30 Meaningful Gifts for Parents That They Will Both Love

We’re sure that you have given your parents a lot of gifts over the years. And this is exactly what makes it even harder to find a new one that is both practical and thoughtful. Let us help you with these awesome ideas of gifts for parents.

Gifts for parents

Best Gifts For Parents Reviews

Portable Cooler

The Yeti Hopper M30 is a durable, long-lasting portable cooler with the leak-proof and waterproof closure and lining. It will be a great companion for your parents on their next outdoor trips.
The ColdCell insulation can keep food and drink cool all day long. It’s a large cooler with a capacity of 7.2 gallons – enough for weekend trips or tailgating. On top of that, the RF-welded seams help you avoid stitching. They make interior and exterior liner leak-proof and waterproof, preventing UV rays, punctures, and mildew.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07VKBK9Z9″ imagetitle=”YETI Hopper M30 Portable Soft Cooler” imageid=”81PYM0IB7XL”]


Most of us like plants, but not everyone can actually grow them from scratch. If your parents are too busy to take care of a plant from the seed stage, give them this money tree as a gift. It isn’t hard to grow this plant, which is said to bring good luck and prosperity to the owners while adding fresh life to the room.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07G853D6N” imagetitle=”Costa Farms Money Tree Pachira” imageid=”71vYvA467bL”]

DNA Test and Ancestry Service

Getting a DNA test is not always about finding a hidden truth, but nowadays, it’s more about understanding your personal story and health in a different way. This 23andMe ancestry service can help you get to know your ancestry composition and explore your traits. Learning your genetics also gives you a chance to find out some health conditions in advance.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B01G7PYQTM” imagetitle=”DNA Test and Ancestry Service” imageid=”71qWgITOR7L”]

4k Smart TV

If your parents have never owned a smart TV, it’s time to get them one. This Samsung 55-inch 4K TV offers a gorgeous display that is far superior to that of a typical Full HD screen.
The Universal guide can help your parents find their favorite shows, including streaming content, in a second. This model is also compatible with smart assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07NC9J2M5″ imagetitle=”Samsung Flat 55-Inch 4K UHD Smart TV” imageid=”91GMSrYPaHL”]

Travel Pillow

It might be hard to believe, but we think your parents will love this cool-looking pillow. Made from high-quality cotton, it will serve them well, not just as a typical travel neck pillow, but also an eye mask. The unique design makes this Ostrich pillow comfortable and portable, ready to adapt to your parents’ comfort with the fit adjuster.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B01EV1T1TY” imagetitle=”OSTRICH PILLOW Travel Pillow” imageid=”618LDyq420L”]

Robot Vacuum

It’s never late to join the robot revolution. Give your parents this Samsung R7065 vacuum and help them have an easier time doing the chores.
The built-in sensors and camera help the robot avoid obstacles in the way easily without you touching anything. Your parents can let it automatically map the house the first time, and program the vacuuming session afterward in the smartphone app, which also shows which part of the house is cleaned.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B073WZ42XD” imagetitle=”Samsung Electronics R7065 Robot Vacuum” imageid=”817herKspRL”]


This tablet from Apple has always been the most popular for good reasons: it’s powerful, convenient, lightweight, and durable. Even if your parents are not tech-savvy, they can get used to this iPad in no time. And guess what? You can also FaceTime with them whenever you want via this tablet!
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07XL7G4H6″ imagetitle=”Apple iPad 10.2-inch” imageid=”6162WMQWhVL”]

Coffee Table Book

If your parents are passionate music fans, there is no greater gift than this coffee table book that contains 1000 album artworks over the past decades. It brings together record covers from the 60s to 90s with each featuring an interesting backstory, making it a trip down memory lane for your parents.
[su_image_and_price productid=”383655058X” imagetitle=”1000 Record Covers” imageid=”51+QOlAsr7L”]

Coffee Maker

If your parents are those people that can’t feel actually awake until they have had a cup of coffee, this Keurig coffee maker will be a perfect gift. It uses K-cup pods, so your parents won’t have to measure or scoop coffee grounds. All they need to do is insert their pods, fill the reservoir, choose their preferred setting, and press the brew button.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B078NN17K3″ imagetitle=”Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker” imageid=”81VXacdKaVL”]

Fitness Tracker

When we get older, staying healthy and active is even more important in order to have a happy life. Let’s help your parents keep tabs on their activities with a fitness tracker like the Fitbit Charge 3, which is a great entry-level model for anyone.
This device can do all the things you can expect: from measuring calories burned, steps, heart rate to tracking sleep. The battery life is amazing, which can last up to a week with a single charge.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07FTN21JL” imagetitle=”Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker” imageid=”71YGrhhoqUL”]


If you have parents who are homebrew enthusiasts, wait no more and purchase this GrowlerWerks growler. It’s the best way to have frosty beers and ales right at home with ease. The stainless steel chamber can hold your parents’ craft beer for up to 14 days while the sight glass helps them know how much is left.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B00YRA5BB2″ imagetitle=”GrowlerWerks uKeg Carbonated Growler” imageid=”61nKM1NL4IL”]

Air Fryer

With the rapid-air technology, air fryers can fry food with no (or little) oil, thus making your parents less worried about whipping up fries and wings. This model has a modern and sleek look and leaves no annoying oil smell behind. Additionally, the touch screen menu gives your parents plenty of choices: from fries, fish, cake, shrimp, steak, chicken, to pizza, and pork.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B0777RJG6D” imagetitle=”GoWISE 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer” imageid=”81uiBmFMq4L”]

Water Bottle

If they still only drink out of single-use water bottles, you can buy for them this reusable alternative instead. Contigo is a well-known brand with a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. We’re sure your parents will find the one that they love. For example, this vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle has an “Autoseal” button, which helps them seal the lid with one hand to avoid leaks and spills.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B079ZHYZ7T” imagetitle=”Contigo Stainless Steel Water Bottle” imageid=”71zVIyL23-L”]

Smart Light Bulb

If your parents still rely on outdated outlet timers whenever they need to schedule lights, introduce these smart bulbs to them. They are compatible with standard sockets, so your parents won’t need much effort to switch. Plus, they can control them via voice controls or the mobile app.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07R1NMLL4″ imagetitle=”Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED Smart Light Bulb” imageid=”61VrR-gWOxL”]

Photo Book

A photo book is never a bad choice for gifts, especially when your parents love to keep printed photos of you and your family. The digital age is dominating everything, but those old-school photo albums are still as relevant as ever. With just some customizations, you and your parents can fill it with great memories together.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B003WSYEYK” imagetitle=”Pioneer Photo Albums” imageid=”81u98KSXeKL”]

Dog Camera

If your parents own a dog but must be out constantly, a dog camera like this model from Furbo will be a godsend. It comes with a two-way transmitter and an HD camera, allowing your parents to keep an eye on their little buddy from everywhere via the smartphone app.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B01FXC7JWQ” imagetitle=”Furbo Dog Camera” imageid=”512QKheNJ5L”]

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils have gained a lot of popularity recently as they can help promote mindfulness and reduce stress. And to make use of them in the best way, you need a diffuser like this. This model offers many timer settings and light modes. Pure Daily Care also provides ten essential oils in the box, including lemongrass, peppermint, and lavender.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07JD2GDKN” imagetitle=”Pure Daily Care Aromatherapy Diffuser” imageid=”71iqTcv3c8L”]

Bluetooth Thermometer

To cook meat properly, we need a thermometer to monitor the temperature. But most traditional models are clunky and inconvenient to use. You can give them this smart thermometer to give them a piece of mind. Coming with a mobile app, it can alert your parents when the meat is ready or over-cooking.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07G4LSWHH” imagetitle=”Mastrad Thermometer” imageid=”91-Yvr89bQL”]

Instant Pot

We are sure your parents already have at least one pressure cooker from Instant Pot, but it never hurt to give them one more, especially this 9-in-1 model. Your parents can use it as a rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and even a yogurt maker. This smart version even comes with a mobile app that includes numerous recipes to make it easier to try a new dish.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B01NBKTPTS” imagetitle=”Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker” imageid=”71KvB9WVwsL”]


An organized person will know the first rules of drinking, which is that you should never let the water ring ruin your table. So why don’t help your parents enjoy their cold beverages with these fun coasters? They are also a cool way to subtly remind other people to get their drink off the table.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07Y4YZ6XS” imagetitle=”THIPOTEN Coasters” imageid=”51GdafuRIUL”]

Nose-Shaped Eyeglass Spectacle Holder

This is probably the funniest gift in your gift, especially when your parents are avid readers who misplace their glasses all the time. Now with this unique nose-shaped stand, they will not only never forget where the glasses are again but also have some giggles at the same time.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B073P48N7C” imagetitle=”Classic Hand Carved Rosewood Nose-Shaped Eyeglass Spectacle Holder” imageid=”61gApmkt%2BvL”]

Bamboo Cheese Board

This cheese board provides a slide-out tray that conceals a lot of cheese cutlery on top of clever groovers for olives, nuts, and crackers. Made entirely from bamboo, it doesn’t stain the cheese or absorb its odors.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B01DTFF0Y8″ imagetitle=”Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set” imageid=”719Hw7T43zL”]

Video Doorbell

This Ring camera has made the news a lot lately and has become one of the most important devices if you have a truly smart home. It will allow your parents to speak to anyone on the front door via their computers or smartphones, even if they are not at home. With the wide-angle HD camera and night vision, it’s a full-featured tool to protect their property.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07WGJ8XWZ” imagetitle=”Ring Video Doorbell” imageid=”51oJgHxW2eL”]

Item Finders

As we get older, we tend to lose items like our keys more often. While a good memory is not something we can always retrieve, we can make use of an item finder like this set from Tile. Just attach one of them to their purse, wallet, and keys, and your parents can locate them from their phones anytime they need.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07W86T94T” imagetitle=”Tile Essentials” imageid=”61GLtr%2BgsxL”]

Electric Toothbrush

Technology is born to help us with more convenient tools, even in a familiar task like brushing our teeth. This Quip model is a perfect choice when your parents need a minimalist and compact toothbrush that has a long battery life and is travel-friendly.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07NTKQBLY” imagetitle=”Quip Electric Toothbrush” imageid=”51x3XoLYWLL”]

Travel Journal

If your parents are jet-setters, this travel journal is a must-have to help them keep track of their trips. It provides space to jot down travel tips, wish lists, and all other information they need in order to prepare for their next journey together.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B079ZT1XTN” imagetitle=”Moleskine Passion Journal” imageid=”61Cx6cluuiL”]

Source: townandcountrymag.com

Reading Glasses

These glasses from Peepers are ordinary ones. They are not only stylish but also feature a blue-light filter to protect your parents’ eyes. The anti-scratch coating also provides extra protection on top of its anti-reflective ability.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07YLKRJX2″ imagetitle=”Peepers by PeeperSpecs Reading Glasses” imageid=”613t2W813wL”]

Smart Mug

Everything has become smarter, including mugs. If your parents are too busy to drink their coffee while it’s still warm, this temperature-control mug will ensure that their cups never get cold again. With the mobile app, your parents can adjust the temperature, change the presets, and even receive notifications.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B07D93QWXG” imagetitle=”Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug” imageid=”61zRlSRfqGL”]

Source: mashable.com

Smart Speaker

The Echo Plus from Amazon is always great to start building a smart home. This all-in-one device can assist your parents in anything they can imagine, including set timers and alarms, make phone calls, play music, and of course, search for products on Amazon.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B0794W1SKP” imagetitle=”Echo Plus (2nd Gen)” imageid=”613xRVXsMzL”]


When your parents want to spend more time together at home, one of the things they should put a lot of thought into is a good pair of slippers. And you can help them with this UGG model. Made of high-quality materials, they are super comfy for both women and men.
[su_image_and_price productid=”B0058ORT98″ imagetitle=”UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin” imageid=”31fq%2ByrqUTL”]

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