Extensive Guide to Funny Gifts for Brother | 10+ Hillarious Gifts for Brother

Brothers are pretty great. They’re always there for you and when they do something wrong, they usually apologize. But sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift for a brother that isn’t too personal or is just funny enough to make him laugh. If you’re looking for ideas on what funny gifts for brother to get this holiday season, I’ve got a few suggestions!

Considerations before picking funny gifts for brother

1. Take into account his personality and mental age

  • Do you have a brother who is always laughing and joking around with you? If he’s always coming up with new pranks and tricks on you or other family members, then get him something that gives him an original idea – like this book of “The One Minute Prank Book! 250 Quick and Easy Pranks & Practical Jokes“.
  • If your older sibling has grown into adulthood but still finds humour in farting in inappropriate situations (or even just innocent ones) then we’ve got some great ideas: such as air horn bike seat, chocolate body paint, and tarantula petting zoo.
  • A serious and more adult minded person might be grateful for something they can really use or appreciate that doesn’t seem like too much of a joke. At that case, we have suggestions like the Tiny House (a real, livable tiny house), a large print copy of “The Bible: King James Version” or this really cool looking hand-made leather laptop bag.
He's not your little brother anymore. These are the perfect funny gifts for him! From a novelty gift set that will make him laugh to something he can wear on his head, these items will be sure to get a chuckle out of big bro'. What better way to say "I love you" than with some laughs? #funny gifts for big brother

2. What do they like to do for fun?

  • If your brother loves football, try one of these funny gifts for football lovers: a personalized NFL jersey, an official looking “NFL Coach” visor or this really cool Nike Elite Football Backpack.
  • If your brother is into video games, we have some great ideas too! Like the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – with detachable joysticks and motion controls – which makes it perfect to play Mario Kart on the go. You could also get them something like this fully functional RC car that’s remote controlled by their smartphone so they can race in real time against you from anywhere.
  • Or if Lego building is more what he likes then there are plenty of options available !

3. What’s their favorite food, color, song, movie etc.?

Buy your brother something that matches their interests or personality.

  • If they’re into video games and like playing on a PlayStation, get them some new games to play! A good one I recommend is Marvel’s Spiderman for PS Plus Subscribers if he likes the game but doesn’t want to buy it because of how expensive it is.
  • Maybe your brother loves food (who doesn’t) so get him this Fork & Knife knife set which includes 12 different colors of knives, all with high quality stainless steel blades – perfect for any kitchen enthusiast! This would be especially great as a housewarming gift too.
  • How about their favorite TV show or sports team – a good gift can relate to these things, like a match ticket or TV show merchandise.
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4. Consider how much money you want to spend on them

  • The next step is to consider how much money you want to spend on them. Price can be a determining factor in what gift they get from you, therefore it’s important that this decision is made before looking at all the options out there. A good thing about being an older brother or sister is that you don’t have as many things to buy for your sibling so usually more time and thought goes into each present rather than just going with something cheap because of limited funds.
  • It doesn’t need to cost anything close to $100 but if budgeting isn’t really your strong suit then aim for somewhere between 30-50 dollars which covers pretty much any funny practical gifts ideas such as wacky slippers, funny socks or even ice cream.
Big brothers are awesome. They protect you from your mom and dad's wrath, they're the best playmate, and sometimes even a co-conspirator in shenanigans. Here are 10 inexpensive gifts that will make any big brother happy - or at least less likely to give you the side eye when you pull out some of those tricks on them! #funny diy gifts for brother

5. Remember that it’s not just about the gift itself but also about giving it with love and care!

Dont forget to put a hand note or funny message inside the card to let your brother know how much you care. There’s nothing better than a thoughtful gift that shows consideration, so if it takes more time and effort then bear with it because in the end this will be appreciated by anyone who gets even just one of these gifts.

A few last words

I hope this list of gifts for your brother has helped you find some great ideas. There are so many things that people love to give their siblings, but these items should make it a little easier on the gift-giver! If you have any other suggestions or questions about what would be good birthday presents for my brother, feel free to reach out in the comments below and let me know.

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