Baby Shower Gifts | Review & Buying Guide

Are you wondering how to find the best baby shower gifts as well as to prepare a perfect party? Don’t worry, our article will cover everything you need to know, whether the occasion is for yourself or someone else!

Baby Shower Etiquettes

Originated in America, a Baby Shower party is a gathering for the expecting mommy and her best friends to reunite, congratulate on the much-awaited angel, and possibly find a name for the baby.

Usually, the party will take over 4 – 6 weeks before the childbirth, or when the gender of the infant has been revealed, so the preparation is easier for the host and the gift-choosing task is simpler for the guests. Traditionally, the party is for the firstborn and only women should attend, yet such principles have changed and become more opened up now.

How the party is will depend on the likings of the mother. For more tips to host a cozy and joyful party, read on!

Tips for Baby Shower Gifts & Party

Choose the theme for the party

The theme will represent the style, the predilection of the mother, and also the gender of the baby. It can simply be the color (pink for girls, blue for boys) or something more specific such as fairytales, animals, cartoons. When you have decided on the theme, it’s time to start with invitation cards, ornaments, foods, beverages, and plan the activities. This way, your party will have a unison.

Prepare some games

Invest your time in planning the games for the Baby Shower party – the number of games might depend on the guest capacity and the theme. It’s a great way to bring everyone together and create an intimate, jolly atmosphere. Thus, we will include several games sets below!

Simplicity is the key

After all, a Baby Shower party is for the close friends of the expecting mommy, hence overly intricate decorations are not necessary. You should stick to the basics like a welcome gate, flowers, balloons,…

Take your time with the menu

I recommend a buffet feast for this occasion since it gives everyone more chances to gather and chitchat over delicious treats. Be attentive and ask if anyone is allergic to anything, so your party runs smoothly.

Gifts for the guests

We should always prepare a gift to thank the guests for arranging their schedules and attending the party. Plus, the gifts don’t have to be anything extravagant. DIY items, small candy bags, postcards are lovely ways to express your gratitude.

Don’t forget the center of the party

It’s the soon-to-be mother. No matter what you do, everything should still revolve around her: host the party at her favorite location, decorate the place with her beloved flowers, making sure the menu includes her cravings.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for You

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Cart Cover & PlayMat

Why go for a lonesome playmat when you can have something much more useful? When taking the little one out on grocery shopping and putting them in the cart, the mat will protect them from germs. The same goes for the high chairs in the restaurants!

Foam Floor Seat

The chair looks pretty weird at first, but you will see how useful it is when you need both hands free from the clingy baby. Its importance has boosted tremendously for me ever since I gotta start working from home more!

Wood Quilted Co-Sleeper Bassinet

With the drop-down panel, there is no need for the mom to lift it up and out when they want to reach for the infant. It allows us to have the bassinet next to the bed for convenience and safety without any struggle.

Natural Feel Baby Bottle

Sometimes, the baby might have bottle rejection or nipple confusion, and they have designed the shape of this bottle to mimic natural breastfeeding and reduce the issues to the minimum. The grippy body made of silicone gives the tiny hands an easier time.

Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding

This all-natural cream is extremely important for women who breastfeed. Unlike other products, Medela Lanolin cream receives compliments and becomes one of the best Baby Shower gifts for being more tender than others and safe for the baby.

Baby Bib (2 Packs)

I thought they were too stiff for a bib, but it worked out wonderfully for my friend and her baby. The amount of food accumulates in the curved bottom truly amazed me, and it was super easy to clean and have the bib as new.

Stack-up Cup Toys

While these cups look overly plain, they deliver more than you can imagine. Development plays for children, a gum toy, a toy coffee cup – you will be surprised with how imaginative the babies can be!


It’s one of the largest baby baths I have seen on the market. Its system and features can adjust to an infant even when they grow up into a toddler. There is no need to install a fancy, high-tech bath for your baby!

Newborn Arrival Gift Set

With shampoo, body lotion, cleansing gel, diaper cream, and a no-rinse cleanser, the baby will be taken good care of, from head to toe. The cleansing fluid is a genius product in my opinion. It allows us to reach the tricky spots like the gnarly neck or the poopy butt!

Baby Nail Scissors

Baby fingers are lovely, but baby nails can be a real hassle if the kid scratches themselves by accident! However, it’s quite an intricate task to snip those tiny talons, and you will need a good pair of nail scissors!

No products found.

Snotsucker Saline Kit

Did you know after coming to this life, the little angels have to suffer an amniotic fluid in their sinuses? Essentially, the FridaBaby kit is a straw that helps you suck the snot from the baby’s nose with ease and hygiene.

Training Toothbrush

This banana toothbrush acts as a teether as well, thanks to soft, stretchy points babies can gnaw on. It offers an easy grip too, helping the infant learn the basic process of brushing their teeth.

Rest Sound Machine Night Light

Many people refuse to sleep without night lights, especially new parents. Should you be a close friend to the couple, try giving them a Hatch’s hi-tech light, which also functions as a sound machine for lulling. You can connect and control it with your smartphone!

Hospital Packing Kit for Labor, Delivery, Postpartum

For $100, you can obtain a useful kit of many baby shower gifts. In the delivery room, the mother will need a gown, underwear for easy disposal, grippy socks, a peri bottle. After the tough childbirth, ice maxi pads, perineal cooling pad liners, and healing foam are ready for her in a travel bag.

Herbal Mist

It’s a must for the new mommy after childbirth! Made from herbal extracts, it easily soothes the pained perineal muscles and relieves hemorrhoids. Sensitive skin? Not a problem! This product is absolutely friendly to postpartum women.

Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Whether she breastfeeds the baby or uses a bottle, the support during it is still a necessity. She might also utilize it for playtime, propping the little one up, or even for tummy time. It looks incredibly simple, but the quality is so high up there!

Fast Warmer

Parents will need a genius warmer to have the milk bottle ready for the infant in only a few minutes. It even has a defrost setting, which means it has many possible uses than keeping the mil warm. What do you think about late-night snacks for the preggo woman who always craves something?

Soft Sole Leather Moccasins

If you think the mommy-to-be has got everything she needs for that lifetime challenge, choosing some cute baby shower gifts is the best choice. Everyone will agree a pair of tiny shoes are more precious than anything else!

Baby Photo Album

Pregnancy and postpartum will mark many milestones and create memories that the family wants to keep forever. They will appreciate your thoughtful present and treasure the album for years on end.

Amazon Gift Card (Optional Amounts)

Are eGift cards insensitive as Baby Shower gifts? In some cases, but not for an expecting mother! If you haven’t had your own child, you wouldn’t know how useful these cards are when you need something in the middle of the night.

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Baby Shower gifts and parties are the greatest presents for the expecting mommy, as you all can have a good time together and create an unforgettable memory. If you need specific advice, leave a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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