Steps to Choose Gifts for Softball Coaches

When the gift-giving season approaches, gifts for softball coaches are often overlooked. They are not included in gift exchanges at school or given attention during family gatherings. But they do deserve a gift! In this blog post, we will give you gift ideas for softball coaches and suggestions on how to put together gift baskets that will make them feel appreciated and celebrated.

Things to consider when picking up Gifts for Softball Coaches

1. Consider the person’s personality

It’s always better to choose a gift that matches your recipient’s style, or high chances are it will be left untouched.

  • If the gift recipient is outdoorsy, they might enjoy a gift card to REI or their favorite outdoor supplies store.
  • If your coach is very strict, gift cards to popular coffee shops or gift baskets with a variety of teas might be more appropriate.
  • If he/she is more easy-going and often cracks some jokes, you can think of some gag gifts like mugs or T-shirt with funny quotes.
  • If your coach is more attentive and soft-spoken, you could find out what his/her favorite color is and buy him/her gift tags in that color with their name on it so they can attach them to gifts from family members who might forget about them. You can also consider buying gift subscriptions for magazines like National Geographic, cooking supplies or fashion accessories if he/she enjoys those things.
  • If the gift recipient has been coaching for 20+ years and still loves it as much as when they started, then maybe an engraved watch with words of encouragement would be appropriate.

The possibilities are endless! Just think about what you know your coach likes most and go from there!

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2. Think about their life outside of coaching softball – what are they passionate about, what do they like to do in their spare time, etc.?

  • If they’re into sports, you can find a gift card for their favorite sport apparel store.
  • If they like to play video games and watch movies, gift certificates for those two things would be a good gift.
  • For someone who enjoys working on puzzles in their free time, consider buying them a new puzzle book or some new pieces to add to their collection.
  • If they are into gardening or have an interest in other hobbies, you could get them something that would help them with their hobby—a new set of tools? A book on the subject?

Some people might not want any gifts at all. They may prefer money so that they can buy what they really need themselves! This is very thoughtful and means more than just buying someone a gift will ever do.

3. Always buy something you would appreciate as a gift

It’s important to buy gift ideas for softball coaches that you would appreciate yourself.

  • As a softball coach, softball essentials for sure are appreciated. For example, you can buy him/her softball gloves with their name embroided on it, a gift card to their favorite softball supply store, or a gift certificate for a glove repair service.
  • You can also get them an accessory that will make his/her game-day outfit complete—a new visor, socks with your team’s colors on it, sunglasses or belt!
  • Another idea is getting the gift recipient something they need for running errands while he/she coaches. For example: gift cards for gas stations near the field where you coach or drive him/her every time; gift cards to fast food places like Taco Bell, McDonalds and Pizza Hut so he/she doesn’t have to stop off when driving around town all day long; gift certificates from local grocery stores in case anything needs to be bought quickly.
Softball coaches are like parents. They put in a lot of time and energy to help their athletes win the game. Help them out with some awesome gifts that they will find useful all year long! With these 3 gift ideas, you'll be able to make sure your coach is happy and well-cared for this season! #thank you gifts for softball coaches

4. Know your budget – don’t spend more than you can afford!

If you gift something that is not expensive but has a lot of meaning, it will be way more appreciated than if you gift someone an amazing gift they just don’t need.

  • For inexpensive but useful gift ideas, you can go with gift cards to gas stations, gift certificates for Starbucks, gift certificate for Panda Express or other Chinese food restaurant.
  • If you’re looking at more expensive gift ideas, maybe consider buying a gift card that the coach can use as he/she sees fit: REI gift card so they can go shopping on their own time; Amazon Prime membership which will give them free shipping and access to music streaming services like Audible; Pandora premium account where they have no ads and get higher quality soundtracks.
  • You could also buy him/her two tickets for his favorite team’s next game! That’ll surely make his day!

Know your budget before making any decisions about how much money you want to spend on gifts. If this is too hard of a decision for you, gift cards are always a good go-to gift idea.

5. Be creative with your gifts – use things that have sentimental value or make them homemade cookies!

The gift isn’t always about how much it costs. Sometimes the gift is just in knowing that you are thinking of someone and won’t forget them. Be creative with your gifts! Use things that have sentimental value or make them homemade cookies!

Every coach deserves the recognition that they've earned. Give them this gift to let them know that you really appreciate all of their work and effort on your team!  #softball coach gift basket

6. Don’t forget to include a card with an inside joke or personal note

Prepare a handnote or a card to show how much thought went into this present for them! Include a gift idea for softball coaches that you would appreciate yourself.

A few last words

It’s not always easy to know what gifts are appropriate for a softball coach. If you want to show them how much they mean to you, consider buying something that will help them spend more time with the team or make their life easier on game day! Here is some inspiration from our own experiences as coaches and players in this sport. We hope it helps you find an awesome gift idea!

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