Yoga Gifts for Yoga Lovers | TOP 20 Best Ideas For Yoga Enthusiast

I think we all have that friend who is head over heels for the art of yoga, and you can see how yoga has significantly spread its influence due to countless benefits it can do to our health. Besides usual gifts by occasions, wouldn’t you want to send them some yoga gifts and encourage them to maintain such a great hobby?

Tips when choosing yoga gifts

2020 hasn’t been kind to us all, and what do you get from spending too much time at home and working online non-stop? A very tired and restless body. I suppose that’s why yoga has gained even more recognition than before.

What people look for when they do meditation and yoga is a strong body, inner peace, and a lifestyle. To the yogis, balance, calmness, and chakra are the factors they would want in a yoga item. Although yoga mat is never out of the lists, there are many more choices than you can imagine.

Since more and more online yoga classes are being organized, we should consider neat equipment that can help the friends exercise in the limited space of their living room. However, the holiday season calls for ornaments and accessories too.

The sections in our list will satisfy adults and children, pros and beginners! If you aren’t a yogi but the list of yoga gifts below fuels your interests in this tranquil form of workout, it’s the best time to start!

Top 20 Gifts for Yoga Lovers in 2020

Yoga Gifts for Women

Yoga Socks

You might think socks are irrelevant for the yogis, but a pair of non-slip socks are essential to help them practice with confidence and without worry about slipping or falling. Furthermore, some yoga mats cause foot infections that we would never want to have!

Essential Oil Bracelet

Your hot fashionista will adore a bracelet made with amazonite in pastel colors! They only need to drip the oils into the black stones every couple of days to keep it functioning.

Chakra Stones

They might be pretty trinkets for us, but the yogi will want them in the center of energy she wants to open for concentrated strength and healing intentions.

Yoga Gifts for Men

Yoga Block & Strap Set

If he is planning to take his exercise to the next level, he will need this set of blocks and strap more than other yoga gifts. It helps the yogis try new difficult positions and gives them a firm grip.

Wave Roller

A Male’s body is usually less flexible, but this roller offers his muscles a nice release from the tension. The coolest thing about it is you can connect your smartphone with it and control the vibration intensity.

Unfilled Sandbag

Fill the bags with sand (or wheat and rice) and challenge yourself with a variable weight – how can a man say no to such a gift? You will have a variety of options for color as well!

Yoga Gifts for Kids

Yoga Pretzels

The vibrantly illustrated cards will give the yogis a relaxed time and coax the babies into trying yoga at the same time. You definitely need it if the recipient is a sporty family!

Yoga Lotus Necklace

The beautiful pendant necklace is such a gorgeous piece for the dainty neck. Although having no actual effect on the yoga practice, it symbolizes devotion and rebirth, which inspires the children to discover the art of yoga.

Yoga Pose Cookie Cutters

There is no better way to make children grow a passion for something than to have it threaded into their daily routine. Holiday baking will be more festive and cozy than ever with these adorable cookie cutters!

Gifts for Yoga Experts

Yoga Wheel

If the yogi friend is a veteran or an instructor, they will love to constantly improve their strength and perfect their postures. This wheel will roll between shoulders blades and under feet, on the back or abdomen.

Essential Oil Set

Including different scents from the most common (peppermint, lavender, jasmine) to the rarest (frankincense, eucalyptus, bergamot), this gift set can adjust to the yogi’s need and balance their mood!

Scented Candle Set

If essential oils are not the most compatible option, you might consider a set of candles with lavender and fig for a comfort gift! The materials are all natural and non-toxic!

Fun Yoga Gifts

Yoga Dice

No matter how much they love yoga, there will be tardy and lazy days when they need a source of entertainment to keep them going. It’s also a great way to make kids enjoy and engage with the activity.

Aerial Yoga Hammock

Help your yoga friend catch up with the trendy aerial yoga by giving them this hammock! In case you didn’t know, they say this new yoga style reduces back pain and improves flexibility.

Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner

Have you ever seen incense burning in a way that resembles a grandiose waterfall? It certainly will give the yoga lovers a soothing feeling aside from the pleasant scent.

Useful for Yogis

Yoga Mat Spray

If you have a nice mat, for sure you would like to keep them clean and extend their life as much as possible. Both of its sides have a non-slip texture that works on every type of surface, plus sufficient cushion support on your joints.

Meditation Sound Bowl

Only the experts know how important this set is for yoga lovers! It enhances the ability of spiritual practicing and offers a beautiful resonance for everyone who enjoys tranquility.

Therapy Yoga Gifts

Heating Mat with Magnetic Therapy

Yoga enthusiasts know exactly how wonderfully a healing mat can balance and purify the chakra inside of us. Not to mention, it also serves as a beautiful decoration item for the house.

Best Himalayan Salt Mix

Who doesn’t want a restorative and relaxing bath after an intense yoga session? You can use it for a bath soak or a body scrub! The light layer of bubbles ensures aromatherapy and enjoyment.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Outside of the practice room, the yogis can still have that peace for their soul as their room is filled with the most fragrant steam. Generally loved by the meditators, it has become a trendy yoga gift as well!

Fun FAQs about Yoga

What is a female yoga instructor called?

A female master in yoga is Yogini. In fact, it is an honorific for female spiritual teachers in Buddhist and Hindu. Also, a male instructor is Yogi.

What is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of a yoga session?

They usually chant ‘om’ as the mantra is considered to provide creativity and spiritual power. And, if you haven’t noticed, it is not difficult to pronounce at all.

What are the best yoga accessories?

Besides the gifts listed above, you still have many choices: a yoga bag to keep the mat clean, a bolster to provide comfort, or yoga books for the nerds!

Save the pins to your board of yoga gifts!

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If your recipient has a special liking other than what we have suggested, feel free to leave a comment for personal advice! I hope you will have great celebrations with our yoga gifts and probably find your interest in this kind of sport!

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