50 BEST Christmas Gifts for Teachers | Teacher Gifts They’ll Actually Love

Teachers do so much for our children all year-round. They give most of their time to caring for their students when they are in school. Even by the time they get home, they spend most of their energy preparing for their classes the next day. Though teaching is said to be the noblest profession, teachers are often underappreciated. Make all of the teachers you know feel loved and cherished this holiday season with these Christmas gift ideas.

50 Christmas Gifts for Teachers

1. Mason Jar Christmas

Mason Jar Christmas

Here is Christmas gift for teachers that is inexpensive and allows you some opportunity to showcase your creativity. Mason jars can be found in almost all stores and they are pretty affordable. Simply fill one up with teachers’ favorite candy or a batch of your best-baked goods. You can also fill one up with the ingredients to bake cookies.

Source: DIY Crafts

 2. Lipsmacking Christmas

Lipsmacking Christmas

Teachers are busy the whole day that they often forget to moisten up their lips. They could end up with lips that are chapped and painful. Add a little humor to the holiday cheer and rescue a teacher from the pain of chapped lips when you give them this gift. Get them their favorite lip balm or lipstick and tie this cute tag for a lip-smacking Christmas present.

Source: Teachers Pay Teacher

3. Stainless Steel Bottle

Owls, which symbolize wisdom and learning, are often associated with teachers. Show teachers how wise they are with these stainless steel bottles. Made from high-quality steel, these bottles are eco-friendly and non-toxic. With its double-wall, vacuum-insulated walls, it can keep 17 ounces of any drink stay hot or cold for hours.

4. Affordable Christmas Gift

Affordable Christmas Gift

This budget-friendly Christmas gift for teachers can be made in less than an hour. All of the materials needed can be bought in the local grocery store and it is quite easy to put together. Let the kids ask the teacher what their favorite cookie is and grab that along with a silicone spatula. Put it all inside a potholder and you have a gift that the teacher would appreciate.

Source: Snowman Craft

5. Infinity Collection Teacher Key Chain

Teachers hold the key to our children’s brighter futures. Help teachers always find their keys so that they will always be on time to teach with this keychain. It comes with two separate charms and the ring of the keychain is shaped like a heart. The bigger, round charm is engraved with the phrase “It takes a big heart to teach little minds”, while the smaller charm is engraved with the words “Thank you.”

6. Personalized Potholders

Personalized Potholders

Is the little ones’ homeroom teacher a closeted chef or patissier? Encourage them to cook more with these personalized potholders made especially for teachers. Choose which design best fits the personality of the teacher from 6 special printed designs. This potholder also comes in five different colors to choose from.

Source: Etsy

 7. Before School After School Drinks

There are two things that keep teachers going on especially hard days; coffee and wine. Do teachers a favor and give them this whimsical set for this Christmas. This set comes with a white mug that is meant for teachers’ morning coffee drink and a stemless wine glass for their evening dose of wine. The mug and stemless wine glass are printed with superior ceramic inks.

8. DIY Gift Ideas for Teachers

DIY Gift Ideas for Teachers

Teachers love Christmas gifts from the kids, especially if the kids assembled the gifts themselves. Add a little extra effort in your gifts this Christmas with these do-it-yourself gift ideas. Be inspired to take even the simplest objects, like a sheet of bubble wrap, and turn it into something teachers will appreciate. There is something for every teacher of every kind.

Source: DIY Sweetheart

9. Thrifty Christmas Gifts

Thrifty Christmas Gifts

Showing teachers how much you are thankful for everything they do does not need to break the bank. Find motivation in these Christmas gift ideas. From lip balms with humorous cards to taco packs and bottles of soda, teachers heart will be filled to the brim with all the Christmas joy these gifts will bring,

Source: Happy Home Fairy

10. Pink Marble Ceramic Coffee Mug

Encourage your child’s’ favorite teacher to stay hydrated with this marble ceramic mug. This marble mug is entirely handmade and can hold 11.5 ounces of any drink. It features a design of two gold pigeons in the mouth of the cup and the words “Best Teacher Ever” at the front. It comes with a mug cover and a stirrer.

11. Student Survival Kit

There are days when teachers need a hand in making sure that they’re students are alright. Help them start an all-around survival kit with this cute pouch. Made from 100% cotton canvass, this pouch is printed with the words “Student Survival Kit” using heat-transfer printing that results in a smooth, leather finish.

12. Cookie Gift Tag

Cookie Gift Tag

Turn gift-making into a fun family activity that even kids can join when you bake cookies together. Intentionally include a batch of cookies for the teachers and get the kids involved in gift-wrapping. Place individual cookies in plastic bags and print out these adorable gift tags on a sheet of heavy cardstock.

Source: Etsy

13. What’s Your Superpower Mug?

Teachers are your everyday superheroes. Give them the bragging rights they have earned with this Christma gift. This mug is made from porcelain. It has a deep, black color and cream trim at the rim and the tip of the handle. The phrase “I’m a teacher, what’s your superpower?” is recessed in front.

14. Caramel Apple Gift

Caramel Apple Gift

In earlier years, children used to give frontier teachers apples as a symbol of appreciation and to help them get by during the Great Depression. Give this long-time tradition a modern twist when you give teachers this Caramel Apple set! Assemble this gift bundle yourself by wrapping several apples and a can of caramel together. Top with a card and a bell.

Source: Kerricreates

15. Holiday Beanie

Keep all your teacher friends warm this winter season with this holiday-themed beanie. This beanie is made from soft acrylic fabric. It is double-layered so it is warm, comfortable and soft to the skin. It is elastic and the Christmas design comes with six colorful LED lights to brighten up everyone’s day.

16. Do-It-Yourself Christmas Gifts for Teacher

Do-It-Yourself Christmas Gifts for Teacher

Give teachers somethings that they did not know they needed, or even wanted, with these Christmas gift ideas. Equip teacher with the tools she needs to give herself a cute pedicure or assemble a cake with school supplies that they can use for the coming year. Plus, discover a helpful hack to always give teachers what they want for the holidays.

Source: Word to Your Mother Blog

17. Grammar Teacher Mug

Remind everyone of one of the most basic rules of grammar with this mug. Made from high-quality ceramic, this mug features a design in front that explains how to use the “I before e” grammar rule. It is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. This mug is a novelty gif that English teachers will especially enjoy.

18. The Perfect Christmas Gift

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Thinking up a gift for your favorite teacher this Christmas should be a no-brainer with this gift. This blanket scarf comes in a variety of colors. Roll this scarf up tie it with a strip of burlap and twine or a piece of ribbon. Add a sprig of holly or fir and a few more trinkets of your choice.

Source: Passionate Penny Pincher

19. Apple Post-it Dispenser

The apple on the teachers’ table can be more than just a decoration when you give this apple dispenser as a gift. This red apple dispenser holds a pad of post-its that measure three inches by three inches. The notes pop out one at a time and it is specially designed to stay in place even when pulling one post-it.

20. Personalized Teacher Ornament

Personalized Teacher Ornament

Hang something special on your teachers’ tree this Christmas with this personalized ornament. Made with a plastic bulb, this ornament is filled with a bottle brush evergreen tree, three miniature jingle bells of different colors, two tiny candy canes, and a dash of faux snow. It can hold a string of seven beads and it is accented with a chalkboard card.

Source: Etsy

21. Jumbo Tote Bag

A lot of teachers always seem to carry more than one bag to haul around all of the things they need to teach the perfect class. Lend a helping hand to a teacher you know by giving them this jumbo tote bag for Christmas. This tote is color-blocked and made from microfibre material.

22. Self-care Packages for Teacher

Self-care Packages for Teacher

Remind teachers to take care of themselves, too, with these self-care packages. One simple gift is to grab the teachers’ favorite pack of snacks from grocery and wrap it with ribbon. You can also pack up one carrot, a bonnet, and several black buttons in a plastic bag to make a snowman starter pack.

Source: For Creative Juice

23. Teacher Nutrient Content

A teacher is made up of a lot of things; they are hard-working, passionate, determined, caring, and so much more. Gift a teacher with this mug for Christmas with this teacher nutrient facts. This high-quality ceramic mug is printed on both sides with the teacher nutrient facts with black ink.

24. Teach Lika a Boss Ornament

Teach Lika a Boss Ornament

Spice up your teachers’ Christmas tree with this cool gift idea. The main body of the ornament is frosted white. Choose from the 60 available ornament colors. The printed design in front features the words “Teach like a Boss”. The ornament is also customizable. You can have the name of the teacher printed along with the design.

Source: CCCreationz

25. Stampmojis

Kids love receiving stamps from their teachers. They feel extra motivated when they know that they will receive a stamp on their artwork or on their hands. Add to their teachers’ arsenal of stamps with this useful Christmas gift. This stamp set is made from wood and quality rubber, it comes in a sturdy wooden box and with an inkpad in four different colors.

26. DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY Christmas Gifts

Make Christmas gifts for all of your favorite teachers with this time-saving idea. Be inspired and use your imagination to personalize these gift ideas. You can also save money when buying what is needed for these gifts in bulk. Attach tags to each of the gifts and write a greeting for the teacher.

Source: DIY Meg

27. Teacher Favor Tags

Teacher Favor Tags

Turn that Christmas gift to teachers a little bit more stylish with this printable teacher favor tag. Attach this favor tag to a box of doughnuts, some candy favors, or to a pack of cellophane-wrapped cupcakes or bundt cakes. These festive designs set on a chalkboard background will print beautifully on any 8.5 X 11 paper.

Source: Tidylady Printables

28. Snowflake Decorative Tape

Add a classic touch of Christmas to all of your favorite teachers’ papercrafts with this charming Christmas gift. One roll of this Snowflake Decorative Tape has 500 labels each. Each Snowflake measures 1. 5 inches in diameter and comes in four different designs. The design is printed on actual kraft stock and each label is perforated for easier tearing.

29. Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet

Help out a teacher who constantly suffers from headaches, migraines, and other stress-induced pains with this fashionable aromatherapy bracelet. It is made from hypoallergenic surgical-grade stainless steel with a soft leather band that has five holes to have it fit snugly on your wrist. Just put two to three drops of your favorite essential oil on the felt pad and enjoy the whole day.

30. Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Are you having a Secret Santa and you do not know what to get your teacher friends? Here is a set of awsome and fun ideas! Decorate plain notebook with colorful washi tape or create a personalized tic-tac-go game board. You can even find hidden gift ideas to add another layer of surprise to the gift.

Source: DIY Madeleine

31. School Teacher Socks

Keep your teachers’ feet warm and comfy with these novelty crew socks. Made from 80% cotton, 17% Polyamide, and 3% Spandex, these socks are soft, comfortable, and breathable. There are seven unique designs to choose from. Give your Math teacher the ones with the equations or give the one designed like a library card to your English teacher.

32. Inexpensive Gift Inspirations

Inexpensive Gift Inspirations

Fill up baskets, bowls, mugs or anything you that can hold items in with Christmas joy with these affordable and interesting gift ideas. Put together peppermint candy canes and pre-mixed coffee sachets in a Starbucks cup for the coffee lover friend or wrap a six-pack box with gift-wrapping paper and ribbons to give as a holiday party gift.

Source: DIY Meg

33. Flower Earrings

This Christmas, remind a teacher how pretty you think they are with these cute flower earrings. Made from alloy and soft leather material, these earrings are comfortable and light-weight. Choose from the 15 available Christmas-inspired designs. There are reindeer in different colors, flowers, Christmas trees, and even a colorful Christmas wreath.

34. Creative Gifts that Kids Can Make

Creative Gifts that Kids Can Make

Let the kids thank their teacher for helping them grow with this creative Christmas gift that the kids can make. Let the kids decorate the main body of the plant pot with black paint and trim it with yellow paint. Help them fill it up with the teachers’ favorite Christmas treats and decors. Top it all off with a handwritten note to the teacher from the kids.

Source: Snowman Crafts

35. Lunch Box

Encourage a teacher to make more home-cooked meals for lunch with this stylish lunch box. One lunch box is spacious enough to hold a full meal of snacks, drinks, sandwiches, and even fruit. It is made from high-quality, durable materials a waterproof oxford fabric for the exterior and an inner lining made from leak-proof aluminum.

36. Mason Jar Gift for Teacher

Mason Jar Gift for Teacher

Make theses mason jar gifts for teachers yourself or let the kids help out this Christmas. You can fill up the mason jar with one kind of treat or layer up different types of complementing holiday goods. You can even take bigger mason jars and fill it up with the needed ingredients for the perfect winter soup.

Source: Do It Yourself Crafts

37. Chemis-tree T-shirt

Give a Chemistry teacher loads of laughs with this T-shirt. This T-shirt is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and the occasional poly/cotton mix. The Christmas tree design is screen printed to ensure that it lasts longer on the T-shirt. Each shirt is machine-washable and the design comes in the bigger sizes.

38. Monogrammed Tumbler

Monogrammed Tumbler

Give your favorite teacher one more reason to look forward to going back to school with this tumbler. The red apple design featured in front is printed with industrial-grade, permanent vinyl. This tumbler can hold 30 fluid ounces of their favorite drink. To preserve this tumbler, wash it by hand.

Source: Etsy

39. Apple Bath Bombs

Give a teacher more reasons to enjoy a long, relaxing bath with these apple-shaped, bath bombs. Each bath bomb is shaped by hand made with USA-certified, all-natural ingredients and is individually shrink-wrapped. A single bath bomb will help keep skin moisturized and the smell is very therapeutic to encourage relaxation and stress-release.

40. Essential Oils Gift for Teacher

Essential Oils Gift for Teacher

Give the teachers something that will help get by the next year with this gift idea. Essential oils have a wide range of uses that can be good for teachers’ health. Mix up a batch of room sprays to bring the holiday cheer into any room or get the teachers to release stress and tension faster with an essential oil-infused stress ball.

Source: Blaire DIY Journal

41. Throw Blanket

A lot of teachers do not even get to bed because they fall asleep on the couch checking paper, grading activities, or preparing the lessons for the next day. Get them something that keeps them warm while napping in the living room this Christmas. This throw blanket comes in five different colors and is printed with inspirational words to lift the spirits.

42. Christmas Candy Labels

Christmas Candy Labels

Are you a class adviser and you do not know what to give your homeroom class for this year? Make a quick and easy gift for your whole class with this easy gift idea. Get one big box of any candy of your choice and print out these witty candy labels. Cut out the cute designs and glue them on each pack of candy to share with your students.

Source: Teachers Pay Teachers

43. Star Wars Necktie

We all have a teacher who loves Star Wars. Give them this unique gift that they can wear even during formal occasions. Made from 100% polyester, this necktie is printed with a design that every self-respecting Star Wars fan should recognize upon first glance: the Millennium Falcon. Each tie is extra long so even taller guys can wear it.

44. Budget Christmas Gifts for Teacher

Budget Christmas Gifts for Teacher

Do you prefer not to break the bank when giving out Christmas gifts to teachers? Show how thankful you are for all they do with these budget-friendly Christmas gift inspirations. Create an emergency teacher stash which they can use whenever they need a break or a quick boost of energy. You can also make unique bath bombs that they will surely love!

Source: Stroller Envy

45. Hair Ties for Teacher

Teachers take educating children seriously that they often have to keep their hair out of the way but they always seem to lose their hair ties. Give a teacher a pack of hair ties they can always keep within reach with this gift for this Christmas. Each pack contains eight hair ties in four different designs that are all teacher-inspired.

46. C is for Caffeine

C is for Caffeine

Teachers need that extra dose of sanity in the morning, the afternoon, and even sometimes in the evening. Get them something that will help them with their need for a coffee-fix with this Christmas idea. Go to your local coffee shop and grab a bottle of the teachers’ favorite cold brew. You can also buy them a gift card. Attach these cute tags to complete the gift!

Source: Trish Sutton

47. Scented Sachets for Drawers

Help a lavender-loving teacher keep their clothes smelling fresh with these scented sachets for drawers. Each box comes with 12 individual scented sachets. The sachets are filled with the lavender fragrance that promotes calm. These sachets are multi-functional; they can be kept in drawers, closets, suitcases, and even in the car.

48. Thank You Snow Much Card Holder

Thank You Snow Much Card Holder

Instead of giving plain, old gift cards to the teachers, why not make them more special with this humorous card holder! This printable card features a cute snowman design with snowflakes and Christmas lights on a faux chalkboard background. It has an allotted space where the card can be attached.

Source: Tidylady Printable

49. Cat Post-it Dispenser

Let a cat-loving teacher have a more convenient way of keeping their post-its readily available with this Cat Post-it Dispenser. Each dispenser can hold a pad measuring three inches by three inches. It is specially crafted to stay in place whenever a piece of post-it is taken. It features a cute white cat design.

50. Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice Mug

Most people do not know it, but teachers have this special power they use to get kids to listen to them. Let people know that they should not push a teacher to use their teacher’s voice on them with this funky mug. Made from pure ceramic, this mug holds 11 ounces of any drink. The design is printed on both sides of the mug and is dishwasher and microwave-safe.

With these gift ideas, your favorite teachers will feel extra motivated to teach this coming year.

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