Gilmore Girls Gifts: Tips for The Perfect One

Gilmore Girls is a show that took the world by storm in 2000. It was an instant hit and has been loved by so many people for over two decades now. If you’re looking to buy gilmore girls gifts, there are some things you should know before choosing them.

Things to consider when picking up Gilmore Girls Gifts

1. Consider the person’s personality

Regardless of what type of gilmore girls gifts you’re thinking about buying, there should always be an element in the gift that supports their style.

  • Are they into pop culture? If so, you can go with t shirts or posters related to gilmore girls.
  • Do they enjoy things that are a bit more low-key and less flashy? If so, then you can go with something that’s all Americana.
  • What if they lounge around in sweats all day? The best gifts should be gilmore girls themed bedding that will make them feel more at home.
  • Do they have an affinity for retro memorabilia or are always on the lookout for new technology? You can go with gilmore girls themed phone cases or an iphone charger.
  • If you don’t know what to get, gilmore girls gifts related to the four seasons might be a good place to start- this is because gilmore girls always celebrated each season with food and festivities!

Whatever your giver’s personality, the best gilmore girls gifts are ones that they’ll see and use every day.

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2. Think about what they already have and don’t want to be duplicating items

If you’re not sure what gilmore girls gifts to get for the person who has everything, think about what they have and don’t want duplicates of.

If they’ve already got all the gilmore girls seasons on DVD or a box set of gilmore girls books- go in another direction with your gift!

Remember that it’s always better to give than receive, so if you’re really stumped, giver them something else instead. You can never have too many memories from this wonderful show by giving someone their very own personalized Luke’s Diner coffee mug (or any other object) – everyone likes owning things that are uniquely theirs!

3. Get gifts that are thoughtful, but not too personal

You should think of what type of thing will be seen and used everyday by the recipient as it is more thoughtful than just buying something because it looks good to you at first glance.

  • For example, your recipient might love to cook gourmet meals for their family and friends- so they might enjoy a gilmore girls book or gilmore girls wine glasses.
  • You could also give them something that is personalized with the gilmore girls theme, like someone’s favorite quote from the series or one of their initials on an item in silver, or a gilmore girls coffee mug with the recipient’s name on it.
  • Or more practically, buy socks in Gilmore Girls theme for them to use everyday or for the upcoming winter.

However, don’t choose something too personal if your relationship isnt close enough. For instance, if you are not sure about their size, dont give them a t-shirt.

Looking for a gift idea? The Gilmore Girls book is the perfect gift this holiday season.

4. Know your budget before you start shopping for a gift 

With the item’s variety, you can definitely choose a gilmore girls gift suitable for your budget.

If you want to get something inexpensive, give them a gilmore girls gift set of their favorite episodes. Or look for some gilmore girl’s clothes to match your recipient, like gilmore girls t-shirt in sizes up to XL or XXL and available at different price points. A gilmore girls birthday card is also available for your choice.

If you want something more expensive, you might be able to find a collectible item that can commemorate the time period–such as one of the many books from the series–or an adornment (like jewelry) representing Rory or Lorelai’s personalities. You could also get tickets for them in advance to see ‘gilmore girls: live’ when it comes out.

If you're looking to find a gift that will make your Gilmore girl happy, then look no further. This article has all of the best gifts to give any fan of this show. From t-shirts and phone cases, to coffee mugs and more! With something for every type of person on your list it's hard not to find one thing they'll love. Find out what makes them special with a personalized card or mug from Etsy too!

5. Avoid things with sentimental value if it is inappropriate or unwanted by the recipient 

Some people would prefer practical gifts other than sentimental ones.

  • Generally speaking, people like things that remind them of fond memories, but if your recipient’s past unfortunately includes sad memories (like loosing family members, divorce, etc), you certainly shouldnt pick up photobook as a gift for them.
  • If you are uncertain about what to give someone, it might be best just giving some money or an Amazon gift card with instructions that they should use it in order to buy something from their wish list.

6. Keep in mind that some people don’t want any gilmore girls related items at all

If you are planning to get gilmore girls related items for someone who isn’t a big fan of the series, then it might be best not to give them any gilmore girls gifts at all.

You should also keep in mind that people will feel differently about gilmore girls gifts depending on their personailty or how they felt when watching the show.

For example: Some loved Rory Gilmore’s wit and intelligence while others just found her annoying; some find Lorelai’s attitude towards life inspirational while others find it rude (considering she got married as a teenager). Keep this in mind before getting gilmore girls related gift sets!

If that’s the case, focus your search for them on other things instead. Or if you run out of ideas, give them a gift card instead!

Some final words

We hope that you have found this article helpful in your quest to find the perfect gift for someone who is a fan of Gilmore Girls. With so many different options, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one will make them happiest. Just remember that what makes people happy doesn’t always come with money! Take time and think about their interests before making a purchase. Happy shopping!

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