Tips and Wisdom for Spanish Teacher Gifts

Buying Spanish teacher gifts can be a tricky thing to do. You want to give them something they will enjoy, but you also don’t want it to cost a lot of money. This blog post is going to provide some tips and wisdom that will help you find spanish teacher gifts without breaking the bank.

Considerations when choosing Spanish teacher gifts

1. Consider the recipient’s age 

  • If the spanish teacher is a child, then you might want to get them something like LOTS of candy. This will probably be their favorite gift out of everything they receive!
  • If the teacher is a young adult, i bet they love new experience. For instance, tickets to see their favorite band on tour this summer or maybe some spa treatments from your local day spa?
  • If the spanish teacher is an older adult, then you might want to get something for their home. Maybe they have been thinking of redecorating lately? Older people also tend to likes art or food, maybe try getting them some paints or local cuisine for dinner at home.

There are lots of great spanish teacher gifts out there. So take some time and figure out what kind of spanish teachers you have in mind when selecting your present for them!

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2. What are their interests and hobbies?

No giftee would not love presents of their interests – be it books, music, games or movies.

  • Are they into books? Get them a book or two they would enjoy–actually books are considered as “traditional” for gifts for language teachers.
  • Do they love music? Consider getting some CDs from one of their favorites bands, and maybe tickets to the show in your area!
  • Do they have an addiction for collecting things like movies on DVDs or games on PSN/Xbox Live? Get them something new that is out there now! Just make sure you know what kind-of console system with which it plays first. Or if not, get them one as well 🙂
  • What about spanish teachers who are more serious into spanish culture? Well, give this person’s brain a workout with some books about spain history, language arts and literature – or buy wine online (if he or she loves the alcohol taste)

So take some time and figure out what kind of spanish teachers you have in mind when selecting your present for them!

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3. How much money do you have to spend on a gift?

You also need to keep your budget in mind when buying spanish teacher gifts. There are lots of things out there that seem cheap but low-qualitied, which is the last thing a gifter wants.

  • If you have quite a lot to spend, you could think about buying a spanish teacher shirt, or spanish wines – these are nice gifts that will also make the spanish teachers you buy for feel like they’re not forgotten!
  • If your budget is more limited however, then just spend it wisely on something smaller but still useful. You might want to get him or her some books in english and spanish: this way he’ll be able to read both languages!

Once again remember though, don’t go overbudget because there’s nothing worse than giving someone an un-usable present from being too expensive.

4. Is there anything in particular that they want or need?

If there’s anything, from your observation, your Spanish teacher wants or needs, let’s get it.

  • For example, you recognize he or she always starts a day with a cup of coffee. So spanish teacher mugs are the perfect choice! You can make your gift from vouchers at cafe/restaurants too!
  • Or if you find the teacher’s shoes or bags becoming rustic, why not choose them a new one? But make sure you know their size and style! If you’re not sure, a gift card to spanish stores or an online spanish book store would work too!
  • If you would rather go for something less typical, I also recommend spanish language books, spanish magazines and spanish DVDs to help him or her stay up-to-date with the latest trends in spanish language learning!

5. Do they prefer practical items or more creative gifts?

  • If they seem to have everything already, may be you should go with more creative gifts, like jewelry or a poster of their favorite band/movie character. Or something more sentimental, like crapbooking supplies or an album of favorite song lyrics from one’s native country?
  • However, language teachers are not usually well paid. They might prefer practical items because it will help with all the administrative tasks that come along in teaching this course. For example: folders for lesson plans and handouts, spanish dictionaries, spanish grammar books and spanish study aids.
  • If you are unsure what to get them as a gift, why not buy something that will help with their daily tasks? For example: a water-bottle (because teachers need hydration), stress balls or USB flash drives for storing lesson plans in between lessons.
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6. Are you looking for something with meaning behind it or just something fun?

  • Do you want to give them a present they can enjoy it as soon as possible? If so, You can buy spanish candy and spanish drinks to help them refuel after courses. Another suggestion is a box of chocolates in spanish flavors such as: dulce de leche, naranja and limón.
  • If you want to give them something with a spanish meaning behind it, try buying spanish wines or spanish chocolates. Also, you could opt for spanish spoons or spanish matryoshka dolls, or a DIY card/mug with inspirational messages!

A few last words

It is important to find a gift that will make the giftee feel loved and appreciated. We hope this gift guide has been helpful in your search to find a meaningful and thoughtful present for the Spanish teacher in your life! If you’re not sure what type of activities they enjoy or which language they speak, we recommend browsing through some of our other blog posts on great gifts for educators. Happy shopping!

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