Gifts for New Moms | What Should You Buy?

Finding gifts for new moms is very different from other occasions. Cosmetics and accessories are not the priority, since she is most likely busy all day long taking care of the newborn. Instead, practical and thoughtful gifts will touch her heart. Now, what are those magical presents and where to find them?

Tips about Gifts for New Moms

Be creative

I’m not saying you need to find a unique and strange gift, but don’t succumb to the common train of thoughts and buy things like onesies, bottles, or diapers. The new mom might have too enough of those kinds of stuff already. Try to put yourself in her shoe. What would possibly make your new life as a mother easier?

Be thoughtful

Always ask yourself 2 questions:

  • Can she use it for herself and the baby?
  • Would it help her relax and entertain herself?

Having a baby makes the woman’s life revolve around a cycle: spending most of the time for the child and using the remaining for herself. Do you want to give her something functional and ease the burden or encourage her to rejuvenate? It’s all about priorities.

Top 20 Gifts for New Moms

Practical Gifts for New Moms

Robot Vacuum

She probably won’t have time for cleaning anymore, but the baby also gives her a hard time keeping the house clean, thus an automatic vacuum is always one of the most useful gifts for new moms.

Temperature-Control Mug

Let the little one be as grumpy as they want, her favorite drinks will never lose their temperature or spill over the mattress.

Amazon Echo Dot

She will be a multitasking mom with a smart device offering music streaming, thermostat control, alarm clock, and weather report. Who needs a TV or a laptop?

Instant Pot Duo

She will have a delicious meal after a few minutes just by pressing some buttons. The free time can be saved for the baby.

Gisele Tuxedo Robe

I love cotton, and so does the new moms. It caresses her skin and makes breastfeeding easy. When picking gifts for new moms, I’m honestly more inclined to get things that the mother can use.

Diaper Balm

Diapers might give the baby rashes and allergies, but a tube of petroleum-free beeswax will ease that worry off her mind. It is also not hard to wash off, unlike other creams!

Entertainment Gifts for New Moms

Amazon Kindle

For the young mom who loves to read, Kindle is a brilliant gift that allows her an easy time reading between the baby tasks that have been keeping her occupied.

Reusable Smart Notebook

The whole family can write down their memories on this smart note and erase the accident mistakes with a dampened cloth. No more wasted paper added to the already full bin!

Play Mat

When the baby has grown up a little, they will need a safe space to play. A portable and foldable mat will give the family such a good time.

Footprint Kit & Handprint Kit

For new moms, there is hardly anything better to look at than the prints of the baby’s hand and foot. This kit will produce the best decoration item.

Beauty Gifts for New Moms

Tummy Control Leggings

If she wants to get back to exercising as soon as the doctors give a green light, these leggings will provide support and versatility. You have various sizes and colors to choose from.

Shiatsu Foot Massager

You should always look for something like this massager in gifts for new moms. Obviously, it helps the tired mother relieve the tension in her muscles, which might be fairly weak after not practicing for so long.

Fitbit Charge 4

It is a new tracking device for fitness that encourages people to work out and exceed their goals. There are also app controls and notifications, so the user can still be productive while on their healthy walk.

Ice Roller

You don’t need to buy products with chemicals to help her maintain radiant skin! A hand-massager will improve the tautness and prevent wrinkles effectively.

Comfort Gifts for New Moms

Sleep Mask

Besides blocking the lights, the pods filled with tiny beads will put a comfortable weight on the eyes and create a calming effect. She deserves that much relaxation after hard-working hours.

Herbal Product Set

This set comes with a pretty box holding a body wash, belly oil, lip balm, and deodorant. They are 100% safe for the young mom and the baby!

Air Purifier

The air pollution in my city is quite terrible, and so I find it necessary to make sure none of that air gets to the baby. It is very light-weighted as well, therefore it won’t be dangerous if someone knocks it over.

Sleep Bra

The softest wireless bra can be her best friend all day and all night without adding to the stress she has.

Aromatherapy Balm Sticks

Albeit pleasantly scented, candles are not the best choice when you are with a newborn baby 24/7. She can pick one of five functions and apply it on the inner side of her wrists.

Explosion Photo Box

It looks like a normal gift box, but when you open it, you will find multiple layers of fun cards, stickers, and a built-in box.

You can get gifts for new moms from these lists:

Important Notices When You Visit a New Mom

Compliments are necessary

Giving birth to a baby angel is one of the noblest achievements in a woman’s life, but it’s also painful and draining. New moms will most likely be pale and tired, and they need positive compliments more than ever (1). Tell her she looks great and the baby is very lovely because it’s the truth.

Hygiene is important

I suppose you don’t know this tip since you won’t be here reading a guide about gifts for new moms, but mothers always want to change and shower after coming home before they snuggle with the babies. She will be more at ease if you do the same, plus the sensitiveness of the newborn’s skin.

Don’t bring your children

No matter how much she adores babies, it’s sensible of you to keep them at home and give the newborn the well-deserved spotlight. Furthermore, are you sure the children won’t be pouty and accidentally spoil her relaxation time?

Be attentive

Pay attention to her expression. She might be tired if the conversation goes on for too long, or she needs to feed the baby but feels shy because of your presence. Also, keep your opinion to yourself! Things like ‘He is so skinny’ or ‘She is so fat’ are very insensitive to say.

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You would need to be very careful when choosing gifts for new moms as well as visiting them because they are extremely sensitive physically and mentally. Expensive gifts won’t be as suitable as small but sincere and useful presents.

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