Funny Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers

We all know that Secret Santa is a time-honored tradition, but with so many funny secret santa gift ideas for coworkers out there how do you choose? It can be hard to find the perfect funny secret santa gift idea for your coworker. That is why we’ve created this guide of funny secret santa gifts to help you get started!

Things to mind about funny secret santa gift ideas for coworkers

1. Choosing a funny gift is always a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Many companies have secret santa ideas for work that are really funny. This is a great way to not only get the attention of your coworker but also show them you put in some thought into it!

  • If you’re feeling extra creative, then this is a perfect opportunity to create something with your own personal touch. No one has seen these funny gifts before so make sure they will be happily surprised when they receive their funny secret santa gift from you!
  • Whether it’s an off-the-wall joke about office culture or just giving out novelty items like fake mustaches, there are plenty of options available on sites such as which can help give people inspiration – all while being affordable
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2. Make sure your gift isn’t too personal, or else it might be inappropriate.

Many Secret Santa gift ideas are funny gifts, but just because it’s funny doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Your coworker may not be comfortable with a joke that goes too far or is innately personal – only they’ll know when to say stop.

  • For example , funny secret santa gift ideas for work that are funny but inappropriate include giving out gag gifts related to a coworker’s weight or gender.
  • Avoid any funny secret santa gift idea with the potential of being too sensitive, such as religion -related items, or that could seem sexual in nature. And if you’re still not sure about your funny secret santa gift idea for coworkers, then it’s better to err on the side of caution and be funny but safe!

It can really ruin someone’s Christmas if their funniest thing turns out to be something that makes them feel uncomfortable!

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3. Consider the person’s sense of humor

Are they an introvert or extrovert?

  • If they are introverted, they might enjoy the sillier, less-intense jokes and personal touches better than a funny secret santa gift idea with more of an edge!
  • However, if your coworker is extroverted then they may prefer something funnier like novelty items or gag gifts. These types of funny secret santa gift ideas for coworkers can help them put on their best “inappropriate” Christmas sweater face at every office party this season – which they’ll love you all the more for it!

In either case, make sure to research what type of humor your coworker prefers before making any final funny christmas present choices as some people really don

Do they have any allergies or dietary restrictions?

  • If they do, then it’s best to avoid funny secret santa gift ideas that may be in the form of food.

4. If you’re not sure what to give someone, try giving them something that will make their life easier

Do you know if your funny christmas present will work for their hobbies or interests?

  • Sometimes people are funny but not interested in doing anything with their hands – so no jewelry!
  • But other times, someone might have a hobby like knitting (or even crochet) and would appreciate some tools for their craft from this year’s funny Christmas presents

If you feel like your funny secret santa gift idea is a little too generic then there are always other options.

  • For example, if someone’s in charge of stocking snacks for everyone at work and they’re currently low on supplies it could be worth giving them some chips so the next time they go shopping their cart will have more to choose from!
  • After all, funny gifts don’t necessarily need to make people laugh – just as long as the recipient likes what they receive that’s all that matters.

This way not only do you get an easy opportunity to give them something funny but also help out with one of their responsibilities which any busy person would appreciate.

5. Is there upcoming events in December?

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Don’t forget about any personal events coming up throughout December because these can make great funny secret santa gifts too.

If someone has an upcoming birthday or anniversary – as well as all those winter holidays such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa-then consider giving funny secret santa gift ideas for work that are funny and festive!

Here’s a list of funny secret santa gifts to get you started:

  • Personalised Mugs with witty sayings (perhaps related to the office or building)
  • A funny card from your local stationery store. Keep it clean, but let them know they’re appreciated – no matter what time of year.
  • Goat cheese spoons as novelty items because who doesn’t love goat cheese? This funny Christmas present is sure to go down well with any close friend or family member.


If you’re struggling to find a funny secret santa gift idea for your coworker, these are some of the best ideas we found. We hope this list helps! Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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