Beach Gifts for People Who Love Sun, Sand, and Waves

If we do a survey, most people will pick beaches as their ideal destination for a vacation. Golden sunshine, bubbly waves, salty winds, and delicious seafood – their heart belongs there. You know your friends love the ocean, yet choosing the best beach gifts must be a real hassle if you aren’t equipped with the necessary tips.

Tips when Choosing Beach Gifts

First of all, let’s categorize yourself. Do you want to find gifts for a true beach lover? Or are you on a trip and looking for souvenirs to bring home?

In the first case, you can rely on our gift list below and your understanding of their predilection. Most of the items are perfectly fine for both genders unless you want to evoke some laughter from them!

On the other hand, if you are having business in a beach city, local specialties will never be out of the trend. Traditional treats for a foodie, clothes for a fashionista, and special items for a history nerd – the choices vary!

Furthermore, you can go for something sentimental if you have an intimate relationship with them, and you know the ocean holds an exclusive place in their heart. An expensive present won’t have as much effect as a thoughtful one does.

Top 20 Beach Gifts for Beach Lovers

There is nothing quite as radiant and jolly as beach-themed gifts!

Sand and Water Resistant Beach Towel

Let’s start the beach gifts list with the most essential and obvious item: a towel that prevents sand and water from sticking to your skin. They are sticky and scratchy, no matter how you love the sea.

Why is it so magical? It’s all because of the double-layered mesh. You can easily wipe the little grains off the smooth lining inside and fold it into a zipped tote. There is no weird smell either!

Beaches Coffee Table Book

Gray Malin is not a foreign name in Hollywood, known for his captivating photographs of beaches around the world. A beach enthusiast won’t reject a special collection of pictures of the most popular sea cities across all six continents. The author played with lights and shapes in such a clever way, giving his work the harmony of adventure and wanderlust.

Floating Sunglasses

Sunglasses that don’t sink – now that’s what I call a genius and necessary innovation. You might have been in the situation or not, but no one likes it when they drop the sunglasses into the pool and have to dive in search. (Given they were out on the sea, it would be hopeless…)

Beach Cocktails – Favorite Surfside Sips and Bar Snacks

Learning how to make cocktails is an art, and this book will help you master it, added with precious tips about compatible snacks. Whether you are hosting a beach party or a feast at home, these recipes will provide enough vitamin Sea!

Ocean Wave Cuff Links

We haven’t forgotten the men, no worries! If you have a friend who will soon leave his favorite beach city, who will become a husband, a dad, or who comes from the seaside, a gift like this will show him how much you care!

If the recipient also loves handmade gifts, you have another reason to purchase them right away!

Beach Drinkware

The base of this set holds the glasses straight despite the uneven sandy surface while you have a nice conversation with your friends. It can even float on water if you would like that type of fancy pool party.

If you have a special person who loves swimming for hours, this gift will ensure a good time. If you have a senior who cares about the environment, they will feel at ease enjoying their drink on beaches and campsites.

Waterproof Cell Case

Phone, credit card, ID card, cash, keys – anything you can think of – will be safe inside the clever waterproof case. The transparent material gives it a modern look while maintaining the traditional usage and function of a waterproof case. Unless you dive into the water, you can perfectly use the touchscreen without taking it out!

Beach Themed Steering Wheel Decor

Can we keep talking about the ocean and sea without mentioning ships and boats? This steering wheel decor marks an outstanding position in our list of beach gifts, enhanced by the fishnet and the colorful shells.

If they live far away from where you are, it’s also a great token for an unbreakable long-distance relationship: You are the boat to my berth, and to the world, you travel.

Sport Umbrella

Do you know what beach lovers are scared of the most? The weather. Too much sunshine will burn their skin, a rainstorm will ruin the fun, and more. Therefore, a huge umbrella is one of the most thoughtful beach gifts.

Spend a few seconds to set it up, and it will protect the whole group from UV rays while you guys cheer on a match or simply lounge and admire the scene.

Starfish Plaque for Beach Lovers

If you don’t know the recipient too well, a dainty ornament will be a safer choice, so they don’t find you overwhelming. Mayhap it won’t steal their heart immediately, yet they won’t possibly hate it. Don’t be shy! Consider it your first step in getting to know them.

Mesh Beach Tote Bag

The beach is nice and fun, but no one really wants to bring home the remnants of the ocean. A beach lover who visits the shore whenever she has the chance would need a high-quality tote to carry her belongings and shield them from possible damage.

Why do I love it? It features a special insulated section where you can keep your food and drink fresh and another waterproof case for the cellphone.

Beach Themed Curtain Lights

2020 hasn’t been kind to us, and going to the beach might seem like a luxury, but who said you couldn’t bring some ocean vibes home? The little bulbs shaped like starfishes and seashells will light up their backyard like a campfire!

If they like to film and archive the moments, the ethereal lighting will add a cinematic feel to the record!

Portable Beach Hammock

Don’t run to the beach without your favorite hammock! Although it is lightweight, it can hold more than 400 pounds with a very spacious design. The kit includes all that you need: rope, carabiners, and straps, so you only need to find a nice spot and snap.

Over were the days where you have to deal with fragile hammocks that collapse or get blown away by the winds!

Starfish Wine Stopper

For the beach lover with a predilection for vintage style, an antique copper stopper for bottles might be one of their most favorite beach gifts ever. The pleasure doesn’t end there! You will find a card printed with a heartwarming poem story about a starfish.

Retro Beach Speaker

Is it a beach party without lively music on the max volume? The retro speaker will be an irreplaceable item in your recipient’s luggage, just wait and see!

Have the most relaxing time on the beach with your favorite songs on replay or connect it to your smartphone and switch to AM/FM radio for more quality content!

Mermaid Blanket

Every girl once dreamed of being a mermaid or part of an ocean fairytale. If the beach lover you have in mind has got everything she needs, why don’t you try to bring her childhood dream to life?

Besides the warm yet breathable blanket (which suits all seasons, by the way), you will also receive a pendant necklace, a storage blanket, and a package for easy carriage.

Sunshine Hat

On the seashore basked in sunlight and hot winds, standing out is a gorgeous hat made from drawstring ties. It is adjustable to fit different sizes and shapes of the head!

A beach costume won’t be complete without a giant hat with a wide brim! Pair it up with flower-printed dresses and colorful accessories, ladies of all ages can rock it and become the center of attention everywhere they go.

Inflatable & Portable Beach Lounger

Before you skip this lovely lounger, let me catch your attention again by saying you won’t need a pump for it! Whisk it around to inflate it and seal the sleeve to trap the air inside, and you’re ready!

Each time of use will offer 5 – 6 hours of pure comfort, thanks to the anti-deflation technology. The thoughtful manufacture also puts in a storage bag, a bottle opener for your drinks, and a stake to pin the lightweight air sofa firmly.

Tropical Passport Holder

If someone loves the seaside, high chances are they also enjoy traveling whenever they can. Now they will be able to carry some tropical vibes with them. It looks incredibly adorable, it feels light. but it is also more than capable of protecting your personal info.

Sun Bum Hair Care Essentials

Last but not least, protect your loved ones from the corrosive effect of seawater! In this set, they will receive a revitalizing shampoo, a matching conditioner, a dry shampoo, a conditional spray, and a comb infused with coconut oil.

Moreover, the products work well regardless of gender, age, and hair type. What a gift for the entire family!


I truly hope you have found something you like, or you think your dear will enjoy. However, as the beach should help us relax after stressful days, you shouldn’t worry too much about whether they will appreciate your beach gifts or not. It’s the thought that counts!

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