifts

1. A Kiss Jar

Kiss Jar

image credit:

Being away from family and friends can be tough. To help with this, you can fill up a jar with Hershey Kisses. You can then attach a note to the jar saying how “here’s a kiss for all the days you’re gone.” It’s a nice and thoughtful gift to give those who might be a little overwhelmed with their deployment or who miss home.

2. Long Distance Map

Long Distance Map

It can be tough to be so far away from those you love. With this long distance map, the recipient can remember those who love them wherever they may be. You have this personalized so a heart is placed where you live and where the recipient is. Your names can then be added to the top and a nice note can be placed on the bottom.

3. Dog Tag

Dog Tag

image credit:

This small gift is compact and easy to carry around making it ideal for those who want to get a simple gift. Written across the top is a prayer to keep the recipient protected while they’re gone. The recipient can carry it around with them wherever they are to remember that there are people thinking about them and who love them.

4. Twist Tie Blanket

Twist Tie Blanket

A twist tie blanket is a touching gift to give someone. It can also make sure they stay warm. You can make your own, or buy a special blanket that has the branch of military the recipient is serving in on the front. If you plan to make one yourself, keep in mind it might be a little time-consuming, but it’s certainly worth it.

5. Physical Trainer Socks

Physical Trainer Socks

image credit:

Being in the military requires you to be extremely active. Because of this, it can be difficult to keep one’s feet clean and free from sores and blisters. You can gift a military member with these polyester socks. They are not only comfortable to wear, but prevent odors from forming. This way, they can wear it for a while without problems.

DIY Going Away Gifts

1. Picture Collage

Picture Collage

image credit:

You can make this simple picture collage by cutting and gluing pictures to a canvas or large poster board. After finding some of your favorite photos of you and the recipient, you can then arrange them around with a nice design. You can then write across the top a short note like “thank you for your friendship” or “your friendship means a lot to me.”

2. Memory Box

Memory Box

image credit:

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to make, this is a great one to consider. You can get a nice box and fill it with tokens of your favorite memories with the recipient. You can make some paper cutouts of things you have done or fill it with mementos you still have of things you did together. For instance, you can put receipts in it or pressed flowers – anything that means something to you both.

3. Hoo Will Miss You Card

Hoo Will Miss You Card

image credit:

This cute card is easy to make and is sure to make the recipient smile. You can get a piece of cardstock and then cut out a picture of an owl. Alternatively, you can also make your own owl out of construction paper. You can then glue the owl to the front of the card and then write across the top “Guess Hoo Will Miss You.”

4. We’ll Be Blue

We’ll Be Blue

image credit:

You can collect a bunch of blue items and stick them into a basket to create this “We’ll Be Blue Without You” gift. It can be a fun DIY present to create and a very affordable one as well. To top it all off, you can wrap the basket in blue cellophane and attach a short note to it claiming how you will miss the recipient.

5. Work Will Suck Without You Bouquet

Work Will Suck Without You Bouquet

image credit:

If you’re looking for some DIY gifts for work, this is a great one to try. You can get a vase and then fill it with lollipops. To help keep the lollipops secure, you can get a piece of Styrofoam to stick them in. After arranging the candy, you can then create a note for the top – “Work Will Suck Without You.” It’s a funny play on words that’s sure to make the recipient happy.

6. Hug Bag

Hug Bag

This simple gift is easy to make and is quite tasty. You can get a brown bag and write small notes on the front and draw some cute designs. You can then write in bold letters across the front “Hug Bag.” After doing so, you can fill it with candy that the recipient loves so they feel as if they get a hug from you each time they eat one.

7. Candy Board

Candy Board

If you have some extra time on your hands, you can spend some time making this candy board. You can get a large poster board and write a short message on it with candy. However, make sure the candy corresponds to what you are saying. This way, the message will flow and make sense. Better yet, after reading the message, the recipient can enjoy these treats.

8. Coordinates Sign

Coordinate Sign

To make this coordinates sign, you’ll need a small piece of wood and paint. Make sure the paint colors are what the recipient enjoys to ensure this gift is personalized. You can paint the wood a specific color and then write the coordinates of where you and the recipient live on it. They can keep this gift in their living space to help remind them that you’re thinking of them.

9. New Job Survival Kit

New Job Survival Kit

image credit:

Starting a new job can be stressful, but with this kit, it doesn’t have to be. You can get a nice basket and fill it with things the recipient will need for their new job. You can get things like hand sanitizer, candy, highlighters, and other office supplies they’ll need. After creating the basket, you can also write a short note to attach to it saying how each item can help them “survive” their new job.

10. Gift Card Bouquet

Gift Card Bouquet

image credit:

Many people enjoy receiving gift cards making this a great DIY gift to give to someone who is leaving. You can get a vase and fill it with Styrofoam. Afterward, you can buy some gift cards you know the recipient will appreciate. Once you do so, tape each gift card to a wooden skewer and then stick the skewer into the Styrofoam so it stays put.

11. Miss You Mug

Miss You Mug

image credit:

You can buy a large blank mug and write some notes on it. You can even draw some pictures on it, like of a plane or the outline of the state or area the recipient is going. A sharpie can usually be used to do this, although sometimes you need to bake the mug in the oven to help the ink set.

12. Rock Collection in Vase

Rock Collection in Vase

image credit:

This is a unique gift to give to someone who is going away. You can get some clean and polished rocks and write notes on them. They can be about what you love about the person or some fun memories you’ve had together. If you’re at work, you can have all your coworkers sign a rock with something they love about the person. You can then place all the rocks in a vase to make a nice display.

13. String Art

String Art

String art is popular for many reasons. It’s a simple yet fun activity to do and looks great. You can create an outline of a symbol that means something to the recipient or of the area the person will be going to. To make this art, you’ll need some string, small nails, and a sturdy board. After collecting all of the supplies, just use your imagination to make the perfect DIY going away gift!

14. Miss You Smartie Pants

Miss You Smartie Pants

If you’re looking for a funny and simple gift to give, this a good one to try. You can get a small bag and fill it with Smarties. After sealing the bag, you can then attach a note to the bag saying that you’ll “Miss You Smartie Pants.” It’s a funny play on words that’s definitely going to make the recipient laugh.

15. Road Trip Snacks

Road Trip Snacks

Traveling to different areas can be a hassle and very stressful. To help those who might be moving, you can make them a basket filled with road trip snacks. You can fill it with pretzels, candy, energy drinks, or anything else you think is the ultimate road trip snack. You can also write some notes for each snack saying why you thought it was perfect to give the recipient for the road.

We will miss you gift ideas

It’s hard to find a good gift for someone who is moving away. They are usually going to be living in an unfamiliar place, so the people they know will be far away and it can be difficult to come up with something that will really make them feel at home. Here are some great ideas for presents that might help your friend or relative settle into their new life and feel welcomed during this time of transition.

“We will miss you gift ideas” 

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It can be difficult to learn someone you love or admire is moving away. However, with these gifts, you can help to show you appreciate them and will miss them. If you’re on the search for some of the top going away gifts, definitely keep these in mind. They cover a variety of different areas so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

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