30 Perfect Gifts for Your Boss: Review & Buying Guide

Sometimes going into work can seem like a hassle because you do not want to put up with your boss. They can be cold and mean and you do not want that kind of energy in your life. However, people are blessed with amazing bosses who care about their employees’ well-being and know that they are doing the best they can.

30 gifts for boss

If you have one of those bosses, maybe you can give back and let your employer know you appreciate them for giving you the job that you have and just being one of the best bosses you’ve ever had! You can be generous and give a gift to the boss that makes your work life miserable, but that is all up to you! Here are some gift ideas for your boss you can look through to give you some inspiration.

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1. Productivity Planner

We all have those times where we find ourselves procrastinating. Sometimes the energy and the motivation to work isn’t there and who’s to say that your boss can’t have one of those days.

With this productivity planner, you would be able to help your boss stay on track with their weekly goals, meetings, and projects that are due. This planner includes 5-day pages per week, so your boss can rate the events that are of importance for the week with also a page for review.

2. Osaka Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Maybe you have to go across the street to get your boss their daily dose of coffee or maybe you see them every morning with a cup in their hand. That should give you an inkling that they love coffee. With that in mind, you can gift your boss with a coffee brewer they can have in their office.

This brewer can make 6 cups worth of coffee and it comes with it’s own paper filter to with a mesh layer that will keep any coffee grinds out and release the oils that make the coffee delicious. Now your boss won’t have to ask you to get their coffee and can refill their cup themselves.

3. Brilliant Launch Idea Pads

Inspiration strikes at different times and sometimes you won’t have anything to jot your ideas on. If you’ve seen your boss struggle with remembering their brilliant ideas and don’t seem to have a paper on them, you can gift your boss with this idea pad.

There are visual diagrams, idea funnels, mind maps, and a lot more creative visuals. This is a great gift for your boss that will make it easier for them to write down their ideas and remember every detail.

4. Letter Board

Do you always find yourself getting inspired by what your boss says sometimes? Maybe you want to reminded of what they say when you get into work for motivational purposes. Gift your boss with this letter board and they will be able to hang it outside their door with reminders, inspirational quotes they’ve said, and tasks that their employees might need to get done, or congratulate their employee of the month!

This 12×16 product comes with 290 characters, so they can fill up their box with texts and the black backing on the board is used to make sure swapping the letter are easy to come off.

5. BackJoy Posture Plus

Bosses sit in their office for long periods of time considering they have a lot of emails to respond to, conferences they need to set up, and business partners that come to see them. Most of their time is spent sitting down in their office chair. If you notice that their chair is not too comfortable or your boss slouching, then you can gift them with this backjoy product.

It is used as a back cushion for back pain and maybe your boss doesn’t have back pains. You will be able to prevent that! It relieves back pain and optimizes their posture and helps them to sit comfortably and properly.

6. Timex Men’s Leather Watch

Time is important and it is one of those things that people in charge seem to never have. Sometimes they forget the time passes them by and other times they just isn’t enough time to finish what they’ve started. This is a men’s watch that is a perfect gift for your male boss. The straps are made from leather and the watch dial lights up to give a stylish touch to it.

7. Stanley Classic Flask

Drinking something stronger than coffee can be needed at times. Maybe your boss doesn’t drink on a regular basis, but they do on occasion when things at work are getting stressful. You can take the time to gift your male boss with this classic flask, so they can drink in style. It is made from stainless steel making it hard to rust and the mouth of the flask is big enough to drink and pour through.

8. Coffee Mug With Quote

Boosting up someone’s self-esteem whenever you get a chance is very rewarding. You can know you’re the best but hearing it from someone else makes a difference. This mug is a nice gift for your boss, so they know they are appreciated.

9. Marble and Mango Wood Coaster

A hot summer’s day would call for all the cold drinks. However, maybe your boss isn’t particular about the kind of drinks to have during any season. If your boss loves to drink super cold drinks, then you can gift them with this 4 set of marble coasters. It is made from mango wood and marble and to clean, they would just need to wipe it down with a damp cloth.

10. Holographic Newton’s Cradle

Decorating your office desk can be as simple and minimalistic as possible if you are a simple person. If you notice your boss doesn’t have little items on their desk, then you can give them this newton’s cradle. It doesn’t take up too much space and it helps relieve stress as it goes back and forth. This product has a holographic effect that changes under the sunlight which makes it stand out.

11. Neck, Shoulder, Back Massager

If sore muscles are the problem, you can gift your boss with this massager that has stretchy straps to adjust to your boss’ office chair. It would relieve stiffness in the neck, shoulder, lower back, and sometimes legs too. They would have the options of using the heat mode that is installed in this product that will quickly help to deliver a deep tissue massage.

12. Berk Decision Maker

Making decisions can be difficult especially when you have to make them all the time. Sometimes it is hard to figure out which decision is the best to make. Your boss is always making decisions based on the company you work for and for and sometimes for their employees. You can gift your boss with this spinnable decision maker to make their decision-making process more fun and relaxing.

13. Humor Gag Gift Coffee Mug

Creating a little humor in your workspace never hurts anyone. If you want to loosen up your boss’ sense of humor and office, you can gift them with this gag coffee mug that says “these are the tears of my staff” on both sides of the mug. The premium design imprint creates a bright color and which would make the design last longer.

14. A Great Boss Is Hard To Find

Is your boss leaving, retiring, or do you just want to show your appreciation for them because they are the best boss you could ever ask for? You can do so by gifting your boss with this customized wood block set where you can select your own paper background. The wood is sealed with a high-quality protectant and is stackable.

gifts for boss quote wood blockCredit to Esty.com

15. To Start Your Day Press Here

Trying to get a good start on your day takes a lot of energy. If you see your boss coming in to work with no enthusiasm you can gift them with this item. It will bring a little sense of humor to their morning. This is crafted and made from pine and birch plywood and the lettering is hand painted. Your boss will be able to hang this sign on the wall or place on their shelf.


Credit to Esty.com

16. Boss Lady Mug

Your boss is a force to be reckoned with and to show your appreciation and acknowledgment, here’s a gift for female bosses you can give to her. This mug says “boss lady” on both sides and it is available in 11 ounces and 15 ounces.


Credit to Pinterest

17. Air Plant

Does your boss love succulent plants? Do they have a lot around their office? If your answer is yes to either of those questions, then this air plant terrarium will be a great gift for them. They would be able to place their succulent, cacti, and air plants if they have any and display it all around their office. There is one side that’s open to giving airflow and easy access to other plants.

18. Ballpoint Black Ink Pen Set

Give your boss a nice pen, so she can sign her signature on important documents neatly. These medium ballpoint pens come in a set of three that are 4.5-inches long. This is a great gift for a female boss, so they can show their professionalism.

19. Stainless Steel Mug

Now your boss will be able to thank you for this stainless steel mug they know should’ve been in their life a long time ago. This mug has vacuum insulation which keeps beverages hot and cold once inside. Give this as a gift to your boss, so they can have a better drinking experience when they get their favorite flavored coffee or other kinds of beverage.

20. Mini Golf

You can gift this mini golf set to the boss that loves to play golf. Instead of taking a break and going to the golf club when they need a break from work, they can have a set up mini golf of their own right in the comfort of their office. This item is about 9×3 feet long and has a built-in sand trap that catches missed shots.

21. Bento Box

Does your boss always be home-cooked meals to work? Instead of using a plastic container to put their food in, you can gift them with this bento box where they will be able to have a sturdy item to keep their food. They would be able to put it in the microwave and leave it in the fridge overnight.

Give this as a gift to your boss, so they don’t have to go through unstylish containers and have one that can be reusable and come to work in style.

22. Desk Lamp

Sometimes the light in their office may be a bit too bright. Sometimes your boss might stay late at work responding to emails, sending off projects or looking at the overall workday performance of their employees. A lamp would be a great idea if they do not want to light up their office so late at night.

You can gift your boss with a desk lamp that has a classic style to it and a size appropriate for storing.

23. Inspirational Cards

We all need a little inspiration every once in a while, no matter who we are. Your boss is one of those people and to lift their spirits up when they are in a funk, you can gift them with these inspirational cards. There are 32 cards that come in a set with a glossy front.

The back of the cards have a matte finish, so you can write little messages on them. This is a great gift for your boss, so they can be uplifted when they need it.

24. Water Bottle With Time Marker

Forgetting to eat and drink is a common thing when your attention is on everything else but your health. Working too hard is a consequence to some people’s health and with this bottle, you will be giving your boss little reminders that they need to drink water. As small as the gesture is, this gift for your boss will help them tremendously.

25. Rose Gold Desk Set

Making your workspace comfortable and homey is a great thing to do if you want to be more productive. You can gift your boss with this rose gold desk set that will bring more color to her office. It includes a pair of scissors, a tape dispenser, a stapler, a pencil cup, ballpoint pens, and four large binder clips.

26. Funny Novelty Memo Pads

The saying “fake it until you make it” is something that is said often to give a little bit of motivation. If your boss has a taste for dark humor, then you can gift them with this item that comes with 4 memo pads. Each pad comes with 50 sheets of 4×5 printed paper. Now your boss can label the work they need to get done and have fun with it.

27. They Call Me El Jefe

There isn’t anything better than being able to say something in a different language. This shirt comes in five different solid colors and is 100% cotton. This is a great gift for a boss who has a lot of confidence.

28. Gem Agate Bookend

For the boss that loves to display the many books they read. Let them keep some of their books neat on their desk with these naturally shaped stones. The agate stone is a sign of strength, so this is a great gift for your boss if they are a fan of all things with positive a meaning.

29. Off The Rocks Glass

Unwinding after a good or bad day at work is normal, as long as drinking is not a regular day to day routine! This is the perfect gift for your male boss who loves to drink alcohol as a way to relax. This glass can hold up to 11 ounces of their favorite alcoholic drink with an engraving that mimics a scale with three funny phrases to measure the level of their day as they drink.

30. MobileVision Bamboo Charging Station

Losing battery in the middle of the day when you use all of your devices to get work done can be annoying at times. If you ever notice that your boss has a tendency to rush around to get their charger during a meeting, then this is a great gift.

This bamboo charging station gives charge to phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices all in one place. Save your boss the trouble from having to go to different parts of their office and charge their devices because an outlet is already full.

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