30 Unique Gifts for Sisters You Might Never Think Of

Even though you and your sister might not be as close as you two used to be, she’s still family. Between you and her still exists a unique connection and attachment that no other relationship can compare to. You should always prepare a special gift for her no matter what is going on, like one of these gift ideas below.

Gifts for sisters

House Slippers

For most people, sweaty feet are actually worse than cold feet. And these Vince women slippers strike the perfect balance between keeping your feet warm, but not too warm. With the fuzzy faux fur and open toe design, they are a cute gift for sisters.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07WZZQT89″ imagetitle=”Vince Women’s Kalina Slipper Slides” imageid=”51dyKPlbboL”]


In a search for a gift for gym-going sisters? Look no further and get these dusty-rose leggings. They come with pockets and allow your sister to comfortably lift weights, bust a move, and practice a yoga session.

Yogalicious leggings are a perfect choice if she doesn’t want to sacrifice performance or style for amazing comfort. The waistband is high-rise and wide, providing excellent tummy control and support while adapting perfectly to her body shape.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07NVTSNQQ” imagetitle=”Yogalicious High Waist Squat Proof Yoga Capri Leggings” imageid=”61Etwv8Y0jL”]

Hair Masque

This Coco & Eve Like a Virgin hair masque helps nourish the scalp of your sister with argan oil, linseed, shea butter, fig, and coconut extract. She can finally say goodbye to bad hair thanks to this formula, which will hydrate to restore and strengthen her hair, especially from damages from too much coloring, bleach, heat, and styling. After a few weeks, her hair will become silky and sleek while having a pleasant smell.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07B8JN5NP” imagetitle=”Coco and Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque” imageid=”81THKrBjyFL”]

Crossbody Bag

Most women like your sister need a spacious bag, but no one wants to pay through the nose for it. We get it. Just buy this Alyssa double compartment bag for her. It’s made from gold-tone hardware and faux leather and comes in plenty of color options.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07GDTGD3N” imagetitle=”Double Compartment Large Flapover Crossbody Bag” imageid=”612Hp8nXfpL”]

Yoga Mat

No matter how people claim that yoga mats at the gym are clean and sharing them is fine, please don’t let your sister do that. Give her one so she can bring her own mat whenever she wants. This product from Yoga Design Lab is a decent one, which has a non-slip surface and unique print. Just remind your sister to spray some water on it if she has dry hands and feet to prevent sliding.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01LZTPLNH” imagetitle=”YOGA DESIGN LAB The Combo Yoga MAT” imageid=”619QIurkHVL”]

Cosmetics Case

Crumbs of powder, spilled foundations, and broken zippers are common nightmares of women. They are also the reasons why markup bags usually don’t last as long as they need.

But this travel markup case is different. It has a hard shell, padded inserts, and a double zipper to protect all your sister’s cosmetics products, giving her peace of mind.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07SLXLPDV” imagetitle=”Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case” imageid=”71SkiJKME1L”]

Fitness Activity Tracker

Has your sister been into fitness recently? Give her a high-quality fitness tracker like this Fitbit model as a treat. Like most smart devices these days, it provides plenty of functions in a small package.

Your sister can use it to count steps, track calories, monitor sleep and heart rate. It also comes in handy in exercises; just set a goal and pick a mode, from circuit training, yoga, swim to bike and run. She can see the stats during or after the workout to see how she can get better at it.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07FTN21JL” imagetitle=”Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker” imageid=”71YGrhhoqUL”]

Bath Bombs

This 12-pack of bath bombs is a thoughtful gift for sisters, especially when what they want to do in the evening is just relaxing at home. The smell is strong and amazing. The seller even gives you small stickers with the names on each bomb. Made from natural ingredients right in the United States, they have a wide variety of colors but won’t stain your sister’s bathtub.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01MFGN8S5″ imagetitle=”LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs” imageid=”91v6UzicmvL”]

Poem Book

If your sister is new to poetry and doesn’t really know where to start, you can help her with this popular poetry book by Rupi Kaur. It’s easy to read and packaged with small details and emotion, making it an awesome gift for sisters who always look for a new perspective in life.

[su_image_and_price productid=”144947425X” imagetitle=”Milk and Honey Book” imageid=”41rrZplMctL”]

Multi-Purpose Wallet

This best-selling travel wallet is an obvious choice when it seems that your sister is always on the go. It can hold everything: IDs, cards, passports, and even some cash. They will stay organized and don’t look like a mess when your sister needs them.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B071VRKDDN” imagetitle=”Zoppen Multi-purpose Passport Wallet” imageid=”91oZTMXZLIL”]

Essential Oil Diffuser

It won’t be a complete gift list if we fail to mention essential oil diffusers. Whether your sister is living in the dorms or a shared apartment, she will be thrilled to have her room filled with pleasant and relaxing scents from this Ansin essential oil diffuser. It has a wood grain base and metal cover with an elegant and classic design. Unlike scented candles, it allows your sister to decorate her bedroom without needing to worry about fire hazards.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07RR3MT69″ imagetitle=”Ansin Essential Oil Diffuser” imageid=”71WvU1bmlLL”]

Denim Jacket

When it starts to get colder, a denim jacket with sherpa lining like this is an ideal piece of clothing. The lining is insulated and thick so your sister can even use it in the winter if she layers it enough.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B072L2C8MD” imagetitle=”Levi’s Women’s Original Sherpa Trucker Jackets” imageid=”91MBfcJ5MLL”]

Smart Mug

Every device gets a smart version nowadays. Even mugs. Surprise her with this Ember smart mug that can control temperature and comes with a mobile app. With 1-hour battery life, it can keep your sister’s coffee warm for a long time. She also controls it, receives notifications, and customize presets via the app.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B0773WG6NK” imagetitle=”Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug” imageid=”61QKxFq2D%2BL”]

Water Bottle

This seems to be too ordinary for a gift. But trust us, this Hydro Flask is an awesome gift for sisters. There is a reason it’s so popular on Amazon. This stainless steel bottle can keep the drink of your sister cold or warm for several hours. Made from food-grade material and having a durable body, it won’t transfer any flavor to ensure pure taste.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07MZBR1BL” imagetitle=”Hydro Flask Water Bottle” imageid=”51KfZGjvjjL”]

Makeup Mirror

Every girl will love this portable and sleek makeup mirror. She doesn’t need to be a Hollywood actress or celebrity to deserve a glorious gift like this. It provides multiple light temperatures, from daylight to warm light settings with the surrounding LED bulbs. Your sister will get a bright and clean reflection, even at night, in order to get a natural application of markup.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01M726VZ9″ imagetitle=”Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror” imageid=”51iv4NqPvnL”]

Personalized Coffee Cup

Get her name and a funny expression printed in this personalized Starbucks coffee cup. It’s really a surprising gift for coffee-loving sisters. On top of that, your sister will get 10 cents off drink refills when she uses it at any Starbucks. It doesn’t only help save the environment but also money.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B076CYCZBT” imagetitle=”Personalized Reusable Starbucks Coffee Cup” imageid=”51yNT1E9xwL”]

Throw Blanket

Your sister will get warm and cozy with this luxurious fluffy and soft plush blanket. This is a godsend when she needs to snuggle up on the bed or couch. It will bring extra texture to the decor of any room, turning it into an attractive space.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B00XLV72H4″ imagetitle=”Chanasya Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket” imageid=”91fhnB%2BghuL”]

Neck Cozy Sweater

Like the blanket above, if your sister loves snuggling up in something soft, she will like this comfy sweater. She can wear it during the winter, and even into the spring too. This pullover sweater comes with oversized long sleeves and cozy collar, featuring ribbed cuffs and dropped shoulder seams.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B074N4NMLT” imagetitle=”Cable Stitch Women’s Mock Neck Cozy Sweater” imageid=”81-R8%2BI6vlL”]

Trinket Dish

Every time your sister grabs her favorite bracelets or earrings, this trinket dish will remind how much you care about her. Made from high-grade glazed ceramic, it’s a meaningful gift for sisters and female friends.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07KSC62WQ” imagetitle=”HOME SMILE Sister Gifts Trinket Dish” imageid=”51z4-q477gL”]

Memory Book

If she has always been talking about writing a journal, help her start with this memory book. Just a sentence a day, she can finally accomplish something that is so simple yet so impactful. The puffy cover has shimmering accents while the page edges are gilded. This Moglea book is full of artworks on each page and enough space for five years’ worth of daily journaling.

[su_image_and_price productid=”1452164622″ imagetitle=”Modern One Line a Day” imageid=”51wtd+aYrfL”]


Scrunchies are one of those items that have unexpectedly made their way into the list of the hottest gifts this year. In case you don’t want to stay outside this trend but aren’t really familiar with them, consider these velvet scrunchies from Jaciya. They come in plenty of stylish colors and have an amazingly soft touch. These elastic and stretchable scrunchies will help your sister fix her air without hurting her.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B073346ZMD” imagetitle=”Jaciya 10 Pack Hair Elastics Scrunchies” imageid=”71W2V6iwP-L”]

Source: nymag.com

Hair Tie

If you want to go further than the scrunchies above, have a look at these hair tie bracelets. Made from high-quality stainless steel, they won’t rust, tarnish, or change color. This is a classy way to combine many items into one. When she needs the hairband, removing it is easy while the stylish bracelet remains, making this one of the most useful gifts for sisters.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B0784R4GHY” imagetitle=”Zuo Bao Sister Hair Tie” imageid=”61Gi7WdK%2BcL”]

Dog DNA Test

This is a gift for dog-owning sisters that many won’t think of, but that’s okay. Dog DNA test kits are still not that popular even though they are incredibly helpful. For example, this Embark test can help your sister identify the breed of her lovely dog if she really doesn’t know for sure, especially in the case of mixed-breed dogs. Embark claims that it can work with 350 different breeds, varieties, and types.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07HHF1VLH” imagetitle=”Embark Dog DNA Test” imageid=”61wDlLPP8kL”]

Steam Cooker and Blender

If your sister is a new mom, congratulations! And don’t forget to bring her this steam cooker and blender for baby food – an incredibly useful gift for mom sisters. This stylish machine can process fish, meat, vegetable, and fruits into baby food in just 15 minutes. Your sister and your new nephew or niece are gonna love it!

[su_image_and_price productid=”B00A6Y02QC” imagetitle=”BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender” imageid=”61LTd2BpEIL”]


Watch her face when you show this “Sister for Eternity” necklace to her! It consists of two interlocking rings, which shows how you two always stay connected even though you’re far apart. Made from safe and hypoallergenic materials, it won’t turn the skin of your sister red or green or itchy.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B00IVDO0D6″ imagetitle=”EFYTAL Silver Double Circle Necklace” imageid=”81YtanyQTzL”]

Blanket Scarf

The idea of a scarf and a blanket in just a single product is so appealing, isn’t it? This big long scarf, which your sister can even use as a belted shawl, is so cheap that we think you might even buy one for yourself. If your sister travels a lot, she will love it.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07DQR3FSZ” imagetitle=”Women Big Square Long Scarves” imageid=”81Axf39Wl4L”]

Weighted Blanket

In addition to the long scarf above, you can also give her a weighted blanket which is a trendy item these days as well. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and gorgeous colors. These YnM weight blankets have received so many praises from users, especially when it comes to how they help calm their bodies and have a good night’s sleep.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B075F9ST7G” imagetitle=”YnM Weighted Blanket” imageid=”7175b6IZ1GL”]


She’s your sister, so you will know what the best glasses for her are. These stylish anti-glare glasses are also a way to remind her to take care of her eyes and spend less time on her laptop or smartphone. They are made from high-grade materials and not easy to scratch. On top of that, they provide UV filtering features to protect her eyes even outside.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07N75G4D9″ imagetitle=”Firmoo Blue Light Blocking Glasses” imageid=”41ncOKZnbGL”]

Budgeting Workbook

Okay, now this is time to get serious. Personal finance is difficult, so it’s not surprising if your sister is struggling with it. In this case, why not give her this budgeting workbook? It’s a great tool to help her track expenses and income, plan and monitor her budget over time.

[su_image_and_price productid=”198651921X” imagetitle=”Budgeting Workbook” imageid=”514InEG+n0L”]

Source: cosmopolitan.com

Life Planner

Let’s go beyond a budgeting book and go straight into a life planner. We’re sure that your sister has some plans of her own. This planner is available in many customizable styles and colors while providing an organized space for your sister to jot down notes and her daily todo lists.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01LYHPOVU” imagetitle=”Erin Condren 12 month 2017 Life Planner” imageid=”71uaeb2HvwL”]

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