Choose the Right Gifts for Podcast Lovers

Podcasting is a growing trend that has found its way into many people’s lives. They are often an inexpensive and entertaining way to spend time, and there are podcasts for everything from cooking to knitting. Podcast gifts can be tricky gifts because they’re not the most common thing on people’s lists. This article will guide you through choosing gifts for podcast lovers so you don’t end up giving them something they already have or that doesn’t suit their interests!

Considerations when choosing Gifts for Podcast Lovers

1. What podcasts are they into right now

A common question to ask is “what podcasts do they really enjoy right now?”

You may be able to find a podcast that you know about and see if there’s a subscription gift card for it. Another way would be asking them what their favorite episodes are. This will help you pick out gifts based on the topics of their current interests.

  • How about a subscription to their favorite podcast’s VIP club
  • Or maybe an Audible membership that gives them one free book per month
  • What about a box of gifts and goodies from their favorite podcast?

One way to find out what podcasts they enjoy is by asking them. Another great suggestion would be using a podcast app like Stitcher, which makes it easier for you to listen and see what podcasts are available as well as tracking your favorite shows.

If the gifts receiver has no idea of their preferences or likes, there are some gifts that will appeal to most people who love listening to audio content:

Gifts for Podcast Lovers

2. Consider their personality and hobbies

Some gifts are better suited for people who like to listen passively, while others would prefer gifts that require a little more interaction.

  • For example, if they’re into knitting you could get them the latest yarn from their favorite retailer or subscription gift card for an online store. The person may be on social media sites and enjoy podcasts about creativity so a magazine subscription might be perfect!
  • If they seem really interested in cooking shows but doesn’t have one of those newfangled kitchen gadgets yet, what about getting them a Kitchenaid mixer? Or some nice dishes?

This is all assuming we’re talking about gifts for someone else – if it’s gifts for yourself then just consider your tastes and preferences instead! Remember you can always exchange gifts as well which is a nice way to ensure you get gifts that are perfect for you.

3. Choose something that helps their daily life

If the person has their own podcast and you want to find gifts for podcasters, we got you covered with some ideas below:

  • An easy way to help them promote their podcast is by purchasing and posting a few billboards in strategic places.
  • A new microphone may be just the thing they need if they have trouble using theirs or it’s broken.
  • A “professional” looking email address from Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo – $12/year
  • An Amazon Prime membership which includes tons of free shipping as well as access to unlimited streaming on various TV shows and movies that are exclusive only to Amazon Prime members! Membership is about $100-$120 per year though so this one isn’t too budget friendly but could be really useful depending on what you’re trying to offer your gift receiver.
Podcast lovers are a special kind of person. They're always listening to one show or another and they never miss an episode. This is the group that you want on your side for those "gift-giving" occasions. Here's gifts perfect for podcast lovers, including everything from how to get started in podcasts to some swag ideas!  #gifts for podcasters

If they are pure podcast listeners, they will love:

  • Gift cards to their favorite podcast
  • Ear buds, a portable charger, and headphones so they can listen on-the-go
  • A subscription to the new podcast of their choice (or one that they’ve been begging for) 

4. How much do you want to spend on the gift?

This will help decide how much you can spend on a gift.

  • Is the person someone who doesn’t want gifts at all? Then I suggest $25 or less as your budget
  • If they don’t do gifts but would be happy with something like an Amazon e-card for them to choose themselves then I recommend anywhere from $50-$100.
  • If this is a more special occasion (birthday/anniversary) and there’s no set limit of what you can spend, consider going over that amount – it could make it that much easier to get them something bigger and better!
 This is a list of gifts that are perfect for anyone who loves podcasts. These make great Christmas or birthday presents! I also included some podcast swag ideas at the bottom so you can get your love one something they'll really enjoy. Happy shopping! #gifts for podcast guests

5. Get creative – your podcast lover will love it!

  • If you want to get really creative, make your own custom playlist of all of their favorite songs and download it as a gift card or print it out on vinyl!
  • You can also gift certificates to things they might want but don’t have money from: local coffee shops, restaurants that offer breakfast specials (sometimes these places give discounts on those days), yoga studios in town… this list goes on with ideas so just let your imagination go wild!

Some final words

The last thing you want to do is give a gift that the recipient doesn’t like or use. So, we hope this list helps you find the perfect podcast lover’s gifts for your family and friends! Happy shopping! 

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