50 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Coworkers

1. Soft PJ Set

You don’t have to get something out of this world to gift to a coworker. If you have a little more than a coworker relationship with your coworker, then you can step up a level on gifts and give them this soft PJ set from Amazon.

2. Valentine Day’s Lip Balm

Valentine Day’s Lip Balm

Give your coworker friend lip balm that comes in vanilla or cherry flavor. This lip balm on Etsy is made with all natural products with a label printed on it that says “you’re the balm.”

3. Rainbow Sock Heart

Rainbow Sock Heart

If you are not sure if you want to spend money, you can opt for making something yourself. You can DIY this rainbow sock heart and make some for all of the coworkers you want to give a gift to.

4. Pineapple Bottle Opener

For the coworker that loves a good bottle of their favorite alcohol. Get your coworker this pineapple bottle opener from Amazon. The pattern on the pineapple is detailed and its gold color is shiny.    

5. Valentine’s Coworker Card

Sometimes going into work can be tiring and sometimes you just want to let loose. If you have a coworker that makes your work life enjoyable, then you can give them this printable card that reads “you help me survive my 9 to 5.”  

6. Favorite Work Husband

Favorite Work Husband

If it’s just fun and games with your favorite guy coworker, you can gift them with this card from Etsy to get a laugh out of them. You can remind them on this Valentine’s Day of your funny and weird relationship.

7. Valentine Plush Monkey

Valentine Plush Monkey

No one can say no to little plush toys. They are soft and cuddly, so why not give one to the coworker that you like the most. You can personalize this plush toy from Etsy with their name on it written in a heart!

8. Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser

For the coworker that you know wears makeup all the time. Help them get all of the makeup residue out of their brushes with this Clinique makeup brush cleanser from Neiman Marcus.

9. Essie Pink Nail Polish

Are bright subtle colors one of your coworker’s favorite? Why not gift your coworker this Essie pink diamond nail polish she will love? This nail polish from Amazon dries fast and stays on for long periods of time.

10. Soy Candles

Candles can be for any occasion. If you have a coworker that you consider to be your best friend, then you can gift them with this candle choosing the scent you like. You can even choose the size of the candle. You can get this candle from Amazon.

11. DIY Bath Bombs

Even if you do not know how to make bath bombs, you can do so easily with items you may have in your kitchen and using this tutorial by Art Crafts and Family. You can give this to a coworker friend, so they can relax when they get home. You know how hard work can be!

12. Gold Metallic Monogram Mug

Gold Metallic Monogram Mug

Why not gift your coworker with a nice chic mug with a shiny gold rim from World Market? This personalized gift is made with all the alphabet letters. You can choose the letter of their first name and it will be paired with the uppercase and lowercase letter of their name.

13. Personalized Candles

Personalized Candles

With 34 scents to choose from, why not get this personalized candle from Etsy for your coworker. You can have their name written on the front of the candle. Each candle is put in a decorated mason jar.

14. Glass World Map Jar

Grab this world map jar from World Market, so you can give your coworker a nice-looking jar that’s topped with a bright tin lid and a world map surrounding the jar. They can use this jar to save coins they find!

15. Air Plant Container

Air Plant Container

Maybe you know if your coworker loves gardening or just plants. You can get this 3 set air plant container from Etsy which also comes with a sputnik shell that can be placed steadily on a flat surface like their desk!

16. Star Wars: A Very Vader Valentine’s Day

If you happen to know that one of your coworkers love Star Wars, you can gift them with this Star Wars-themed book from Amazon. It is filled with comics, games, and Valentine’s day cards.

17. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Pencil

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Pencil

You can never go wrong with chocolate on Valentine’s Day. You an get this chocolate pencil from Etsy where you get a printable of your choice to put on a Rolo chocolate stick. This is a great gift for a coworker.

18. Cubicle Sweet Cubicle Sign

Cubicle Sweet Cubicle Sign

Maybe one of your coworkers can use a little bit of decoration for their cubicle. You can help them start by gifting them with this printable from Etsy. You can frame it and give it to them to put it right on their desk.

19. Tall and Short Best friend Mug

Are you and your coworker best friends? Are they taller than you? Well you’ve just found the perfect gift to give to them. You will even get a matching mug yourself, but you will have the mug that says, “short best friend.” You can get this from Amazon.

20. Laptop Tray

Laptop Tray

Do you sometimes see your coworker putting their laptop on their lap as they work? You can gift them with this laptop tray from Etsy. You can personalize it if you are a little closer to your coworker.   

21. Greeting Card

If you have that coworker who makes your day shine just a little bit more when it is time to work, then you can give them this card that thanks them for making your day at work a good one. You can get if from Etsy.

22. Pucker Up Mason Jar

Pucker Up Mason Jar

Do you happen to have lemon drops in your cupboard? Or any candy for that matter? You don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about this gift. A mason jar and some lemon drops will have your coworker laughing at your cheesy message and glad to have a snack to munch on.

23. Mini Desktop Basketball Game

Why not give your coworker friend something fun to do when they are done with their work or if they need something to help them relax while working. You can get this mini desktop basketball game from Amazon.

24. Glass Globes with Faux Succulent

Glass Globes with Faux Succulent

Plants is never a bad idea to give someone on Valentine’s day. But finding plants that are different can be the best way to go. You can gift your coworker friend with these set of three succulent plants from World Market.

25. Vintage Map Journal Set

Vintage Map Journal Set

A vintage map journal set can be a great gift to give to a coworker of yours. They would love to write their notes in these journals and it is also aesthetically pleasing to look at. You can get this journal set from World Market.

26. Fuzzy Cupcake Socks

Fuzzy Cupcake Socks

You can give the women coworkers at your job cute colorful fuzzy socks they will enjoy all wrapped up in the form of a cupcake. You can get a pair of these socks on Etsy.

27. Candy Bar Wrap

Candy Bar Wrap

Chocolate is the heart of Valentine’s Day it may seem. If you know one of your coworker’s favorite chocolate bar, this candy bar wrapper from Etsy will come  in handy.

28. Space Valentine’s Day Card

Space Valentine’s Day Card

Try and spice up your Valentine’s Day card with something fun. You can gift you coworkers with these space cards that will give them a laugh. These cards are digital from Etsy, so you can download and print them out.

29. Trinket Dish

You don’t need a fancy gift to give to your coworker. It is the thought that counts. Your coworker can be a friend of yours, so why not gift them with this trinket gift from Amazon.

30. Spa in a Jar

Spa in a Jar

There’s nothing wrong with being a little simple yet personal. If you know your coworker needs a little rest, you can gift them with spa in a jar for Valentine’s Day.  

31. Sea Glass Pendant

Sea Glass Pendant

Maybe you want to give a gift to a coworker that is special to you. Maybe they’ve done a lot for you and you want to give back on this Valentine’s day. You can get this necklace on Etsy.

32. You Light Up the Office

You Light Up the Office

You don’t have to give out candy or material things to your coworkers on Valentine’s day. You can use this DIY idea from Weekday Runaway/ to create a gift that will make your coworkers laugh.

33. Poppin’ Good Valentine’s Day Gift

Poppin’ Good Valentine’s Day Gift

Popcorn anyone? Do you know if your coworker loves popcorn? You can gift them with this DIY idea from Glued to My Crafts Blog. All you need is their favorite kind of popcorn and a printable download of the file to create the card.

34. You’re Dynamite

You’re Dynamite

Why not create a Valentine’s gift that lets your coworker know that someone sees what a good job they are doing? You can DIY this dynamite gift and give it to your coworker.  

35. Valentine’s Day Gag Gift

Valentine’s Day Gag Gift

You can be a little funny with your gifts for your coworkers if you can’t think of anything to give them. You can give your coworker these 14 phrases from Etsy on the 14th of February on Valentine’s day.   

36. Gift Tile

Gift Tile

This could be a gift you give to your coworker to show you appreciate them. This tile says “thanks for “bee”ing so helpful” playing on the word bee. Tell your coworker how helpful they have been this Valentine’s day with this gift tile from Etsy!

37. Sarcastic Office Journal

If your coworker sits in meetings all the time taking notes you can give them this journal for fun knowing that they probably are fed up sitting in on these meetings. You can get this book from Amazon.

38. Emoji Pillow

Does your coworker remind you of an emoji because they use that one all the time? You can gift them with this emoji pillow from Amazon or whichever you choose to let them know that you think they are silly in a great way.

39. Miniature Desktop Skee-Ball

Give your coworker a chance to relax when they have a lot of work to get done. It won’t hurt them to take a break occasionally to get back into work mode. You can get this desktop skee-ball set on Amazon.

40. Unicorn Valentine’s Day Card

Unicorn Valentine’s Day Card

Give your coworker these cute unicorn cards for Valentine’s day. You can get these little unicorn cards from Etsy. These cards are great to give to coworkers to switch up from the traditional Valentine’s day cards.

41. Thanks for Keeping Me on Target

Thanks for Keeping Me on Target

Letting your coworker know that you are thankful for them occasionally is not so bad, so why not let them know on Valentine’s day. You can get this printed card for your coworker from Etsy.

42. You’re All That and a Stack of Chips

You’re All That and a Stack of Chips

Nothing is wrong with giving your coworkers snacks on Valentine’s day especially when it comes with a nice little message. You can download and print these labels and attach them to a stack of chips.  

43. DIY Love Potion Bath Sets

DIY Love Potion Bath Sets

You can spend some time and make DIY bath salts for your coworkers to give them something for Valentine’s day. If you know more about your coworkers and you want to give them these bath salts for Valentine’s day, then you can. 

44. Diamond Ballpoint Pens

For all the women coworkers you have you can give them these diamond ballpoint pens you can get from Amazon. They are stylish and when they use it they will be reminded of you.

45. M&M’s Valentine’s Day Tubes

Candy, candy, candy. What a great time to give and receive them! These M&M tubes from Amazon can be a great way to give all your coworkers a little token on Valentine’s day.       

46. Valentine’s Day Solid Milk Chocolate Heart

If you have six coworkers you appreciate, then why not get these heart chocolate candy to give to them on Valentine’s day. You can get this chocolate candy on Amazon.

47. Appreciation Notebook Gift

Can’t find the right words to say to your coworker? You can gift them with this notebook filled with words of appreciation on this Valentine’s day. You can get this notebook from Amazon.

48. Cotton Cloth Drawstring Gift

You can put whatever candy you want into these cute cotton cloth drawstrings you can get from Amazon and gift them to your coworkers for Valentine’s Day.

49. Stainless Steel Credit Card Survival Tool

This Valentine’s day gift one of your guy coworkers with this stainless steel credit card survival tool kit from Amazon. They will have everything in one from a beer bottle opener to a flat screwdriver.

50. Floral Stainless Steel Tumbler

Floral Stainless Steel Tumbler


With this stainless steel tumbler, your lady coworker will be able to keep her drinks hot or cold for long periods of time. Gift this tumbler from Ice Shaker to the coworker that brings their favorite beverage into work all the time.

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