Great Choices of Gifts for White Coat Ceremony

As a medical student, the white coat ceremony is an important event in our lives. I’ve found that it’s not always easy to find gifts for this occasion. So, I decided to write this blog post with criteria when choosing gifts for your loved one at their White Coat Ceremony.  I hope you enjoy!

Things to mind when picking up gifts for white coat ceremony

1. Consider what the graduate wants to do with their degree

Let’s think about what the graduate wants to do with their degree. They might be interested in research, teaching, or some other medical field that gives them a lot of autonomy and responsibility within the profession. Or they may want to work at a clinic or hospital as an attending physician.

  • If they tend to become a researcher, they might want gifts for their lab. Items like pipettes, microscope slides, and petri dishes are all great gifts for scientists who work in laboratories!
  • If they tend to become a physician with an interest in clinical care, consider gifts that will help them communicate more effectively or improve the efficiency of checkups. For example: stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, otoscope/oropharyngoscopes…
  • If they don’t have much experience yet beyond clerkship rotations (years where students rotate through different specialties) then they would love gifts such as: An Anatomical Model kit  (they can build their own!), A miniature MRI machine for playing around with brain…
  • If they’re still undecided, here’s my suggestion: try picking up either art supplies or books! These gifts don’t take much effort and are universal so most people can find something useful from them! A book with inspirational quotes on the cover could also work well for someone who has a hard time thinking positively throughout medical school.  

Once you know what career path your loved one will take after graduation, it’s easier for gifts-givers like us to get them something related!

2. Know the graduate’s majors and hobbies

If you want your gift to serve for their future, it’s essential to choose based on their major:

  • Gifts for white coat ceremony physical therapy: I’m always looking for gifts that will remind my loved ones about how important it is to stay active and work out. I have a few friends who are physical therapists, and they need things like fitness bands or heart rate monitors .
  • Gifts for white coat ceremony dentist: A dentist friend of mine told me that gifts for white coat ceremony dentists are usually something related to teeth care: mouthwash, toothpaste or floss.
  • Gifts for white coat ceremony nurse practitioner: I’m sure they’ll appreciate it if you got them a journal so they can keep track of their patients’ health records  or maybe some pens in fun colors? Or gift cards from restaurants near hospitals or even Amazon Prime memberships so they can order anything online without paying shipping fees?
  • Gifts for white coat ceremony neurosurgeon: The best gifts for these graduates seem like ones that will help the graduate relax and unwind from the stress of medical school exams. Maybe consider getting your loved one bath salts?
gifts for physician assistant white coat ceremony
Great Choices of Gifts for White Coat Ceremony 5

Choosing a gift that’s related to the graduate’s passions can also work great!

  • If they love art, get them some new drawing or painting supplies so their creativity is never lost during medical school and residency training;
  • If they’re into something athletic like running or cycling, maybe offer up a free membership at your friendly neighborhood gym- we know how expensive it can be living on campus with a meal plan only included in tuition!)

3. Think about how much you want to spend on a gift

I know that gifts can get expensive, but if you are creative, it doesn’t have to be! Some inexpensive suggestions:

  • A handmade card or poster with encouraging words from the grad’s family and friends.
  • Your favorite recipe on a nice piece of paper wrapped in some twine with your handwritten note about how much they will always mean to you.
  • Create an exclusive Spotify playlist for them filled with all their favorite songs as well as jams they might not know yet! (This is great because no one has time for searching through playlists anymore). Even better: make this into a physical CD using iTunes and throw in some earbuds so it comes out looking like something really special.

4. If you know someone who is graduating, ask them for advice or suggestions of what they might like as a graduation present

Once you are struggling with the gift idea, ask the graduate for some suggestions. They will most likely be very happy to give you a few ideas because they are graduating and don’t want gifts that only benefit them, but gifts that also benefit their friends or future colleagues as well.

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5. Find out if there are any restrictions on gifts (e.g., no money) 

Is there any limitation or restriction on your white coat ceremony gift? If so, are gifts of money allowed?

  • Does the graduate have any allergies or other restrictions that you need to be aware of? If so, make sure your gift is something they can use. 
  • Another excellent idea might be to send a card with some cash attached– but only if there’s no restriction against it! Otherwise, avoid this option as well.

One way would be asking them directly about their preferences (e.g., “Do you like plants?”) when you’re talking to them last time.”

6. Consider giving something that will last longer than just one day

The more useful the gift is, the more satisfied you are. Therefore, consider a gift that will last longer than just one day and will provide some utility to the recipient.

This might include:  A watch, Kindle book or subscription box (e.g., a monthly coffee delivery service)

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Keep in mind that it’s important to consider who the recipient is, as well as what type of occasion they are celebrating. When you’re facing the tough task of buying gifts for a white coat ceremony, don’t worry! I hope the tips above succeeded in helping you to find gifts that will make your loved one feel special.

Please share this article with others who might find it helpful! Happy shopping and congrats on being closer to where you want to be in life–a doctor!

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