Chef Gifts? What Should You Give to A Chef?

Culinary is one of the oldest and most creative professions in the world. If you happen to have a chef in your life, you might have known so well how they love making a dish and enjoying it more than anything. How do you find some chef gifts that will help them do exactly what they want? You will find out in this article!

Tips for the best chef gifts

Basic items to go to

When you work in the cuisine field, you are likely to multitask most of the time and convenient, modern equipment will always be the greatest gifts. It could be a set of tools to handle the ingredients nicely, a scale kit, a time counter, and more. They lessen the tough work and enhance how the kitchen looks.

Handmade gifts for chefs

Can you imagine a chef without his apron? A handmade apron is an interesting idea you can try. Moreover, the decoration is entirely up to you! Customize the front with a heartfelt sentiment or a cute embroidered pattern. The kitchen needs plenty of other items made from cloth: gloves, covers, towels since they are vulnerable against heat and corrosion, which occur quite frequently.

The chefs would love to keep their dining space pleasant as well, and you can put your skillful hands to good use by making a tablecloth for them. The time and thoughts invested in such a gift will be more than enough to touch anyone’s heart.

Exotic chef gifts

Every chef who loves their job will never stop learning from other nations’ cuisine. There are countless recipes, ingredients, and forms of service to discover. So, if you are going abroad, take your sweet time and search for a local specialty (spice, sauce, or fruit). These chef gifts will inspire them to develop a new dish or enhance an old treat.

Entertainment tools

Being a chef is tough, no discussion needed. They almost have to stand all day and end up in exhaustion. After such a long day, they want nothing more than to come home and relax. With this purpose in mind, there is a wide range of products for you: bath bombs, massager, pool, or spa membership card.

If you believe you know very well what they like, then feel free to fulfill their desire! It can be a book (not related to cooking!), a traveling kit, or a garden ornament. All of them have a soothing effect!

Top 20 Chef Gifts for Every Occasion

Funny Oven Mitt

If your recipient chef is on the same wavelength with you when it comes to senses of humor, this oven mitt will immediately steal their heart. Not only is it funny to look at but it also does an excellent job at holding even the hottest pots.

Garlic Roaster

Some people think garlic is the most important spice herb, and I can’t disagree. This little tool will help your chef roast multiple garlic cloves without making a mess. Not to mention, it is oven-safe, with a glazed inside that is super easy to clean.

Personalized Cutting Board

A cutting board might seem ordinary but not when it is personally customized! You can choose to decorate it with a symbol, a nice quote, or a name. The chef might feel much more confident while working with this special board.

Gourmet Finishing Salt

For us commoners, salt is salt, though a chef – a true gourmet – will beg to differ. These finishing salts will upgrade the dish from ‘okay’ to ‘phenomenal’. There are six flavors in total: Truffle, Fennel, Saffron, Fiori, Porcini, and Herb.

Handheld Food Smoker

Are you a BBQ lover? You can add the smoky flavor to your food in mere seconds without setting your backyard on fire. Simply put the right ingredients in the machine, and it shall suffuse the dishes with strong scents as if you have been smoking them for hours.

Loch Ness Monster Ladle

If your chef is obsessed with cute items in the kitchen, high chances are they won’t be able to resist poking their soup with Little Nessie! It will put the kids in a good mood as well, which saves the busy chef from unwanted troubles!

Cutting Board Care Kit

You might have heard of how chefs treasure their exclusive set of knives, but maintaining a good condition for the cutting board is equally important. You can cleanse, polish, and coat the boards with wax, so they will always feel like new.

Japanese Knife

Did you know Japanese chefs wouldn’t use just any common knife for their sushi rolls? Yes, this little guy is the traditional sushi knife. With the length and the sharpness, you can easily slice pretty much every delicate food without squashing it.

Culinary Torch

Chefs are never scared of fire, it’s the other way around. And believe me, they can play with this torch in many more ways than you imagine, not only caramelizing sugar but also roasting peppers, searing meat, toasting breadcrumbs, and melting cheese.

Cedar Grilling Planks

The cedar planks infuse your food with a signature flavor you can’t find anywhere else. It is one of the best chef gifts if your recipient is more inclined to seafood in general, even though beef, chicken, or pork will come out just as tasty!

Knife Sharpener (for Straight and Serrated Knives)

As mentioned previously, chefs cannot stand it if their knives are not in the best condition. Why? A dull blade will force you to press it down and squash the soft ingredients, plus it might slip and cut your hand instead – it’s tiring, inconvenient, and dangerous. But this sharpener will solve the problem for you.

Where Chefs Eat

It’s the ultimate guide from insiders! Sometimes, chefs would enjoy an intricate meal cooked by others instead of doing all the work – it’s ideal for a weekend, don’t you agree? You will find 3000 restaurants in more than 70 countries all over the world, thus this guide is a precious belonging in every chef’s traveling set.

Gelato Maker

It might be pricey compared to other items on the list, but don’t hesitate to get it if the chef is someone dear to you! It can make rich ice cream and light sorbet perfectly with a unique design and a countdown timer, right in the coziness and comfort of your home.

Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro

A list of hi-tech chef gifts will be incomplete without this smart appliance. You can connect it with your phone via Bluetooth and set the precise cooking time for your dishes before working on something else without any worry about accidentally burning something.

Truffle Oil Selection Gift Set

It’s not a perfect Italian dish without a bit of truffle oil on top. The white is flavorful with garlic odor, the English oil leans more to the earthy scent with a nutty finish, and the black carries the most intense taste. The uses are endless, and you might see your chef putting these oils to good use really soon!

Essenza Mini Espresso Machine

An overdose of caffeine is for sure not healthy, though a sufficient supply will give them enough energy to be enthusiastic and creative all day long. Push a button and enjoy the barista-quality morning coffee, no need to worry about cleansing because the pod is opened for recycling.

Anpro Grilling Accessories BBQ Tools Set

Don’t forget about the home chefs (you know they deserve the title!). The Anpro BBQ set is qualified as professional-grade, with a sleek case that will ensure you a good look if you want to bring it outside for a garden barbecue party.

Tear-Free Onion Goggles

If you need gifts for chefs who have got everything, look no further. With these goggles on, their eyes will always be safe from the sting caused by onion enzymes. It might seem trivial but it comes in handy at times – when they are preparing a big feast, for example.

Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Chefs always have foods they prepare ahead or spare after the party, and they never have enough containers to prevent the goods from going stale. Even if they are forgetful, they won’t encounter difficulties figuring out what is inside, thanks to the stylish labels.

Foodie Dice

Another item in the category of fun chef gifts we have here! Feeling indecisive because everyone wants the talented chef for themselves? Play fair and roll out these dices! It will narrow down the number of choices and speed up the dinner you are all waiting for.

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A chef is an occupation requiring more than skills. It will keep them hungry for knowledge and creativity, and they deserve the best wishes as well as some chef gifts on their special days. If you have found a suitable present, we wish you a great time! But if you still need more help, simply leave a comment below, and we will get back to you soon!

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