50+Diy Christmas Card Ideas | How to Make Homemade Holiday Cards 2019

Homemade gifts always bear significant implications that we cannot find in the bought card in stores. If you are too busy to make fascinating gifts, why not DIY Christmas cards?

They are simple to make. Besides, the ideas are borderless.

50 +Diy Christmas Card Ideas

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DIY Cards Made By Kids

1.The Doodled Christmas Tree

The Doodled Christmas Tree

Made by Debora Kristine.

The decor in this card is as simple as primary school’s art homework. Kids can be drawn them quickly with little of skills.

Working with color to decorate the imaginary tree will maximize the children’s creativity.

This card would be a lovely letter to moms and dads on Chrismas Eve.

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2.  The Lightbulb Wording

The Lightbulb Wording

Made by Loredana Stancu

The paintings are only in words, but the color does real brightening.

People might concentrate on Christmas tree or Santa Claus. However, colorful flashing lights are also the sign for cozy Eve in Winter.

3. Christmas Tree Color Doodles

Christmas Tree Color Doodles

Made by GP

Triangle trees will no longer take much time to draw and fill in the colors. However, it strangely impresses receivers with shades of green on the line.

The pine trees are on different colors can turn on excitement and joy at Christmas.

4.  Fabric Christmas Tree

Fabric Christmas Tree

Made by Tilly Soderberg

No drawings are required. This card is a brilliant idea for anyone who is terrible at hand painting.

The tree is made of color strips that even children can cut. Little beads on the tree make it stunning and delightful in the colors

5. Finger Print Reindeer

 Finger print reindeer

Made by Homesthetics

This card is cute. In additions, it presents the symbol of Christmas in a lovely way. The little faces of reindeer can be done by a fingerprint.

Because the handprints are a different one by one, they are faces in variant sizes.

This card lets you express your own creativity on drawing faces.

6. Colorful Bulbs

Colorful Bulbs

Made by Kelley

It’s another card decorated with lights. However, instead of detailed drawings, this one presents something simpler.

It’s for minimalists who will love the idea of simplicity.

7. Reindeer button

 Reindeer button

Made by Jean Godfrey

It’s another quick job for minimalists. Even you are not good at cutting paper or drawing; this card is in your hand.

The reindeer appears nicely in the brown background with Chrismas-y red nose.

This card will warm you up in coming Chrismas.

8. Button Bulbs

Button Bulbs

Made by Rebecca Francis

Here we go another of the idea of using buttons as decoration. There are not many images to paint colors here. However, the hot red is sent out from shiny buttons.

It shows off the sparkling nights at Chrismas with red balls on the Pine-tree.

9. Marble Forest

Marble Forest

Made by Daniela Pancu

This card brings out the festive atmosphere when the holiday is coming to town. With simple triangles in various patterns lay on the snow-white background, this card reminds us about jungles through windows when snow falls.

10. Recycled Tree Card

 Recycled Tree Card

Made by Nacy Donald

Even kids should be taught how to do it. It’s simple, but the look is classic.

Christmas is still as old as it has to be. The cards with brown paper remind us of the traditional and letters in the past. Besides festive and joyful feeling then the season comes, this pattern calls for old value.

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11. Pencil Shavings

 Pencil Shavings

Made by Kathy Schade

Idea of using pencils shaving will surprise anyone. Color full shavings are saved, and now we turned it into a Christmas tree.

There are not much painting and skills needed. This card is totally in your hand no matter how bad you are at crafting.

12. Newspaper Tree

Made by Julia Koll

Newspaper Tree

You would never think of a day when old pages of newspaper can be such useful. You might need some techniques in touring the paper.

The card is simple to make for everyone. More importantly. It’s unique and vintage.

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13. Shaker Cards

Shaker Cards

Made by Stampin’ Up

The cards seem complicated to make, that’s what you must show off. Noone could stop loving you if they know you had spent time on making this awesome cards.

The start can be changed into hearts. Sparkling hearts presents for beautiful love and cozy Christmas.

14. Couples Christmas Balls

Couples Christmas Balls

Made by Confetti Day Dreams

You might invest more in minimalism because there are many valuable ideas. For example, drawing two decorating balls is an idea.

The balls on the Christmas tree is as unique as ginger cookies or mint sticks.

Using a couple of balls to present your couple relationship is a unique metaphor.

15. Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics

Made by Esty.com

Why not song lyrics?

All the song contains cheesy lyrics that tells sweet love. “All I want for Chrismas is You” is a classic and powerful expression to say your love out loud.

There are no pictures or image but only clear and loud words to say. Red still stands for the festival and the red can sign this card for Chrismas.

16. Kissing Under Mistletoe

Kissing Under Mistletoe

Made by Notonthehighstreet

Using button won’t drive you in end-street. This card is the proof.

Lovely and straightforward doodle with a common metaphor. Red present the girl and blue appear as the boy.

This is a card to declare your love, and you want to love.

17. Movies Illustration

Movies Illustration

Made by Pinterest

If your lover is the fan of Grinch series, isn’t it the perfect words to say?

Even your lover has not watched this cute cartoon; the cards have claimed a sweet crime that you promise.

It’s a unique card for Chrismas when you are not using red as the primary color but green, the color of Grinch.

18. Fingerprint Reindeer Couple

Fingerprint Reindeer Couple

Made by Apartmentthetheraphy

“Aw” is the first word we could speak out at first sight.

This DIY Chrismas card is the masterpiece from fingerprints. By your own hand, now you can sign your love in the cutest way ever.

The use of color is simple on the white card. No more complications or implication, this piece of paper tell your lover what you wish for Chrismas.

19. Heart Tree

Heart Tree

Made by Flairflickers

You might invest more techniques in making this card. By using multiple layers and delicate combination of green and red, this card succeeds in showing a Christmas season.

This simple card reveals your work in color, cutting and mixing the layers. It’s a good investment.

The red heart sparkles in green, warmly and vividly.

20. Wish Card

Wish Card

Made by Splitcoaststampers

Sometimes, we need this card to say our desire in secret. The word means vague but still in specific. Little read star is a symbol for warm Christmass eve.

This card is elegant but still passionate in the way we wrote every single letter.

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21. Ribbon Tree Cards

Ribbon Tree Cards

Posted by Buzzfeed

By only a golden ribbon and a piece of wood stick, we have finished this beautiful card.

There are no paintings and no complicate hand-crafting. This card stands out from reading and green paper. The Golden and star are definitely what we have seen in Christmas for many years.

22. Reindeer


This reindeer is lovely and Christmas-y.

The use of red nose and red dots is the slight reminder of the festive winter season. However, the reindeer points out X-mas nights.

The brown color brings us warmth when we recall the color of the wood.

23. Funky Sock

 Funky Sock

Made by Miss Tan Design

If you are fed up with drawing trees, reindeers or Santa Claus, why don’t you try socks?

Friends will definitely love your funky painting. The red socks and fur head refer to Christmas but no one could imagine this man like this.

Who wouldn’t be surprised at it?

24. Nailed It

Nailed It

Posted by Buzzfeed

Life is as confused as Chrismas light strings. However, it must be lightened up anyway.

The message in this card is cute and meaningful. It’s what friends would love to hear when Chrismas is coming, but the work and worries are still around.

Plus, the painting is vividly cute and easy to copy.

25. Party Reindeer

Party Reindeer

From Instagram

The party reindeer must be funny ai the first time they see the painting. It’s another product from fingerprint but in hilarious illustration.

What the drawing conveys are the joyful mind and care-free lifestyle.

It’s a sweet message who could resist?

26. Block Of Reindeer

Block Of Reindeer

Made by Theworkfromhmemommy

Not fingerprint or decimate hand paintings, the faces reminders are presented differently by pieces of wordy paper.

It’s happy to see many of them running through the cards. Even for their appearance, we feel Chrismas already.

It’s also another great choice if you are not talented at painting.

27. Wordy Tree

Wordy Tree

Made by Nobigie

It’s such a brilliant wordy tree. Sweet messages or wishes now will be hanged in the small tree.

What we want to say to our friends will not be written in a simple, classic way but creative notes.

You might not be good at handwritten, why don’t you have them printed out?

28. Opening Song

Opening Song

Made by Askchristmas

When many people have come up with traditional cards, it’s a new style.

It’s like open the door to see best wishes. This one is special in the way it looks.

However, the decoration never limits your creativity.

29. Wordy Cards

Wordy Cards

Made by Lively

This card is different from the rest. The images are delicate and beautiful with the wordy background.

The present decoration dedication and skillful work. If you are a person, who is seeking a card model that present your talent, here you go!

The images show of professional use of color and 3D paintings. Classic and warm brown reminds me of vintage feeling.

30. Present Tree

Present Tree

Made by Paper arty

It’s another creative idea in painting. It’s simple, but not many people can think of.

The gift tree reveals the wish for well-off Chrismas. Presents are all piled up to be a tree.

The way that painting shows off is unique, too. The card maximizes the use of color and creativity. It’s no boredom when we take a look at it.

DIY by fabrics

31. Beads And Needle

Beads And Needle

Made by Lovehandmade

Using needling work in the paper is always special. The card will be an illustration of your ability in tailoring.

In fact, you might not need it to present this Christmas tree.

The use of another material on paper makes it look different. Colorful beads are little pretty additions on the tree.

32. Woven Tree

Woven Tree

Made by Decoration

Wool makes the tree look fuller. The card seems so straightforward but vintage and colorful with deep red and purple.

Brown card tones up stars by spilling ink. Simple wish at the end finished the decor is an effortless but impressive way.

33. Artistic Threads

Artistic Threads

Made by Rene

The author has performed her talent in needling job in the card. It looks attractive with sharp and clean textures by a thread.

This card is a well-made tailor work. Obviously, it presents the dedication in the job.

Who could not refuse such masterpieces?

34. Flat Patterns

Flat Patterns

Made by Cyprianrosedesign

This one is the combination of different patterns. If you are not a person who draws well, let’s make use of the fabrics.

Various colors from cloth make the card unique and colorful, like Chrismas seasons as the way it’s always been.

35. Warm Socks

Warm Socks

Made by Stampingwithoutloll

This sock is cute, with the addition of mistletoe and Caro red fabric. The card merely presents cozy Chrismas in the most common sign of the season –the sock.

Do you want this sock to hang on the chimney?

36. Ribbon Tree

Ribbon Tree

Made by theworkfromhome

The use of real wood stick and full-color ribbons is unique. Author has made it successful glow with golden ribbons and sparkle star.

Could it remind you of pin-tree?

37. Chrismas Rain

Chrismas Rain

Made by es.paper

Would you like to change into half paper and half fabric?

This card is an excellent combination among buttons and paper cloud. The clouds are individual with words while buttons are doing their fun job.

Isn’t it an unexpected combination?

3D DIY Cards

38. 3D Tree

3D Tree

Made by Apieceofrainbow

It’s the fresh and realistic look of the card. No more paintings or words are needed.

The pieces of pine-tree have spoken all of what we want to say in this Christmas: be green, Christmas is coming!

It’s such a cutest idea ever when people can use real fauna on paper and send them all over the street.

39. Folded Cards

Folded Cards

Posted by Womansday

This card is also the use of real leaves. However, it’s more special with foldings. The purpose of wood on brown paper make its vintage, and the green leaves have revealed freshness.

40. Flowery Card

Flowery Card

Made by Carpassion


This card is so impressed with all of the paperwork. The flower turns up stunning and beautiful with all of leaves and vines.

The snow white color is the presence of snowy time.

41. Silver Mistoetle

Silver Mistoetle

Posted by Flicker.

We might forget of little silent mistletoe at the door while having fun with colorful Christmas tree inside.

This card has brought the ring on in a more elegant look.

42. Chrismas Tree

Chrismas Tree

Made by Michelle Philippi

By using folded paper to make the tree pop-up, this card does indeed show the innovation.

Not a painting or words, greeny trees popped out from paper as real as it looks.

It could be a 3D pictures on the line of Christmas cards what you cannot take eyes off.

43. 3D jungle

3D jungle

Made by Card challenges

This one is not a simple 3D cards. They have used more than a layer to reflect mountains and hills.

The illustration on this paper remind people of the familiar jungle in Chrismas seasons. That scene is no longer fashionable to young people who have parties inside.

The card has brought things in the house.

44. Middle-card Tree

Middle-card Tree

Made by Lindastamp

It’s a surprise when you open the card. A look-like-real Christmas tree pops up from the middle of the card.

We could not take eyes off and make wonder how they have made it.

It attracts people to stay on the card for a longer time.

45.  A Pop-up Card

A Pop-up Card

Made by Stampaperscissors

It’s another pop-up card, but now we see more colors.

Gifts are must-have items at Chrismas that we could not forget. Red and green strips again make people feel the season.

Time to open present is coming!

46. Pop-out Tree Card

Pop-out Tree Card

Made by Silhouettedesignstore

It’s impressive work. The cutting is more complicated but worth the time.

It’s a three-page card that can be put on the table as a 3D picture.

It’s such a beautiful decoration for Chrismas, besides being a card.

47. Running Sloppy Trees

Running Sloppy Trees

Made by Goodhousekeeping

Another 3D card makes us breathless. Firstly, receivers will wonder the look. Then they soon realize how it is the get surprised by the idea.

It’s how we thought of it at first sight.

This card has captured the scene of pin jungle at snow season in the more especially.

48. Tall Tree

Tall Tree

Made by Paper Artsy

The look is strange. Have you ever think of making this big card? It’s pine-tree with 3D layers of foliage.

Elegant snowflake in silver ink was falling around. The card appears simple but special.

49. Galaxy


Made by Freshhidden

If you cannot present the pop-up gift card, let’s try this galaxy star.

It’s simple. However, the receiver still scream when he sees it.

50. Twinkle Little Snowflake

Twinkle Little Snowflake

Made by Craftriver

We have forgotten about a symbol of Chrismas- snowflakes. This card can show us how snowflake falls in winter. It’s beautiful and distinguished cards.

Bottom line

There are endless DIY Christmas card ideas. No matter how bad or good you are at handcrafting, some of the above cards will be well done by your hand.

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