Gifts for Dads Who Dont Want Anything

As fathers day approaches, you may be wondering what gifts to buy for your father. You know he doesn’t want anything – but what is there really? If this sounds like the dad in your life, then continue reading! This guide will show you gifts that are perfect for dads who don’t want anything and how to choose them.

Things to consider when picking up gifts for dads who dont want anything

1. Ask your dad what he wants

If you’re feeling brave, ask your dad what he wants. If not try these gifts instead:

  • Gift cards to his favourite place – a restaurant, coffee shop or grocery store (he’ll know exactly how much money they’re worth)
  • Tickets to an event that’s coming up soon and might interest him – like a baseball game in the next few weeks for Father’s Day
  • Something decorative for their home office desk which will remind them of something they’ve enjoyed doing together over the years
  • A gift certificate from one of those stores where dads can get their car washed or have it serviced

The list is endless! The idea is buy gifts that dads never think about themselves but would enjoy together with his beloved.

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2. Find out what he needs, but not says

This is totally up to your observation skills!

  • If he plays any sports, you can never go wrong with anything essential to the game. For example, golfing gear, soccer ball, ….
  • If he has always been a cook, you might offer gifts that will make his life in the kitchen easier (e.g., cooking gadgets).
  • If you find his hat and gloves becoming rustic, buy him a new pair! But make sure it fits his size or at least the gift is changable!

Make sure your gifts are not too personal and don’t put any pressure on him! He may be happy with nothing at all if he doesn’t want anything.

There are many ways of finding out what dad needs but does not say:

  • Take note of gifts he is eyeing when shopping for others or while browsing online shops;
  • Ask friends who know them well
  • Think of what he certainly needs in his favourite activities

3. Buy him something that will make his life easier

  • You can buy him something that will make his life easier – such as an electric shaver for men who hate shaving, and a new pair of shoes if the old ones are worn out.
  • If he is a house-husband who often does cooking, gifts like a new kitchenware, or a kitchen rack will facilitize his work. Also, for whom does housechores, think of a new vacuum to make it easier.
  • If you are married to him or in close contact with his family members, take note of what they may need – such as gifts for the kids if there is an upcoming birthday party.
Give the gift of time. Get them tickets to a sporting event, or concert they were wanting to go to but couldn't find someone else who wanted to go with them. This is an inexpensive way of giving back and will make #gift ideas for dads who don't want anything

4. Give him the gift of time

Lots of fathers are too busy to have the time of their lives. If so, there’s nothing more suitable than experience as presents for dads who don’t want anything.

  • For example, give him tickets to an event you know he’ll enjoy, like a football game or concert. If possible, give him some tickets (not just one) so that he can enjoy together with wife or friends.
  • Or you can think bigger: a family outing to celebrate his birthday! The beauty of nature and good laugh with his loved ones are the most precious present for anyone!
  • The gift of time is also the most valuable gifts to a dad. So, make sure you spend quality one-on-one times with him and his family everyday!

5. Get creative and give your dad the gift of memories, or DIY gifts.

Gift ideas for dads who don’t want anything should be something he can’t get anywhere else but from you!

You can create gifts for your dad with the things you’re most familiar, like photos of happy moments or drawings.

  • Don’t forget to add sentimental value by including a short note that explains why this gift means so much to you.
  • For example, “Dad, I love these pictures because they remind me how we used to play around in the backyard together when I was little.”
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For another idea on creating gifts from family memories, see below:

  • Gather his old books and make bookmarks out of them
  • Make custom t-shirts as gifts using photographs printed on fabric

The key to giving a creative gifts is making them from the heart and thinking about what he loves!

6. Consider getting your dad something that has sentimental value

The present doesn’t have to be expensive! For example, this year get Dad some old-school slippers because they’re just so cozy! Or maybe a funny shirt that reminds you both about how much fun you had together when you were younger

Many things will make dad happy without costing much! The key is to do your research well beforehand so that he doesn’t know about it before opening it on Christmas Day.

Some final words

We hope this list inspires you to get your dad something he’ll love. Even if he says “I don’t want anything,” the chances are good that what he really means is, “I just can’t think of any thing I need.” And remember, even though dads may say they have everything they need, we’re sure there’s always another Father’s Day around the corner when it will be time to show him how much you care. Happy shopping!

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