It’s the Dirty Santa Gifts Exchange!

It’s the Dirty Santa Gifts Exchange, and you’re expected to bring a gift! What should you do? Should you come unprepared or show up with something awesome? This guide will help you choose the perfect dirty santa gifts for everyone on your list.

Considerations when choosing Dirty Santa Gifts

1. Consider interests of the person you are buying for

Do they like to read? Do they love games? Are you buying for someone who is stressed out and needs a break from life? Consider what the person would enjoy most.

  • If they love games, a Possible dirty Santa Gifts Idea is Chess set with pieces made of porcelain; “The One Year Bible” by Tyndale House Publishers; Slatsies Movie Collection – Full Series Box Set on. Or else maybe a board game or card game would be the perfect dirty santa gift!
  • If they love to read, maybe a book is best.
  • If they are stressed and need a break from life, consider buying them something that will help relax them like scented candles or soothing music.

You can find dirty santa gifts for everyone in these categories: games for adults, books about faith and spirituality, funny movies on DVD/Bluray, relaxing bath products (bubbles), kitchen gadgets (like cheese graters)

Dirty Santa Gifts

2. What is your budget for gifts?

Normally the party holder should define the price limit for all bad santas joining, and it shouldnt be too expensive.

  • If you want to go with inexpensive presents, you can find bad santa gifts in the $20-25 range. With this you can go with a book, a DVD or Blu-Ray movie, puzzle game, etc.
  • But if you are looking for something a little more expensive then try dirty santa presents that cost around $30-$50, like an iPad Mini with Wi-Fi and 32GB; Star Wars: The Force Awakens Steelbook Bluray + Digital HD combo pack; Amazon Echo Dot – Black
  • If your budget is unlimited, go crazy and buy some amazing dirty Santa Gifts! Possible Ideas: Luxury bath bomb set; an autographed limited edition book from their favorite author; Red Dead Redemption II on PlayStation®Store or Xbox One Store

3. What type of dirty santa game will be played?

What type of bad santa game are you playing: individual or group?

  • If the bad santa game is played individually, the gift cost may not matter too much.
  • If it’s just a small group, give everyone an equal amount of money or points to spend. It should be around $20 – $50 range.
  • If dirty santa is in a large group, let’s get some cheap but fun things like candy, candles, nail polishes, etc.

The dirty santa game is usually played to find out who brought which gift for every person in the group! So make sure you’re prepared with your dirty Santa Gifts Ideas ready.

A game of Dirty Santa, also known as White Elephant or Yankee Swap is a fun holiday tradition. These are some dirty santa gift ideas to get you started and on your way to the perfect gift! #bad santa gift ideas australia

4. If giving cash as presents, make sure that it won’t be too difficult to divide evenly among all participants .

  • If dirty santa is in a big group, it can be difficult to give everyone the same amount of cash. This is where points come into play! Each dirty Santa either buys their own present or provides enough money for each person on their list so that they will have an equal number of points at the end. Points are earned by making dirty Santas exchanges and buying gifts from other people’s dirty Santa lists.
  • If you’re not confident about being able to divide up your cash evenly among all participants, then think about assigning different point values that correspond with spending limits per person participating in dirty santa games. For example, if someone has $20 worth of presents but there are 20 players playing dirty santas, assign $0.50 worth of points to $20 and you’ll have 20 dirty Santas with the same amount!
  • If there is a total limit for dirty Santa gifts, be sure that everyone will end up with an equal number of points by adding their individual cash or point amounts together before dividing them evenly among all participants.
  • Now that we know how dirty santa gift exchanges work, let’s go find some great presents from our favorite retailers! Loads of dirty Santa Gifts Ideas are available at Amazon: cool games; funny movies on DVD/Bluray combo pack; relaxing bath products (bubbles); kitchen gadgets (like cheese graters)
 Give your friends a hilarious, inappropriate gift this year. Our dirty santa gifts are perfect for any occasion. Choose from our wide variety of naughty items that will leave them in stitches! We have all sorts of stuff to make their holiday season merry and bright - or just downright filthy. Whatever you want it to be, we're here to help! So grab one of these wonderful presents and get ready for some laughs with this group present exchange game idea! It's sure to give everyone a great time at your next Christmas party. Merry Xmas everyone :) #dirty santa games with dice rules

5. Always bring more than one present so that no one has to go without something good!

One way to make sure no one goes without something good during bad santa games is always bring more than one gift with you when you go shopping. That way if someone else gets assigned your name, then they won’t need to get anything else because there will be another item waiting for them already wrapped up.

6. Make sure your gift has top-notch wrapping!

Wrapping always plays an important role in Bad Santa Party. Be sure that your gift has top-notch wrapping paper.

You can buy it from the store or make your own bad santa wrapping paper.

Make the game even funnier by putting some tricks on your wrapping, like having a really fancy and outstanding wrapping for a really cheap gag gift (like a rubber band).

A few last words

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post about dirty santa gift buying. It can be difficult to buy the right gifts and not spend too much money in one go, so we’ve come up with a few guidelines that should help make this process easier. Also remember that if you don’t have any ideas on what makes an appropriate present or want more ideas, feel free to contact us anytime! Happy shopping!

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