How to Get A Sweet 16 Birthday Gift

The sweet 16 birthday gift marks a milestone in life and it should be celebrated with style. But, what do you get for someone who’s practically an adult? We’ve got some ideas of sweet 16 birthday gifts that will make your child feel loved on this big day!

Things to mind about Sweet 16 Birthday Gift

1. Consider the personality of the person you’re buying for

There are many sweet 16 birthday gift ideas to choose from, but it’s important to take into consideration the personality of your child. Choose a sweet sixteen present that will suit their needs and interests!

  • If they are an outdoorsy, adventurous type, your sweet 16 birthday gift might be a camping kit.
  • If they are more of an introvert and would prefer something personalized like monogrammed clothes, you could give them a customized knitting set so they can envision the perfect sweater for themselves! It’ll make it feel like your sweet sixteen was tailor-made just for them.
  • 16-year-old teenagers are likely to be sensitive and sometimes take things negatively. If your giftee is one, consider “Cards Against Humanity” – This card game has been popular since its release in April 2011. It’s hilarious, completely customizable, and will teach your teen how not to be too sensitive about any topic you can think of. They’ll love learning new phrases while laughing as they play cards against each other!

Consider what they’re interested in most or if you know them better than anyone else then ask yourself “What would be my perfect sweet sixteen?” If not then think about who does know them well and get their opinion on sweet 16 birthday gifts.

Sweet 16 Birthday Gift

2. Think about their interests and hobbies

You could make sure your present will be used if it’s related to the recipient’s favourite activites.

  • If the person is a gamer, buy them sweet 16 birthday presents of their favorite game or console!
  • If they are into music and art, you could get them an easel or artist’s sketchbook.
  • If they’re into sports, a sweet 16 birthday gift might be tickets to their favorite team’s game or autographed memorabilia.
  • If they’re into fashion, you could buy sweet 16 birthday presents like clothes or accessories that are of their style.

This goes without saying but if the person is into arts and crafts then any of those items would be a sweet sixteen gift idea! If not, there’s always sweet 16th birthday present ideas like books on photography for budding photographers as well as games for people who have an interest in board games.

3. Consider what they might not have or need that is in your budget range

Consider your budget when looking at sweet sixteen gifts. Anything that you can afford to buy the person is a thoughtful way of showing them how much they mean to you!

If you want to go with inexpensive choices, consider sweet 16 birthday presents like:

  • A backpack
  • A journal, pen and notebook for writing down thoughts or doodles.
  • A personalized sweet 16 shirt with fun print and color scheme
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If the budget is larger, there’s a lot for you to choose:

  • A sweet 16 birthday gift basket with goodies like an apple pie, lip gloss or a drink
  • Gift cards for things the person might not have-like movies and gaming
  • Tickets to their favorite show. It’s always fun going together to watch it live rather than waiting until you see it on TV! You can also buy them tickets in advance so they will know when to plan ahead for date night.
  • An awesome photo book of photos from your relationship that will be filled out with sweet sixteen presents – this is perfect for sweet 16 gift ideas for friend. This is where having pictures of memories come in handy because everyone loves looking at old pictures sometimes.
  • A nice camera for taking pictures to document this special day (and scrapbooking!)

4. Look into any upcoming events happening where a gift would be appropriate

A good way to make sure your gift is useful is to get them something for upcoming important event in their life.

  • If prom graduation is coming, some 16th birthday gift ideas for girl can be a pair of shoes, dress or jewelry.
  • If the giftee is preparing to go away for university, then sweet sixteen birthday gifts that are useful for university, like notebooks or a backpack is the best option.
  • If they are going on trip, sweet 16th birthday gifts like a passport holder, or typical things to protect you from outside weather like sunscreen, sunglasses.
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If you know they have other special events coming up in your area then make sure your sweet sixteen gift is perfect for those occasions too!

5. Ask them if they want anything specific that you can’t find 

If you’re struggling to find sweet 16 birthday ideas, then ask the person what they would like.

Another way is to ask their friends or family for advice on his/her dream gifts.

If nothing works, how about check their social media to catch a glimpse of their interests?

There are so many sweet sixteen gifts around; it’s just a matter of finding out your giftee’s tastes! Do you have an idea? Share it below in the comments section so we can see if it gets picked for publication on our blog!

6. If all else fails, buy them an experience instead!

If you’re looking for sweet 16 gifts ideas, consider a fun adventure! Gifts like this are the best because they create memories and make sure that both parties get something out of it.

  • A day at Six Flags with lunch included will cost around $150-200 per person, which means it’s a great option if money is tight this year!
  • Another idea is to invest in their future by giving them an experience gift-like paying off tuition at university or getting them VIP tickets to one of the hottest shows on Broadway.
  • Sweet sixteen birthday gifts don’t have to be expensive if your giftee wants someone special time with you too, then maybe plan a date night so they can enjoy being treated well before starting things off as adults! You will remember this sweet 16th present forever and hopefully not just for what’s inside.


This sweet 16th birthday gift guide should be enough to help you find the perfect sweet sixteen birthday gifts for your teen! Is there anything we missed? Share it below in the comments and let us know what you think.

Thank you for reading our blog post so far! Hopefully it helped. Happy Shopping!

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