Ideas For Your 35th Anniversary Gift You Can Pick Up

Many said that each year of being together had its own meaning. And, for a year like that, your gift selections also have to be different. For instance, your 1st anniversary gift can be paper, your 2nd is cotton, or your 25th is silver, etc. Yet, what about your 35th anniversary gift? What could it be? Do you want to find out?

Carry on reading our post to unveil the secret. 

How Do You Pick A Perfect Gift ?

It’s the question we always ask when it comes to choosing a gift. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks that can help you make the right choice.

1. Make A List Of Your Partner’s Interests

Get your pencil and a piece of paper now, list out your partner’s favorite things; this shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes for you to think and jot down all the ideas.

The more you write, the easier you can come up with an amazing idea for the gift. Try to think of your partner’s most recent or things that they’re passionate about, and it’s more likely that you will bump into the right 35th anniversary gift that you’re finding.

2. Stalk Them A Little Bit

Sounds weird? No! Not quite what you think it is. These days, when online shopping is the most popular way to purchase something, we probably have a wishlist somewhere, right?

Try looking up their wishlist on Amazon, eBay, or check the search history on Facebook, browser, etc.

If you’re lucky enough, you might surprise them by buying one of the items they have always wanted. And it’s going to be mind-blowing when your loved one sees the gift.

3. It Might Not Be A Physical Gift

A gift is more than a thing you can touch and keep; it can be an unforgettable experience of your life.

With that in mind, think of the activities that you and your love can have fun together. Enjoy your day at a luxurious spa or resort, travel somewhere new and witness the breath-taking view of nature, get creative.

15 Ideas For Your 35th Anniversary Gift

1. Silver Plated Flower with Red Crystal Bead

This silver plated flower themed free standing ornament comes with a “35th Anniversary” printed on the heart which is so lovely to look at. Placing it on the table would make your bedroom more romantic and warm.

2. 35th Anniversary Metal Foundry Sundial 

Handcrafted by skillful English craftsmen, this beautiful red background sundial is made with lovely messages. A gift that cherishes your long last relationship would also mean a lot to your partner.

3. Ivory Ceramic Mugs

These mugs come with funny yet very true messages that will make you and your partner smile every time. Use it or keep it as a souvenir; it will bring happiness and joy you look at it.

4. Elderly Couple Handmade Figurine

This gift can be small, but it has significant meanings to the right people. That is why they always say “less is more.” With the lovely appearance, you can place it anywhere in your home as a home decoration and as a reminder of your love.

5. 3D Printed Moon Lamp

“Love you to the moon and back.” The moon is a symbol of romance, and none can deny that. Give this to your loved one and play “Fly me to the moon,” and show how much he/she means to you.

6. Jade Earrings

Your wife will look much more beautiful with these Jade earrings. As it gives a noble look and acts like a good luck charm, she will appreciate this present as you give them to her.

7. Coral Themed Ring

This ring is unlike any other you have ever seen, using coral as the main theme for the ring’s texture. It has a unique, astounding, and brilliant design.

8. Jade Ring

We highly recommend this ring as a special 35th anniversary gift. While the braided texture represents great bonding, its green color stands for all the good wishes you can give to your partner.

9. Jade Face Roller

Help your wife bring back the young and attractive look that you fascinated. This roller has an anti-aging effect, and it is sure to reduce the wrinkles and dark circles on your eyes within a month.

10. Champagne Flutes

What makes a romantic dinner for two become even better? A fine bottle of champagne and a shiny, luxurious pair of flutes guarantee your date will be a lifetime memory.

11. Ocean Fragrance

Who doesn’t love a fine bottle of fragrance as a gift? Whether on a special occasion or at home, it takes only three sprays to make your lover more attractive in your eyes.  

12. Bed Lamp

This lamp is absolute vintage. Combined with the coral shape base and the warm yellow light, it gives a peaceful feeling for your bedroom.

13. Ring Holder

It’s small, cute, and definitely worth buying. Keep it on an obvious site in your bedroom and hang “other memory” on. It’s undoubtedly a coral full of memories.

14. DIY Statue Molding Kit

Just three simple steps and you will own a statue of you and your partner’s hand. It’s great to save every detail of each other and create a priceless memory.

15. King & Queen Couple Aprons

How wonderful when you both share a mutual interest. Living together and cooking together, put on these aprons now and show your kids how their parents do it in the kitchen.

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Last words

In the end, we hope you have found what you came for – a perfect 35th anniversary gift. After all,  the most important thing here is the gift’s meaning and not the gift itself.  Show the love, passion, and caring thoughts for each other as they’re the most valuable things in a long last relationship.

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