Best Funny Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Christmas is coming up, and you’re still looking for that perfect gift to give your coworkers. You know they are all different- so it can be tough to figure out what will make them laugh the most! But we have some ideas that should help you find the perfect funny gift ideas for coworkers.

Considerations when choosing funny gift ideas for coworkers

1. Give them a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

A gift card to their favorite restaurant is a great way for them to get food that they love- and you can’t go wrong with getting your coworkers something that they really want.

This also works as a win-win because it’s usually less expensive than giving an actual present, but still shows thoughtfulness on behalf of the giver!

Most restaurants will give cards in denominations from $25-$100, so there should be plenty of options depending on how much you’re looking to spend.

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2. Get them something they can use at the office

These are usually items that coworkers will appreciate because they’re things they can use at the office. We’ve got some below:

  • A set of silly sticky notes with messages written in various fonts and designs
  • Scratch n’ sniff stickers in assorted smells (think bacon and weed)
  • Mugs with jokes printed on them such as “I’m sorry I spilled coffee all over my keyboard”

Depending on how well you know your coworker, it may be a good idea to get them something related to their job or hobby as opposed to something generic like a coffee mug- but for those who don’t have any hobbies outside of work this is an easy choice!

3. Buy them some stationery for their desk – pens, sticky notes, and notebooks .

Funny desk gifts are always a great gift to anyone, and they’re certainly something that your coworkers would use- not to mention that it’s one of the few items you can get someone for an average price.

Most stationery is inexpensive in general ($30-$40) so if you want to buy multiple things this might be a good idea! We have some suggestions below:

  • Pens with jokes printed on them such as “It’s never too late” or “A writer writes because he cannot help himself”
  • Notebooks with silly sayings by famous writers imprinted on them
  • Desk organizer to help them keep their work space clean

The important thing is to tailor the gift so it’s something they’re going to appreciate- and not just think “oh, I already have one,” when opening it!

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4. Consider getting your coworker an inexpensive but thoughtful gag gift that will make them laugh 

Some options for snarky gifts for coworkers that won’t break the bank include

  • Rubber Chicken: A classic joke gift would be a rubber chicken- this is an inexpensive option that’s sure to make people laugh
  • Socks with jokes on them: For those who don’t like giving other people clothes (for whatever reason), socks are a great idea because it can fit any size foot  and there’s no risk of being wrong about
  • Gag Calendars : If your coworker is the type of person who has a sense of humor, then it might be worth getting them one for Christmas. These calendars are usually under $20 and come in various designs- there’s definitely something to please anyone!

If you still have some money to spend after these items then we recommend getting a mug or something related to their favorite hobby- but they’re also small enough as not to be too expensive.

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5. Put together a care package full of snacks to share with coworkers when you’re working late one night

This is a great idea for those who work with people outside of their office and would like to show appreciation.

Care packages are usually filled with snacks that can help keep your energy up when you’re working late at night- so if you’re looking for funny gift ideas for coworkers then this might be a good option!

There’s no limit on what could go into the care package, but some suggestions include granola bars, protein shakes (to make sure your coworker gets enough nutrients), or even chips- just remember not to put anything too messy in there!

6. Write your coworker’s name on the back of their favorite candy bar in permanent marker so they know it’s from you!

This is a relatively inexpensive gift that your coworker will appreciate because it’s personalized and unique.

It’s also something they’ll be able to use as a treat later on – not to mention the fact that there are so many different types of candy bars out there, there’s no way you could get this wrong! Some options include:

  • The Hershey Kisses bar (which come in an assortment of flavors)
  • The Milky Way bar (any flavor!)
  • Those M&M’s with messages printed on them such as “Be Yourself” or “You’re My Favorite Person EVER!”


This article will provide many ideas for funny gifts that you can purchase your coworkers this holiday season. From stationary to coffee mugs, we have suggestions for every type of budget! We also discuss the important topic of giving a gift from the heart- some great gifts are ones that show appreciation or gratitude. Lastly, we recommend creating a care package full of snacks and goodies so they’ll know how much you appreciate them when they’re working late at night!

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