Game of Thrones Gifts for Fans of the Series

Even though the series has ended in controversy, the vividly painted world still attracted a decent number of followers all over the planet, and it’s not too late for you to send your friends a few Game of Thrones gifts and possibly make them fall in love with the film again and again!

Notices about Game of Thrones Gifts

Since they belong to the category of gifts by interest, you won’t need a special occasion to send them. Though, when it comes to a hobby, you might want to study the recipient’s preferences thoroughly!

I mean, if the enthusiast you have in mind aggressively supports a character (Daenerys the Mama Dragon, for example), it will be insensitive of you to give them something related to the character’s enemy!

However, you don’t need to watch the whole series or read the books! There is a great summary of plots and character relations right here. If the recipient isn’t too biased on any character, it will still give you a good view of the overall story.

Furthermore, as always, you should consider their needs and see if they need an entertainment item or something useful, as well as trivial matters like their favorite colors!

TOP 20 Game of Thrones Gifts

Carefully selected from the most favorite items of GoT fans on the internet, this gift list is sure to impress!

GoT Socks Gift Set

The pack includes 12 pairs that are more than enough for your friend to use or share with their family! You can use them as an addition to the main gift you have for them as well! One purchase, plenty of uses.

Throne Egg Cup

We only know Eggard Stark, Cersegg Lannister, and Eggon Targaryen, thanks to Firebox, but the point is this silly cup seems much cooler with those puns! A fan of Game of Thrones wouldn’t want to miss out!

Game of Throne Gift Glass

Worry not, they also have Lannister and Targaryen cups, in case you are looking for them! Honestly, you will need a fun cup and your favorite drink to get through the final season! =))

‘Dinner is Coming’ Apron

Spice the kitchen sessions up with a fun apron, and your man won’t feel coerced to help you with the meal. What if he is already a pro chef? It can only be more fun for him!

‘Dinner is Coming’ Board

If you like the apron, there is no reason to not get a similar cutting board and make them both an irreplaceable set in your house! Step back, dragons! Dinner is coming, and it’s far more powerful!

Grill/Oven Gloves

Don’t mind my addiction to kitchen tools… But if you have two items inspired by Game of Thrones, why not equip yourself with the thick gloves to protect your hands from the heat?

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official GoT Cookbook

A true fan won’t let the smallest details go unnoticed, they will certainly love to try the dishes that appeared in all seasons of the series. Westeros cuisine, here we come! Another interesting fact is George R.R. Martin approved and introduced this book to us himself!

McFarlane Action Figures

Is the friend you want to send gifts unhappy with the ending of GoT? Well then, they would be more than happy to create the conclusion they want to see or focus on their favorites. If you are curious, I pour all my attention into Arya Stark.

Dragon Glass Flask

For a friend who loves everything that makes their indoor bar fancy and unique, you might grab one of these flasks with a dragon label! They will get to see and use it every day!

The Official Game of Thrones Coloring Book

A softie will feel uneasy with the gory scenes while still feeling intrigued to go on, and they will need lovely pictures with some colored pencils to relieve themselves from the tension. It is a good way to pass the free time as well!

Tyrion USB Drive (16GB)

Tyrion is such a perfect face for a USB drive that we use for keeping our little secrets, but you have Daenerys, Night King, Jon Snow, and more as your options!

Mother of Dragon Wine Glass

For the Khaleesi in your life, AKA your mom… ‘The Winter is Coming’, and why wouldn’t we keep our most important lady warm from inside out? The engraved quote will stay forever!

Game of Thrones Monopoly

As the GoT series is great for binge-watching with your family, it also makes a very intense game for your weekend gathering! All aspects are customized, so it won’t be like any monopoly set you have seen!

Game of Thrones Music Box

Enough with the witty and cute Game of Thrones gifts, this box is for you if you are looking for something with a dark, gloomy vibe. Besides, you can customize it with a short quote or a sentiment!

4D Cityscape Puzzle

I think all fans will agree that the opening credit of the show is a grandiose and spectacular scene, thus they would love to construct the landscape with this set of 260 pieces. I guarantee it can’t be more frustrating than the final season…

Game of Thrones Tarot Cards

It’s totally normal for people who love fantasy series to enjoy the mystery of reading tarot cards. If you happen to know a tarot enthusiast, wait no longer to purchase this one of these Game of Thrones gifts for them!

Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros

Again, for people who love the opening credit of this series, they can’t ever resist the urge to play with perfectly crafted and arranged pop-up recreations. It features 5 spreads in total and numerous mini pops for the lavish King’s Landing, the Wall, and Winterfell, with insightful texts relaying the rich history of the Seven Kingdoms.

Sigil String Lights

Having a marathon through all seven seasons is a Christmas activity they won’t want to skip! You can help them set the mood for it with a string of lights inspired by the House Sigils.

‘A Song of Ice and Fire’: Leather-Bound Collection

If they have enjoyed the brutality displayed by the graphics, they will love the books even more. For people who have only read the novel on the internet, this set will be a precious addition to their bookshelf.

Fire & Blood: 300 Years Before a Game of Thrones (A Targaryen History)

Last but not least, a diehard fan won’t miss any chance to own this prequel and read ahead of the upcoming show. The book tells a story from 300 years before the events in the GoT series. We can be sure it won’t have an ugly ending!

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Although I have subtly slandered the last season many times (can you blame me???), the series still has many aspects to look up to, and I know Game of Thrones gifts still have their solid position in the fans’ priority chart. I hope you will enjoy the series (if you decide to give it a try) and have a blasting celebration with your friends!

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