How to Choose Gifts for 5 Year Old Girl

It is not easy to buy Gifts for 5 Year Old Girl. Choosing gifts for this age group can be challenging because many of them are very picky and they have their own ideas about what gifts they want. Read our article to find out the best gifts that you can get her!

Considerations when choosing gifts for 5 year old girl

1. Consider the personality of your five year old girl

When choosing gifts for a five year old girl, you have to consider her personality.

  • For example, your girl is into cutesy stuff. If this is the case, then gifts like dolls and stuffed animals are a good idea.
  • If your girl likes to be adventurous, she might enjoy things such as books about her favorite animal or book series that she can read independently.
  • If your five year old loves creative games and arts, craft kits should be perfect.

Last but not least: children around this age tend to change their minds often. Try to ask them beforehand what gifts they are looking for and if possible, try to get an idea of the gifts that their friends have received or want (this information can be found on social media sites such as Facebook).

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2. Find out what she likes to do

It is important to find out what your five year old likes to do. Ask her and see if she has a favorite activity or two that you can relate gifts to.

  • Does she love playing with dolls? If so, buy a doll with different outfits so she can dress it up and imagine of many scenarios
  • Does she spend her time for other toys too? Go for educational toys for 5 years old girl which promote creativity and make sure the toy is age appropriate – like the toy cars shouldnt be too big for her hands, puzzles should be easy enough to keep her attracted, etc.
  • If she is completely an outdoor girl, you can find gifts that are related to outdoor activities – like sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. Also, think of the games she can play with – like an inflatable pool, kite, scooter…

Once you are not sure about what she likes to do, ask her mother for advices! Also, try to pay more attention to the little girl – what kind of TV shows she often chooses; what she often rambles about…

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3. Try to find a gift that matches her interests

  • For example, if she is into princesses, getting toys related with this theme would be great! Some princess gifts for 5 year old are : the beautiful princess dolls, dress-up clothes with crowns and necklaces to match.
  • For young girls who enjoy playing dress up and have an interest in fashion – a miniature purse was perfect! Or for special occasions, you can take her to nail salon and make her a new nail set for kid only!
  • For a little girl who enjoys drawing or reading books, gifts like art sets that include a sketchpad and pencils will be perfect!
  • If she loves puppies – getting some cute animal toys would make an amazing gift
  • If she likes playing sports games such as football – getting basketball gifts might not work well.

Try finding something different than usually given for children at this age range and it’s much likely she’ll appreciate your gift more!

4. Make sure you get something that is appropriate for their age

They are 5 years old, so don’t buy them anything too expensive because it may be difficult for them to play with or break easily.

Also, don’t buy them gifts that might be too big for their size because it’ll get lost easily in the house and also break more easily if it does fall down on something hard during a game of any kind.

  • For instance, gifts such as an art set will make a perfect gift but you need to consider how often she can use these type of gifts safely!
  • When buying her clothes always keep in mind the size ranges for kids at this age.
"A gift for a 5 year old girl should be fun and exciting. Surprise her with one of these great gifts that she'll love!
The best way to find the perfect present is by taking into account what she likes and dislikes, as well as your budget. Here are some ideas on what you can get her this holiday season!
-Princess dress up clothes  (e.g., Belle costumes)  -Dolls -Toys like stuffed animals or Barbie dolls -Games such as board games or card games  (e.g., UNO)  -Puzzles -Books about princesses, fairies, or other favorite topics #princess gifts for 5 year old"

5. If you’re not sure what to get someone, try getting them an experience instead of an object

This way they will have fun and remember the event forever!

  • For example, you can take her to a movie or an amusement park!
  • Another suggestion is to register her a class of her interest: dancing, ice skating, drawing, etc
  • Or simplier, invest your quality time with her by doing some DIY stuff like making cards, re-designing old clothes or painting!
  • Or give your child the opportunity to create their own gift by giving them money so they can buy what they want

6. Think about things that can grow into new hobbies later on in life

  • How about giving her Monopoly board game so she has more time to enjoy the present gift before moving onto other things (e.g., video games)? This also helps prevent boredom in case she doesn’t want to play with something right away!
  • A personalized necklace, such as a name necklace or an initial pendant. She’ll be able to wear it all the time and when friends come over she can show them her gifts! This is also a great gift because personal items are always special gifts for five year olds.

The best way to make your child happy with their gifts is by giving them something they will enjoy playing with now and will have fun learning from later on in life too!

A few last words

After reading this article you will know how to choose gifts for a five year old girl! There is no need for worry anymore: we’ve done all the work so you don’t have too. All you have to do now is take action! What gift would your little one like? Let us know in the comment section below 🙂

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