Your perfect guide to choose golfer gag gifts

Golfers are a special breed, and their sense of humor is often just as unique. Whether you’re shopping for someone with a light-hearted sense of humor or need to find golfer gag gifts for the golfer in your life, we have some ideas that may help you out. We’ve gathered our favorite golfer gag gift picks and compiled them into one post so that you can shop without having to search all over the internet.

Things to mind when choosing golfer gag gifts:

1. Consider the golfer’s personality

The personality decides what kind of gag you should put on them.

  • The planner golfer will love the “My Day in Golf” diary that has a place to fill out their day, with space at the bottom of each page for golfing stats.
  • The golfer who is always talking about his clubs might like a set of personalized club tags.
  • If the golfer is into funny t-shirts, then the “Golfing is my mistress” tee might be just what you’re looking for.
  • For the golfer who loves anything with a golf ball imprint: some personalized golf balls that say something like “Happy Birthday!” would make them laugh or cry tears of joy.
  • Maybe your favorite golfer is into pranks and one liners? Then these golf themed prank items will be perfect! Consider tricking someone by putting water in their shoes before tee time then laugh as they head out on the course with wet socks
  • If you are unsure, then go with something that is plain funny and doesn’t require much thought – like an inflatable driver or some golf balls in their favorite color!
"The gift will be appreciated more if it is a gag gift. Check out these funny golf gifts that are perfect to give your golfer friend! 
What do you think? Which one of these would make a great gag gift for your favorite golfer? Share with us in the comments below!"
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2. Think about what they enjoy doing outside of golfing

Choose something related to their hobbies to get them an unusual golf gifts.

  • Maybe they love to go fishing? Find out what their favorite type of fish is and get some t-shirts with that logo on it or buy them an inflatable stand up paddle board so they can take themselves deep into the water while catching those elusive species
  • The golfer in your life might enjoy gardening as well – then do something related to that! Purchase a small herb garden kit, or give them seeds for vegetables they grow all summer long

There are many activities golfers do outside of playing their sport. Get creative and you will be able to find the perfect golfer gag gift no matter who you’re shopping for this year!

3. Do they like to collect things or have a favorite sports team?

  • If they like to collect things, you might want to buy them a new set of gag golf clubs. They can also put some other items they like in their golfer gag gift if they have room – the golfer will appreciate these more than anything else!
  • If it’s a favorite sports team and not just an item, try getting them something related  to that team such as hats or stickers. If you’re really feeling creative here, get two different teams’ gear so they can wear one on each arm for shirtless days
A golf gag gift is a funny present for the golfer in your life. It's not too expensive, it doesn't take up space and as long you don't put them on the course they should be okay! We have some great ideas of what to get that special someone who loves golf (and hates getting hit with balls).
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4. Would they prefer something sentimental, or practical as a gift?

Good news is you can choose a gift that is both practical and funny! Best suggestion is golf equipments with hilarious design or words on it:

  • Golf tees in lady bikini shapes
  • MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag
  • Golf balls with funny words: “choke” , “I should be at work”…
  • Golf course map with golf balls marking where the golfer has been hit in 18 holes of play.
  • There are so many golfer gag gifts that will make a golfer laugh! You’re sure to find something they’ll love and want to use while wearing proudly every time they go out on the links or green.

If the golfer is sentimental and would appreciate a more personal present, try getting them a card with their favorite team’s logo on it or some other article of clothing from an event they’ve been to before. A pack of beer opening tool might not seem too lame if you know what kind of travel mug they have!

You know that golfer in your life who has everything? They also need a little something to lighten up their day. These gag gifts are perfect for golfers and will give them the laugh they deserve!
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5. What is your budget for this item and how much time do you have to shop for it before the event (gift giving) happens?

Think about how much money you want to spend on the gift:

  • If you’re on a budget, golfer gag gifts can be fairly inexpensive. You may want to check out the different novelty items like golf ball markers and personalized towels before getting them something more expensive or personal. Think about your golfer when it comes time for selecting their present and get them an item they’ll love!
  • However, if money is not an issue then there are many golfers who would enjoy going all out with extravagant presents that will leave them in tears from laughing so hard. For instance, a Beer Glass with Real Golf Ball Embedded, Fairly Odd Novelties Table Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game,…

Also, dont forget to consider how much time left before your gift giving.


This golfer gift guide is aimed at people who love to laugh and are looking for a way of getting someone they know that loves golf very excited about the idea. I hope i was successful on helping you on that with this blog post. If you have any better suggestion, feel free to let me know on the comment section down below. Thank you and happy shopping!

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