Choose Unique Quinceanera Presents: Ideas and Tips

Unique Quinceanera presents are what you should give to the person who is celebrating their 15th birthday. It’s a big day and they deserve something unique! In this blog post, we will give you some ideas on how to choose unique quinceanera gifts. We’ll also provide some helpful tips so that your gift will be well received.

Considerations when choosing Unique Quinceanera presents

1. Decide on the type of presents you want to give

First thing first, you need to decide on the type of unique quinceanera presents you want to give. Do they like jewelry, clothes or a more unique gift?

The best unique quinceanera presents are those that last and can be used for years to come. A unique gift will make their day special in one of these ways:

  • Jewelry is typically a good choice because it has high perceived value, lasts long and has a lot of customized designs
  • Clothing is also a good choice because it can be personalized with photos for the quinceanera or put in their favorite color and size!
  • Another great unique present that lasts long is books, they could be a journal or filled with photos from throughout their life so it not only captures memories but also allows them to reminisce.

There are many unique quinceanera presents and just the perfect one is waiting for you!

2. Consider what your budget is and how many people are attending

When deciding what type of gift you want to give make sure that you are considering both your budget. What is the price range that you are comfortable with?

  • If you go with inexpensive but unique gifts, you could do a unique photo frame or have an artist paint their portrait. Besides, you can also consider an artisanal soap, or a journal to write about her upcoming adult experience.
  • If you go with more expensive presents, this is the perfect time to splurge on jewelry pieces that are unique and meaningful for them! Be it a charm bracelet or necklaces, the gift will definitely send the message that you care for her more than anything else in this world.

Depending on how many people will attend your quinceanera celebration, it may not make sense to spend a lot on one unique gift since multiple gifts would have to be purchased. How about buying 2 – 3 common things of different shades, such as Lipstick Selfie Stick, Phone case, or unique earrings?

quinceanera jewelry gifts
Choose Unique Quinceanera Presents: Ideas and Tips 4

3. If you choose to give outfit-related items, make sure they fit

  • Outfit-related items, such as a unique purse or shoes may not be the best idea for a quinceanera gift. Usually girls get these type of items when they are going to have their own commitment ceremony (see also: Wedding Dress).
  • If you choose to give outfit related gifts, make sure that they fit her unique style and compliment what she already has in her closet. For example, if your daughter is an avid traveler who loves sailing on the open seas with exotic islands at every turn, consider giving her accessories like sunglasses or wallets from world destinations like Brazil and Tahiti!

4. Remember that it’s about celebrating the quinceanera girl’s achievements and not buying her everything she wants 

Teenager girls at 15 may want a lot of things!

However, it’s not about buying her everything she wants for a quinceanera gift! As you may know, this day honors the 15-year girl’s accomplishments so make sure your unique gifts will help them feel like an accomplished young woman.

  • One idea might be A Vanity Table Set. To parents, it’s more appropriate for their girls to (usually) wear makeup since age of 15. Therefore, an official place in her bedroom for jewelry and beauty products will be quite remarkable and the perfect item to start your morning routine with.
  • With that idea flow, makeup products make a good choice too.
  • An unique alternative to traditional presents are experiential gifts such as dance classes in New York City and Los Angeles: La Farandula Dance Studio and LAB Dance Center …
  • If you are looking for a quinceañera gift that preserves the happy memories of your childhood with your little one, birthday gifts like a photo book, music album or home movie could be perfect.
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Choose Unique Quinceanera Presents: Ideas and Tips 5

6. The present should be something personal, and belongs to her Interests

That will show just how much you care about her as well as celebrate who she is now becoming 

  • For example, if the quinceanera girl loves music or sports, consider getting tickets to an event or a new instrument to learn with friends 
  • Or if she has always loved animals, get her a subscription to National Geographic Kids magazine so she can explore different cultures around the world through animals and their habitats while learning more about herself in the process! 
  • Something personalized- a necklace, bracelet, journal, or something else made personal with the quince’s name!


Choosing a Quinceanera present can be hard. There are so many options and you want to get something special for your loved one that will last forever. We’ve created this guide on how to choose the perfect gift, taking into account both style and practicality. If you have any questions about what constitutes as truly unique gifts or anything else related to these tips, feel free to reach out!

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