Gifts for Expecting Mothers | Guide & Review

Gifts for expecting mothers help you express how much you care about them during one of the most stressful and exhausting eras of their life. However, you might feel hesitant and worried since pregnant women are said to be extremely sensitive and bipolar. And that’s when we come in with a buying guide + top list for you!

Notices on Gifts for Expecting Mothers

Although the recipient would appreciate it as long as you think of her, there are still some important keys that you should keep in mind.

Give them something useful

Usually, expecting mothers will stay away from alcohol drinks, (random) cosmetic products, or high heels because those things are either harmful to them and the fetus or not useful at all. If you get them such gifts, they will easily fall into the train of thoughts that you don’t care about them.

Moreover, women need to do a lot of shopping for tonics and baby items during pregnancy, and purchases will help them save some money besides making their occasions joyful and unforgettable. After all, they are easily moved due to the change of hormones, and what they need is your honest adoration, not materials.

Sentimental and pampering gifts

As the new baby will receive most of the attention, it will be extremely nice of you to pay more attention to the mother instead. It can be scented candles, lotions, or beautiful clothes – whatever makes her feel good about herself. Also, keepsakes of the memory that the whole family will treasure and admire for years are good as a tender tug at her sensitive heart.

In my opinion, pregnancy dresses and books are honestly overrated. One, dresses aren’t the only stylish choice, and two, expecting women have little to read a hard copy.

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Top 20 Gifts for Expecting Mothers

As usual, Gift Ideas Corner is your trustworthy friend when it comes to carefully chosen presents for the most precious people in your life.

Expecting Mothers Healthcare

I would say this section tops the list of gifts for expecting moms!

Anti-Nausea Drink Mix

The morning sickness can ruin her day, but this doctor-approved supplement powder will reduce the nauseous feeling, prevent muscle cramping, and help her sleep well at night. You can mix it with every beverage.

Acupressure Wristband

If she wants to cure her morning nausea without consuming anything, this wristband is a must-try! Being a drug-free solution

Pregnancy Pillow

It might be troublesome for her to find a relaxing position once the baby bump starts to grow, but this pillow is made to conform to the shape and size of the body!

Back Massager

Pregnancy comes with happiness but also pain. Pain in the back, pain in the shoulders, pain everywhere – she needs the right massager to relieve her muscles from the unbearable tension!

Entertainment Gifts for Expecting Mothers

Kindle Paperwhite

For the young mom who loves to read, a portable e-reader that she can hold with one hand while multitasking and being productive. Lightweight, built-in & adjustable screen light, and a battery that lasts for a whole week – what else can we ask for?

Wood Sonogram-sized Frame

I would be surprised if the soon-to-be mom isn’t eager to show off this milestone of her life, and a sentimental gift can boost her mood like nothing else.

Celebrity Puzzler Super Book

By the 6th or 7th month, the doctor will probably advise the young mom to engage in less exhaustive tasks and relax more, but what if she gets bored of sitting on the same spot? A fun book including puzzles, acrostics, and word challenges will come in handy!

Gifts for the Stylish Mothers

Pampering Gift Set

The set includes everything you will need in a comforting gift: soap, scrub, bath salt, lip balm, candle, clay mask, and a sponge. The ingredients are all natural, hence no need to worry about negative effects on her health!

Pregnancy Compression Socks

High blood pressure during pregnancy might give her legs one hell of a time, hence she needs these compression socks to endure long activities.

Maternity Comfy Robe

If you are a fan of the gifts that will stay with the recipient for a long time, grab a comfy robe for the expecting mom right away! It is useful for her even postpartum and when breastfeeding.

Useful Gifts for Expecting Mothers

These gifts for expecting moms surely will make their daily routine so much easier!

Classic Vacuum Bottle

Women often feel thirsty when they are pregnant and breastfeeding, and an insulated bottle will preserve the quality of the drink all day long.

Mini Fridge

Normally, we will use this little buddy to store serums and cosmetics, but new mothers can utilize it for their baby’s milk and snack!

Instant Picture Printer

The new parents will have a good time capturing precious moments and printing them on paper instantly! Those photos will be lovely on the fridge or in a frame!

Beauty Gifts for Expecting Mothers

Skincare Oil

She needs to take her skincare more seriously than ever, and a pregnancy-safe oil for all skin types is the best solution for all dermis issues! It soothes stretch marks, hydrates skin, and leaves no greasy trace!

Collagen Cream

When the baby blue of postpartum is finally over, it’s time for her to cheer up and gain her youthful appearance back! The 11000 ratings on Amazon said enough about the quality of this cream!

Tummy Butter

So, you must have known how terribly stretch marks bother a woman, and she will find you incredibly thoughtful and sensitive if you send her such an essential gift.

For the mothers with cravings

Healthy Snack Basket

It’s completely normal for pregnant women to crave snacks at unusual hours, so what’s better than making sure they have their favorite treats within reach?

Prenatal Vitamins

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she can supply herself with beneficial vitamins for the baby while satisfying the urge to munch on something at the same time?

Caffeine-free Tea

For the mother whose caffeine consumption is under restriction, this floral raspberry tea is a perfect alternative. In addition, it might boost the uterus function for labor too!

Lactation Cookies Mix

She is in love with crunchy junk food and the menu for lactation is not looking good, but all problems are solved with these thistle-based cookies!

Fun FAQs about Gifts for Expecting Mothers

What to say when she is expecting?

The only right, polite thing to say when a woman announces such news is ‘congratulation’. You can entertain yourself with this interesting article about the worst remarks women tend to receive after sharing the great news (so you know to avoid spilling those comments!).

What gifts do expecting mothers really want?

Aside from our suggestions, there are plenty of things you can do for an expecting mom and make her incredibly. If she loves exercising and keeping her body fit, a yoga class pack or a membership in a gym will be an amazing present, for example. After all, it’s all about how much you understand about her!

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Still, motherhood is a personal matter, so the experience varies greatly for each individual. Therefore, I won’t claim these gifts for expecting mothers to work all the time unless you are only looking for something that will make her feel appreciated! And if you have any questions, feel free to leave feedback!

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