New Dad Gag Gifts: How to Choose?

A new father can be a new target for jokes and pranks, but what would be the best gag gifts to get him? Well, there are many new daddy gag gifts out there that will make your new dad feel awkward. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most popular ones!

Things to mind about New Dad Gag Gifts

1. Choose a gag gift that has to do with the baby

The new dad’s life now is rolling around his new little angel! Therefore, it makes much sense to give him something related to the baby.

  • For example, an infant-sized onesie that says “I’m not a new dad, I’ve just been in the nursery” or an onesie that is covered in baby drool that says “I think I have new clothes!”
  • Another good choice is a onesie that says “I’m new daddy, can I have some help?”
  • Some examples of new dad gag gifts are a baby bottle with the new father’s name on it or even an outfit for him to wear while he’s holding his new bundle of joy.

The goal is to make them feel like they’re in charge and doing well as new parents! The thing about this type of gag gift is that its potential uses will never end. It’ll be used at their baby shower, when they take their first picture with the little one outside, any time pictures are taken from then on out—it really doesn’t get old. So go ahead and give your favorite new papa-to-be something related to babies because

New Dad Gag Gifts

2. Consider his sense of humor when you’re choosing a gag gift

Just because new dad gag gifts are typically something that’s supposed to be funny, it doesn’t mean you can’t get one for your new dad.

  • If the new father is quite laid back , a new dad gag gift like an “Expectant Father” shirt will make him laugh.
  • If you want to take it up a notch, try the new father diaper cake that’s made out of diapers and baby clothes. We don’t know about you but this would be funny for everyone else, not just new dads!
  • You could also choose something more personal like a framed ultrasound photo or even stick-on googly eyes from his child’s room with the caption: “Daddy was looking at my toys.” A new dad is always on guard when he sees anything in their kid’s room so they’ll surely get some enjoyment out of seeing these prankish objects around the house while doing chores–and eventually taking care of their little

It’ll be really hard not to find a new daddy gag gift that is just the right thing for them! But if you’re looking for new ideas and want to make sure they end up with what will lead them on many laughs then this is the perfect place.

3. Find out what hobbies or interests your friend has

And find fun gifts for a new dad related to that.

  • Let’s say your friend is into sports. You could get him new dad pacifiers in the colors of his favorite team.
  • Or if they’re a foodie, you can buy them new daddy diaper cakes made out of chocolate!

You just have to do your research on the interests that new fathers typically share and then find new gifts related to these hobbies or interests for them.

You're a new dad! Congratulations on your bundle of joy. The best way to celebrate this event is with these hilarious gag gifts for dads-to-be and first time fathers. Whether it's because they just don't know what the heck they are doing or if their partner has been carrying all the weight, here are some great presents that will bring them back down to Earth. And by "down to Earth," we mean into hysterics as soon as they open up one of these awesome goodies. They'll be laughing so hard, everyone else in the room will start cracking up too! #fun gifts for a new dad

This will make it much easier to come up with an original idea because let’s be honest: most people don’t think about what their friend would enjoy outside of new dad gag gifts so coming up with something is difficult.

So take some time to brainstorm ideas based off of someone else’s likes–it’ll help you narrow down your choices quickly!

4. Try not to choose anything too expensive

Your recipients’ll have plenty of time for shopping later on in their life as parents, so dont buy anything too expensive, or else you are putting pressure on them.

You can go with simple and inexpensive choices like

  • New daddy pacifiers or new dad onesies.
  • Baby Diaper Cake (made out of baby clothes)
  • Customized shirt in their team’s colors (that he likes!)
  • The frame from number one but without the ultrasound photo inside

While they’re something that new dads will enjoy, you don’t have to break the bank for them which is important when it comes to new father gag gifts because most people may not want a gift as expensive as new parents might like.

5. Pick something funny instead of serious

It’s hard enough being a new parent without having people remind them all the time how difficult it is!

It’s important to remember that your friend will have plenty of time to think about how hard it is being a new parent so don’t make them feel like they need anything too expensive or over-the-top. Just find them some quality laughter and they’ll go home feeling much better than when they came in!

He's going to be the newest member of your family, and he deserves some special attention. There are so many great gag gifts that will make him laugh or help him out with his new role as dad. Check out these ideas to find one perfect for you! #new dad gifts

6. Remember to include some practical gifts, too!

Anything to make life a little easier is always appreciated, especially if new parents don’t have time or energy to go out and get these things themselves! They’re going to need all of the help they can get so do them this favor by including some practical gifts in your new father gift basket as well!

  • Like diapers and wipes so they don’t have to worry about forgetting those things at home even if they are feeling overwhelmed by everything else going on in their lives right now
  • Or new dad pillows that are made specifically for new dads.

It’s not like you’ll be getting anything wrong with adding more things–you may even open up their eyes about how many other items they could use when it comes to taking care of their baby (or in extreme cases, children) which will only benefit them later on down the road.


New dad gifts can be really simple or as elaborate as the new parent wants them to be, so it’s up to everyone else what type of new daddy gag gift would make a good purchase! Don’t forget that this is something new dads will appreciate and use often–it’ll help keep their humor alive when things get hectic around the house with little ones!

I hope this blog post did help you to get the most suitable one for your beloved person. If you have any other suggestion, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below. Happy shopping!

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