100 Date Night Ideas: Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

We all loving going on dates because of that feeling that comes with having some time alone with your beloved one. To those of us who are in a relationship or those who are planning on getting into one, we all know how 90% of our dates are if not all. Most dates involve eating and drinking and that’s all.

There is more to date than having meals and drinks. As a human being, our mind and body tend to get bored if we keep doing the same things over and over again. The world is full of different people who are different in how they perceive things including romantic date night ideas or fun date night ideas.

Date Night Ideas

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1. Be a tourist.

As uncommon and boring as it may sound, this is one of the fun date night ideas that will leave memories that will be inscribed in your heart. This is an idea that will also enable you to know your neighborhood better.

2. Become a photographer.

Some memories can be forgotten but with photos take, this will remind you of all the awesome moments you shared. Women love photos and during your photography date take several photos of her alone and also take pictures of you together.

3. Go to a club

This is one of the cheapest date night idea that will help you loosen up. Although most people will tell you that they are not clubbed people because they do not drink, going to a club doesn’t mean you must take an alcoholic drink. There are several drinks that are not alcoholic.

4. Play pool

The greatest and sweetest feeling is the feeling of winning. Why not strike some pool and compete with your partner? This a very good date night for a married couple. Do not forget to win as you play and enjoy the rest of the night.

5. Do some shopping

This is a late date night idea that will help you in knowing the kind of things your partner love. One thing you need to know is that you do not need to buy everything so this is one of those cheap date night ideas that will not drain your money.

6. Make a water park.

this may sound so childish but who said you can’t be childish at heart? This is at home date night idea that will give you some private fun time with your partner as you get to sprinkle your partner with water and get to play around like kids

7. Go on a night trip

Are you ever busy and do not have the time to get to enjoy with your partner? Why not go on a night trip with your partner? Buy some drinks and food and get to have fun and enjoy the night with your spouse. This is a must at home date night idea that every couple should try.

8. Join a race competition.

As a couple, you should register at a race competition together. This will make you to always have to meet and rehearse for the competition. As creepy as it may sound, running at night is very romantic and fun when you are with your partner.

9. Manage your home bar.

This is a late date night idea for a couple who love drinking. Get to learn how to mix drinks and stock all the drinks you love and get to enjoy this fun date night with your spouse.

10. Watch a comedy show.

Laughter will always remain to be the best medicine. This a free late night date idea when your wallet is not so well. Get your partner to get to smile and laugh till they are smacking the table. What is more fun than that?

11. Go on a midnight drive

There is always that peace that comes with driving and not forgetting the cool air that you will be breathing. You can also put your favourite songs as you drive and even scream at your loudest voice

12. Cook together

Why not try experimenting? This at-home date night idea that is very romantic and is very cheap. Just buy all the ingredients you need and cook your favourite meal. You can even try a new recipe. do not be afraid that this may go wrong. You will be surprised how good you can be.

13. Bake a cake

Who doesn’t love sweet thing? There is something about cake and couples that can never be explained. It can only be felt! This is one of those romantic date night ideas that will get your partner smiling and it also helps you to get to have a talk as you bake.

14. Star watching

This is the most fun date night idea that you must try doing with your partner. You can take a long drive and find a place which is high and spread a blanket and enjoy the view. Try and spice it up with drinks and you could even cuddle as you enjoy this romantic moment.

15. Take a stroll

There are a lot of free date night ideas that you could do including taking a stroll around your neighbourhood. There are several things you could do as you stroll including kissing and holding hands. Before you take that late stroll date, make sure your neighbourhood is safe.

16. Try out karaoke

Some of us love singing but we can’t sing because we think we have horrible voices. No mo. worries. Try a sing karaoke and sing and dance to your heart’s desire. It doesn’t matter how good or horrible your voice is. This is actually a good way of relieving your stress.

17. Play truth or dare

This at-home date night idea will help you to get to know your partner more. Ask all the questions you have ever wanted to ask your spouse but couldn’t get the courage to do so. Do all those crazy and weird dare you have ever thought of, after all, it’s a truth or dare game.

18. Go camping

This is a good date night idea for a married couple who may not have a lot of time. You all know how busy you can get when you are married. There is a lot of office work waiting for you and by the end of the day, you are very tired. Why not try camping it could be in one of the places you love or even just in your back yard.

19. Try something naughty

We all know how good it feels to be naughty. As a couple trying something naughty or something you thought then you could never have done could really help you to spice and have fun in your relationship.

20. Go to a concert

There are several concerts that are being held this love season. You can try and check all the available concerts and choose the one that best fits you together as a couple. This can be done online or you could ask around.

21. Reminiscence your first date

Most of us, if not all, our first date is a memory that is engraved in our hearts. Is there any better feeling that going back to how you first met? Recreating this memory could take your relationship to a better place that you’ve never imagined.

22. Have dinner at 5 different restaurant

Has expensive as it may sound, having a 5 meal course at five different restaurants is one of the fun date night ideas that every couple should try. Have one course at each of your favourite restaurant.

23. Go swimming

Swimming could help you relax. Buy some drinks and go to the nearest pool and have some fun. Get into the water and you can even decide to compete.

24. Go to the beach

The cool breeze found on the beach is something that should not be missed. Take your partner to the beach and you can just lay down and enjoy this beautiful moment. You could even stargaze as you lay there.

25. Go to a book store

The knowledge and wisdom found in books is something that should not be neglected. Go to the nearest bookstore or library and get to check books that could help you in improving and having a good relationship.

26. Light a fireplace

Why not spice your relationship this valentine by lighting a fire? Lighting a fire has always created a romantic and peaceful atmosphere that everyone loves. You can even make this at home date night idea more fun by buying some drinks and snacks and even watch a movie as you sit at the fireplace.

27. Play some childhood games

Being a child is something that every adult desire to. What would it cost you by just taking an hour or so playing and doing all things that kids love doing? You will be surprised at how happy you will be and how fun this activity can get.

28. Play food games

Food is very essential for each and every one of us. Did you know that playing food games can change your mood from sad to happy in an instance? Playing around with food is every couple date night jar idea.

29. Go to the spa

The tranquillity and peace found in a spa is the reason why they are always full. This is one of those romantic date night ideas that couples cannot resist. There is nothing better than enjoying your partner’s company as you relax your mind and body.

30. Go to a party

Most couples tend to do all their dates indoor. Why not try attending a party and have a time of your life with your partner. Drink and dance to your favourite song.

31. Be rained on

Although this can only happen if there is rain, can it be hard to create your own rain? You can even have a shower together and let the water drip on you as you make out. There is something about the rain that has couples tripping. This is date night ideas for married couples.

32. Get it going in the car

This is a late date night jar idea that every couple dream of. Making out and having some fun in the car is something that reminds us when we were in college and how sneaky people could get. Remember how scared you were of people finding you?

33. Teach each other a new language

There is no harm in getting to learn a new language. There are several languages that are in the world. Although we cannot learn all of them, you can teach another one of the languages that you have ever wanted to know.

34. Go cycling

Couple cycling should be date night jar idea for every couple. Cycling is not only good for your body but it is also a fun idea for a couple especially if done at night.

35. Plan a vacation of your dreams

We all have that dream vacation that we have always wanted to go to. Take some time with your partner and get to look for all the places you have ever wanted to go to. Choose your destination and plan on how you want it to be.

36. Go to a film festival

Attending a film festival and getting to watch the film at your nearest cinema is more fun than you can imagine. Do not make your dates boring by doing the same routine over and over again. try something new like going to a film festival with your partner.

37. People watch

This may sound weird but it is a fun date night idea that will help you to know how creative you can get. Look for a cool spot and sit and watch people and together with your partner try and image what they are thinking and the kind of job they could be doing and let your partner give you the reason why they think so.

38. Create a bucket list together as a couple

As a couple, there are several things as a couple that you have always dreamt of doing. Take a night and sit down with your partner and come up with all the activities and things you want to do together as a couple. It is also good to tick all the activities that you have done.

39. Take breakfast for dinner

Most people do not really take their breakfast because we never have the time. Why not try and have a good breakfast meal instead of the usual dinner you have. You can even make it more fun by having the breakfast meal in bed and make it look like you have just woken up.

40. Watch a football game

Although few women enjoy football, men love football. Why not enjoy the company of your partner as you cheer the team they are supporting or you could even choose to be on the other team?

41. Take a stroll in the garden

The cool and beautiful breeze that comes with strolling in the garden is amazing. This is a late date night idea that will bring you closer to nature.

42. Go see a fortune teller

This may sound absurd but it’s fun. Although fortune telling has never been proved to be that true, it won’t kill you if you to try it out. Just knowing how the future might be with your partner is really fun and it could even be true.

43. Take part in an open mic

There are several events that you may find around you that have open mic. It could be even in your favourite joint. You can participate in the open mic together with your partner and engage the people around or you could just dedicate a song to your partner.

44. Try skinny dipping

Skinny dipping should be a date night jar idea for all couples. That adrenaline rush that you get as your skinny dip with your partner is more than awesome.

45. Create a playlist

As partners, you may have songs that you love listening to which are different and a few may be similar. Sit down with your partner and create a playlist that you will be listening when you are together.

46. Sleep in a hotel

Sometimes sleeping in your home gets boring. Look for a hotel of your choice and book a room and spend the night there. Get out of the boredom and try doing something fun.

47. Interview each other

There are several things that you could want to know about your partner and you cannot know unless you ask them. This is a late night date idea that will give you an opportunity to get to know your spouse.

48. Do an inside picnic

This romantic date night idea is very cheap. All you need is just buy some few foodstuffs and drinks or you could even cook and take a mat a create a picnic in the house or in your back yard.

49. Build snowman

This may look childish but it is one of those late night ideas that as a couple you should try. You can even make snowballs and have fun hitting each other.

50. Go fishing

As outdated as it may sound, fishing is one of those recreational activities that, when done at night with your partner it sets in a
romantic mood.

51. Use coupons

There are several hotels and restaurants that you can take advantage of and you could even end up having a free meal with your partner by only using coupons.

52. Go on an ice cream date

Eating ice cream with your partner as you stroll around your neighbourhood with your partner is a romantic date night idea that should be tried by all couple. Things could even get more interesting as you hold hands and share the ice cream.

53. Have some time with your pet

Sometimes we forget that we have pets. Imagine how fun it could be having the best time of your life with your partner and your pet? This is an experience that you do not want to miss.

54. Check out your old yearbooks

Get out all your old yearbooks and get to see how you used to look several years ago. This will help you as a couple to appreciate how far you have come and had hope for all the plans that you have that they will be fulfilled.

55. Write love notes to each other

Remember those old golden days of how we used to write a love letter? That feeling that you always had when you received a love note from your partner was unexplainable. Do take some time and get to write each other a love note.

56. Solve a puzzle together

There are some puzzles that give you a headache and you will not sleep until you have resolved it. This is a fun late night date idea that will help you to learn how to be patient and working together as a couple to solve issues.

57. Draw a sketch of each other

You do not need to be an artist to draw your partner! This is a fun date night activity that will give you the chance to try and draw your partner. You can do this together or separately and then exchange and see how well your partner know how you look like.

58. Do some yoga

The power of yoga cannot be underestimated. Take some time and do all the yoga activities. This will help you as a couple to be healthy and fit.

59. Go treasure hunting

You can prepare a treasure hunt within you homestead or let someone prepare and invite your friend and let the fun begin rolling.

60. Do an online relationship test

Take some time and get to answer online relationship test. This will help you as a couple to know where you are and how well you know your partner. This will also help you to improve ins some areas of your relationship.

61. Break a record

There are several things that have been done. You can even take the Guinness book of record and find a fun and creative activity that you can participate as a couple and try to outdo the record owner.

62. Go to a midnight movie show

There are movies that if you watch during the day they are not as interesting as when you are watching at midnight. Find a movie that is being shown at midnight and go enjoy it with your partner.

63. Dress up and meet up as total strangers

Why not try a blind date with your partner? This is a romantic date night idea that will help you to get to know each other better. Meet up have some meal and get to talk like you have never met before.

64. Watch your favourite videos or shows on Netflix

This a cheap date night idea that will not cost you a penny. You can watch all your favourite videos and shows on Netflix or even on YouTube all night as you curl next to your partner.

65. Make wishes

We all have wishes that we wish they could come true. Take your partner and find some silent and cool place and let them shout their wishes out. You never know, all the wishes may come true.

66. Go horse riding

Horse riding with your partner is so romantic and fun. You get to enjoy the company of your partner as you enjoy the beauty that comes with nature.

67. Try a couple massage at home

This is a date night idea for a married couple where you get to enjoy the relaxation of your body at your home. Call or book a massage and let massage therapist come to your home.

68. Roleplay

Acting your favorite movie is a lot more fun than even watching the movie itself. Together with your partner, dress up and play the roles of your favourite character in the movie.

69. Video chat with each other

Are you far from your partner or do you want to have some fun with your partner? Technology has made it easier for you. This is a cheap date night idea when you do not have the time or money to go on an actual date. Video call your partner and get to talk and share all the ideas you have.

70. Sit by the lake or pond side

You do not need to do anything. Sometimes the silence around you feels so good. Just take your partner and go and sit on the river or lakeside and enjoy the peaceful quiet time together.

71. Go ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing has been one of those activities that have brought a couple together. It may not sound that fun but it is actually fun. Just go and try it.

72. Surprise your partner at night

Human beings have always been breath taken when surprised. Plan a surprise for you’re a partner. It could be anything they love or something they have always wanted to have or do.

73. Print your favourite photos

There are several photos that you have taken but they are just digitalized. Print some of your favourite photos and put them in a frame and hang it your wall.

74. Go to an art gallery

This one of those cheap date night that is fun. All you just need is to know where there is an art gallery exhibition and go there. Most of these events are free and they have free drinks and snacks.

75. Watch a live sporting event

Find a live sporting event in your neighbourhood and take your partner and enjoy together with the several hundreds of people in the event.

76. Listen to a local band

This one of those romantic date night idea that will get your partner to be all excited. Listening to a local band as they sing your favourite song and as you help them in singing the song is fulfilling.

77. Babysit together

Babysitting is a very good date night idea for married couples. This will give you the chance to get to play and have fun with your kid.

78. Introduce a new ritual

Doing the same old rituals becomes boring as time goes by. Take some time and sit with your partner and come up with a new ritual that you think you should be following as a couple.

79. Take a motorcycle ride

That cold breeze at night with your partner on a motorcycle is beautiful. Be careful not to speed up so much. Just have fun but to some limit.

80. Go ice skating

Ice skating with your partner is really fun. This is a romantic date night idea that will let you do some fun activities. It doesn’t matter how many times you are going to fall, just knowing that you are with your partner will keep you going.

81. Go to an aquarium

Visit an aquarium and watch with your partner the various aquatic animal. Just watching these cute animals with your partner is enough to let them know you love them.

82. Spice up your sex life

Do not be afraid. Make your sex life more interesting and try something new. This is a date night idea for a married couple.

83. Invite a chef at your home

Want to try a new recipe but you do not feel like doing it yourself. Invite a chef at your home and let them do all the work and enjoy the meal with your partner afterward.

84. Create an appreciation box

Sometimes we tend to forget to appreciate our partners. This is date night jar idea that will help you to learn to always appreciate your partner.

85. Read a romantic book together

Take a romantic book and read together. You can even replay that romantic scene in the book.

86. Try a honeymoon déjà vu

Check out a restaurant or any place that can create that honeymoon déjà vu and get to do all the fun and creative activities that you desire.

87. Create your love story

Take all the photos that you have taken together and create your own love story.

88. Go to a zoo

Animals are beautiful creatures that will amaze you when you watch them. Do not enjoy the amazement alone, visit a zoo with your partner and enjoy together.

89. Watch a super scary movie

Watching a super scary movie with your partner is at home date night idea that will create an adrenaline rush in your body and pull you closer together.

90. Try colouring pages

Who said colouring is only for kids. Print out some adult colouring Pages and have fun with your partner.

91. Host a party

If you can’t go to a party, why can’t you host one? Plan a party and invite your close friends and get to enjoy the company of your partner and your friend.

92. Go to an open house

Look for an open house in your neighbourhood and go and do some crazy and fun things you can imagine. Do not be afraid to be caught.

93. Play kickball with other couples

Join other couples and play kickball together. Participation in a group activity as a couple will help you in becoming close with your partner.

94. Have couples competitions with another couple

Plan a couple’s competition and be sure to participate. Make sure to outcompete the other couples. This is a late night couple idea that will take your relationship to another level.

95. Go to the park

Visit the nearest park or any other park you want and enjoy the company of your partner. You can sit on the benches in the park and talk.

96. Look for a haunted house

This is really scary but it is a fun date night idea that is worth trying. That fear will bring you closer to each other.

97. Try bowling

If you can’t do any other activity at least you can try bowling. You can even compete with your partner.

98. Go on a double date

Invite your couple friend and go on a double date and try the various romantic date night ideas from the ones given above.

99. Crash a party

This is a fun date night ideas when you have run out of all option. Ask around for any party that is being held and crash the party.

100. Stay at home and cuddle

this at home date night idea for every couple. Sometimes all you need is a good cuddle with your partner and then sleep.

Final words

Depending on how you want your date to be, there are several cheap date night ideas that will make your partner look forward to having more dates with you. Valentine is approaching and is sure you are planning on going on a date with your spouse or partner. Are you tired of those late night date ideas that you routinely follow? Are you planning to have a date at home? There are several free date night ideas that we have compiled for you in the list above.

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