Army Boyfriend Gifts – How to keep him Happy

Your army boyfriend is the most important person in your life who deserve some Army Boyfriend Gifts. It’s imperative to make sure he remains happy, so you can continue living a peaceful life with him by your side. Most army boyfriends are hard-working and dedicated people who deserve nothing but love from their partners. To help you show how much you care for him and his army career, consider the ideas below that will not only bring joy into his life but also give back to the military community!

Things to mind about army boyfriend gifts

1. Consider the military rank of your partner

Understand that army boyfriend gifts will vary depending on the rank of your partner. The type of army-related item you give him should depend largely on his position in the military hierarchy and whether he’s enlisted or commissioned.

  • A lower-ranking soldier, such as a private first class (PFC), may appreciate items like mugs with slogans about service to country or army-theme socks.
  • An officer who is also an Army veteran might enjoy a clock or mug bearing their unit insignia.
  • A colonel would most likely prefer something more substantial, like golf clubs for veterans’ gatherings or tickets to NASCAR events

Above all else, remember that army gifts are meant to show appreciation for what they do every day and how much you love them, as well as their unit.

Give your soldier a gift that will not only remind him of the home front but also show how much you care. Check out these military boyfriend gifts for all budgets and styles to suit any taste. Your guy is sure to love something from this list!

2. Find out what branch he is in and what type of service they do

Before even thinking about what to get him, you need to find out what branch he is in and the type of service that they do?This will help narrow your search so you have a better idea of what kind of army gift would be appropriate.

  • If you are going through this process then it means that you new army sweetheart has been deployed. If that’s the case, make sure to pack at least one care package with things like extra food or snacks, essential toiletries, and movies from their favorite genre–knowing those small details makes all the difference in how much someone enjoys home cooked meals when they’re away on active duty!
  • If you are pondering over navy boyfriend gifts or marine boyfriend gifts, consider giving him a new pair of shoes which can endure salt water. Or ordinary things in ocean theme, like coffee mugs, or pens with anchor decorative.
  • One army boyfriend gifts idea is to give him something he can use in the event of an emergency, like this army boy scout pocket knife that includes features such as a compass and hatchet blade! It’s all about giving your person some peace of mind while they’re away serving our country. Plus, it would make for a thoughtful Christmas present too!
Whether he's deployed or stateside, these unique gifts will show him how much you care. These are the perfect army boyfriend gift ideas and they all make great stocking stuffers too! Check out this list of military themed gifts that your guy is sure to love.

3. Take into account his personal preferences, such as hobbies or favorite colors

There are plenty of things that anyone who enjoys being out on deployment will appreciate – knowing more about his interests should help narrow down where best to look.

  • If your army boyfriend is a pet lover, consider getting him a toy that he could share with his furry friends or some chew toys for their dogs. Giving army men gifts like these will keep them happy and grateful while they’re away from home on active duty!
  • If your spouse is a gamer head, Gift Card to Xbox*, PlayStation* store, Netflix* or Amazon Prime will surely be appreciated.
  • If army men like to stay healthy and fit, consider a gym membership or some workout clothes.
  • If he loves saving his experiences, why not give him a journal or scrapbook to write down or keep photos of his moments in life?

4. Think about whether you want to give a gift that will last for a long time or one that can be used more quickly

It is natural for people to want their gifts to be used quickly when they’re away from home on active duty! Consider giving army boyfriend gifts that can be enjoyed right away such as:

  • Movies or games he has been wanting but never got around to buying himself
  • An Amazon Prime* subscription so he’ll have something new at his fingertips every time he opens the mailbox
  • Tickets to concerts in town and foods he’s left craving while overseas.

If you want a gift that last long, you could also give your army lover something like:

  • Books about military history, culture, organization–anything they might find interesting!
  • An Amazon Prime subscription costs about $100 per year.
  • An autographed copy of the latest bestseller your army lover has been trying to find time to read in between deployments!

5. Decide on something practical versus sentimental 

As a man in the army, you have to be tough and resilient. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time away from active duty life with some army boyfriend gifts!

Military gifts can be hard to find, but you're in luck! Check out these military boyfriend gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion. If your significant other has been deployed then this list is a must-read. From coffee mugs to dog tags, here's what they'll love most about these army girlfriend gifts.

For practical army themed items, you can choose camouflage hats, boots or gloves

But as army life is already too tough, i reccommend giving him something sentimental.

  • A framed photo of both of you together on his deployment day will remind him just how much you love him.
  • If your army boyfriend is away on holiday or he’s got two weeks off for R&R (rest & recuperation) then it might be nice to buy some new clothes that fit his style–perhaps pick up something from one of their favorite brands so they can feel confident when wearing items at work?
  • And if there’s an opportunity to meet halfway between home bases make sure not to miss out on taking advantage of it! Get creative with army gift ideas by sending them tickets to go see their favorite team play or take any other type of outing that will remind them of their special place in your heart.

6. Make sure you don’t spend too much money if this is an ongoing relationship

This is a tough one – when it comes to army boyfriend gifts, make sure you don’t spend too much money if this is an ongoing relationship.

  • If your army Boyfriend knows you’re not planning on marrying him or having children with him then he’ll probably be fine with receiving more cool army themed items that are moderately priced rather than something expensive like a diamond necklace–it’s just the reality of being in the military.
  • If they know you care about them and want to show appreciation for their service, but aren’t ready for anything major from you yet, it might be better to purchase army branded clothing such as tshirts or sweatpants instead of something pricey. There are plenty of fun things, like Handmade crafts like crocheted hats, scarves from military grade yarns (*in army green), embroidered patches– anything personalized is great!

The important thing about these army boyfriend items is they are all functional so he can use them everyday while on duty.


I hope you find the perfect gift for your army boyfriend in this list. You deserve to know that he is cared about and appreciated while he’s away serving our country! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything else that I can help with or any other suggestions for gifts! Thanks, and have a happy holiday season!

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